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After divorce, billionaire regrets

After divorce, billionaire regrets

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When she got married, Ellen said she deserved the best. The diamond ring, the mansion, the piles of servants, but it was missing what she wanted most. Finally, Thea grew tired and a divorce was issued to end the loveless marriage. "I set you free." She had tears in the corners of her eyes. But did not know that a small life, quietly in her belly gestation ......
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    In July, the weather was sultry.

    Just out of the hospital, Thea-Wen was chilled to the bone, a crumpled medical bill clutched between her thin white fingers.

    She looked at the sky, froze for a moment, then walked to the empty parking lot and got into the Porsche.

    Once the air conditioning was on, the cool breeze hit Thea's face and the doctor's words echoed in my ears.

    "Miss Wen, we suggest that you operate as soon as possible, there may be a ray of hope."

    "This kid, I'm sorry ......"


    It was obviously a hot day and the cold air was only on, but Thea felt physically cold. She fished the car keys out of her bag, her hands shivering, and finally inserted the keys into the hole.

    As she drove, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number she knew by heart.

    Within a few minutes, the call was answered.

    "What is it?" The man's voice was as cold as ever, perhaps because of her call, Thea could hear a few hints of impatience in his tone and couldn't help but have a sour nose.

    He hasn't been home in over 20 days and now he's impatient to take her calls?

    Thea tried to steady herself and asked, "Honey, are you coming back for dinner tonight?"

    "I have a dinner date with an investor tonight."

    Another rejection.

    This half month, no matter how she misses him, call or text, he always says the company is very busy, too busy to even want to manage her as a wife?

    Thea's throat rolled a little.

    She looked at her finger, which was wearing a very large brilliant diamond ring, but since her finger was very slender, she had to glue it on to prevent it from falling off.

    It was bought for her by Allen Lee when they were first married, and he said she deserved the best.

    "Honey, come home tonight." Today is their third wedding anniversary, she is also pregnant, want to tell him these two important things, the tone does not feel aggrieved up, "I ......"

    "Allen, do you have a moment right now?"

    The word "Allen" was so intimate that Thea's blood froze and she almost crashed into the car in front of her.

    Allen Lee replaced his assistant?

    Thea heard Allen Lee's voice, and a few seconds later, Thea heard Allen's voice: "Have your own dinner, I'll try, I'll be back when the work is done."

    After saying that, he hung up the phone.

    Thea looked at the black screen of the phone and drove slowly with a calm face, but the tears could not stop falling down.

    How could she not know that Allen Lee was out there with someone?

    From her crush on Allen Lee to their marriage, a total of six years, she spent six springs, summers, autumns and winters with him, living a quiet and sweet life until a month ago, when he started leaving early and returning late.

    At first Thea also did not notice, the company developed a new product, dragging investors around, she also ran around, and then packed his suit, and saw a hint of fragrance in his hair, only to feel too stupid.

    She pretended not to see it, lying to herself that it was just his business partner, but the lipstick marks on his shirt, the perfume he was wearing on his suit, were tugging at Thea's nerves.

    They had only been married for three years and had just entered into marriage, so why did it feel like their marriage was coming to an end?

    Thea returned to the New Town Garden and fell into a pensive mood.

    This is her and Allen Lee's newlywed residence, a detached villa, more than three hundred square feet. Allen Lee bought it for more than one hundred million dollars back then, saying it was the best place for her to live, and they lived here for three years, but since a month ago, the male owner rarely came back.

    "Ma'am, you're back?" Mary opened the door kindly, "The dishes are ready and the cake ordered is on its way, ma'am, what's wrong with you ......?"

    Seeming to see Thea's face look bad, Mary paused for a moment and asked with concern.

    "I'm fine." With a stomach cramp that made Thea blush white and barely able to stand up straight, she smiled at Mary, "I don't have a good appetite today, why don't you cook me some porridge."

    She had no appetite, but she still had to eat something. Even if the child could not stay, she wanted to make an effort to stay with him a little longer.

    Mary answered and then went to work in the kitchen.

    Thea hurried up to the second floor, before entering the bathroom, to the sink to vomit, but nothing can come out, another cough, a little blood fell on the sink.


    Thea wiped her lips with her hand, a very strong fishy smell, indeed blood, and remembered the doctor's words, "Miss Wen, if you vomit or cough up blood, be sure to tell me as soon as possible."

    Is she going to die?

    The doctor's words made her hands stop shaking and she pulled a towel over and wiped her face twice as hard as she could.

    After cleaning up the sink, Thea went out to find her phone and sent a message to her primary care doctor that she was coughing up blood, to which he quickly replied, saying that he would let her know when the medicine arrived.

    Thea lay down in the sofa and rested for a while.

    When Mary made the porridge and brought it up, she barely ate some and went back to bed to lie down.

    Because of the constant stomach cramps, Thea slept poorly and drowsily. I don't know how long it took, but footsteps came from outside the bedroom, and it seemed like people were coming back.

    Thea fumbled to turn on the small bedside lamp and sat up from the bed.

    The desk lamp above the bed was warm and yellow, not bright. The man pushed the door in and found Thea sitting against the side of the bed, wearing silk pajamas, and the whole person looked thin, without a few pounds of flesh.

    "You've lost weight lately?" Allen Lee frowned, he just hadn't been home for a while, he didn't expect Thea to be so skinny, "Have you not been eating properly?"

    Thea heart like a pin prick, dense mother of pain, almost gasping for breath.

    She also wanted to eat properly, but she just couldn't.

    "There's nothing I want to eat." Thea's voice was a little hoarse after too long without water.

    Allen Lee took his suit jacket off with a flourish, then flipped it onto the couch and within two minutes, came in with a glass of warm water.

    He handed Thea the water.

    "Thanks." His subtle care made Thea's nose tingle, only to see that the two were intimate and she smelled his perfume, a very light Gucci perfume.

    Her stomach churned, and she hurriedly covered her mouth and nudged him.

    It's that perfume smell again!

    A month ago, Allen Lee came back with a faint perfume smell, and this time, he came back with this perfume smell, could he have been with the same woman?

    The man was pushed by her, some displeasure, seemed to think of something, frowned more tightly, black eyes with a few scrutiny stared at Thea, "Pregnant?"

    "No, just not feeling well." Thea shook his head, he couldn't even remember their wedding anniversary, let alone the baby she couldn't keep, so what was the point of him knowing?

    She covered her nose and took a step back, still unable to resist, "What's with that perfume smell on you?"

    She would also like Allen Lee to give her an explanation if he can.

    However, the man just grabbed his shirt and sniffed it, his face sank, but said nothing and turned around and went to the bathroom.

    Thea coughed a few times, bringing out a lot of blood on the tissues, which she hid inside the trash can, and drank a glass of warm water with her head back, her stomach feeling much better.

    Instead of sleeping, she lay on her pillow and flipped through her phone. Through her mom's circle of friends, Thea learned that her parents and Allen Lee's parents had gone on a trip abroad and were having a great time.

    Thea then remembered that on their second wedding anniversary last year, Allen Lee said he was going to take her to Las Vegas, but it turned out that because the company was busy, he forgot about it and so did she.

    The third year of the wedding anniversary, not to mention the vacation, he does not even remember the holiday.

    Do they have a next wedding anniversary?

    Allen Lee came back from the shower and Thea was lying down again, her back looked really thin. After getting into bed, he put his arm around her from behind and realized she was even thinner than she looked, without a few pounds of flesh.

    The man's cold, hard tone eased a few points, "Eat more in the future, you're too thin."

    Thea hmmm.

    The first thing you need to do is to let your family and friends know what you are doing.

    Thea was tantalized by the heat, and can not refuse, can only let him do whatever he wants.

    In the next second, a very abrupt ringing sound came from the quiet bedroom.

    The phone on the bedside table lit up, it was Allen Lee's phone, Thea only glanced at it, the caller was an unfamiliar string of numbers, but Allen Lee, who was on top of her, got up and fished out the phone to answer it.

    "What's wrong?"

    While answering the phone, he walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

    The speakerphone was not on, but Thea vaguely heard a female voice on the other end of the line, much like the one she had in the afternoon, her hands clutching the thin covers, her lips turning white.