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Resisting Her

Resisting Her



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What happens when a billionaire meets a crazy girl? Azra isn't just a crazy girl, she's a biker bitch. Being raised with males, she adapted to their lifestyle... On a good day, She ran into trouble with another biker clan, a group of bad guys who wanted to vent their anger on her, but in her haste to escape, she saw a flashy car parked by the side of the road. She didn't think, she dragged the driver out, got into the car, and drove away. Good thing she's also good with cars. However, her relief was short-lived, she suddenly heard a cold voice from behind her. "Who the f*ck are you?" The car screeched to a halt. Her eyes widened, she turned immediately == "You!" * * Meet Kian, A billionaire flirt. He returned from the state only to discover that his father found a bride for him. A girl he's never seen nor met. He doesn't know if she's pretty or not. What happens when he realizes that it's the same biker girl that challenged him? The girl who he's trying to resist...
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Chapter 1

AZRA's pov

"Are y'all ready?" The referee asked. He saw the bikers nodding and proceeded. On the count of three... two... one... Go!"

Amidst many bikers, I sat on my bike, don my helmet, hit the accelerator pedal, and waited for my fellow bikers to go ahead of me before taking off on another route.

It's not like others weren't aware of this particular route but they're too scared of risking it. They believe they'll die by taking this route. It's kinda true though, the road isn't paved, it's rocky and due to an uncompleted bridge, they're unable to use it.

That's not the case for me, I've been through here before so I know every route and corner. I know this part is shorter and also knows how to manipulate my way. My nineteen years of training made it possible for me to take risks.

In no time, I saw the broken bridge ahead of me, I didn't stop the bike, rather I increased my speed.

Damn, if my brothers see this they'll panic. Anyone would think I'm crazy but I don't care.

The bike got to the end of the bridge and flew up in the air. "Woo hoo!" I shouted.

A few seconds later, I landed on the other side of the road and continued.

I entered the main route and realize none of the bikers has gotten to this spot. I smiled, sped off to the finish line...then I decided to wait for them.

"Whoa... That was less than ten minutes! How did you do that Azra?"

"It's a secret, I'll tell you if you kiss me" I murmured cockily, winking at him.

Lucas, the referee, raised his hands in mock surrender, or should I say acting referee because he only volunteered for this afternoon. No matter how tempting the offer is, I know he wouldn't dare.

He isn't the only guy afraid of coming close to me, the whole clan was and that's because of my family.

My father, Williams is the leader of the clan, he has five sons from different mothers. They are also bikers, they're fierce, ruthless is feared amongst clans.

I, being the only girl, is like a jewel in the family. They treat me like a princess but it gets tiring at times you know?

"No thanks, I'm better off without it,"

I smirked"Whatever."

Just then, I sighted the bikers. Shaking my head, I put a smug smile on my face. This will never get tiring.

The first bike arrived, followed by the second. third... and so on. They were all my friends.

"Damn Azra! For a minute I thought I won this time" Kelly muttered angrily.

"Wait what? Did she win again? How does she do that? "Another voice chimed in. It was Dale.

They were my best friends, we've been friends from childhood and are the only guys my father allows to get close to me – that doesn't mean he doesn't threaten them. I got down from my bike, smiling as they congratulated me, I walked to my best friends and patted their broad shoulders"Keep practicing, I might let you guys win... in future."

"Ahh, this girl... "Dale muttered chasing after me. I snickered and ran away. Suddenly, someone shouted my name, I recognized the voice instantly and turned to see my big brother, Austin standing with a gloomy look on his face. He's always like that on the outside but deep down, I know he has a sweet spot in him, especially when it comes to me. "Hey, big bro, what's up?"

"Dad sent for you."

That sentence made my heart skip, I quickly rushed to him"What? Why? Did something happen?"

"Nope, you'll see."


I knew something was off the moment I stepped into the house. I heard dad's voice coming from my right and leisurely walked towards his study. I'm Daddy's girl after all, even though he's mad at me he'll never raise his voice at me.

"Hey Pop —man" I knocked on the door and entered the study without waiting for a reply.

Williams was on a phone call when I entered"I'll call you back in a few" he muttered and hung up.

"You called for me Pop."

"Yeah, come sit. I have something to say to you."


After I was seated, he started speaking slowly. Williams knows his princess wouldn't like this but he had to say it.

"Azra, there's this friend of mine who just returned to the state. He's looking for a bride for his son and he chose you."

Wait, what?... This is what he wanted to discuss? "Dad– "

"No Az, I've already agreed to it.. there's nothing I can do about it, in two weeks. you'll be getting married. This marriage will benefit us greatly."

I blinked, two weeks? Benefit us with what?

I scowled at him "What the hell dad!! I've told you before, I don't want to ever get married. I'm fine by myself so find a way out of this." I stormed out of the study angrily before he could finish.

Don't he get it? I'm not a wife material nor do I want to be, at least not now. All I want is to continue my dream of being a biker not marrying someone I barely know. What if he's an old man?

I've made it clear to him the last time that I am not interested but he still won't listen.

Walking out of the house, I strolled to the garage, grab my keys, mounts my bike before riding out of the house. I needed to clear my head and only one thing can do that. Shopping.


I arrived at T–Star shopping complex after an hour of riding and bounced into the shopping mall.

Instead of going to the women's section, I went for the men's clothing. Yeah, I prefer guys' clothes. I don't think I have any female wear... maybe one or two. It's only there for fancy.

My dad is averagely rich so money isn't my problem. Just as I was walking around the Mall, a designer baggy Jean caught my attention.


I fell in love with it instantly and quickly rushed over to it but the moment I grabbed it, someone took a hold of it too.

I turned to see a tall guy, a cute guy with dark hair which was styled nicely. He was putting on a grey suit and dark shades. From the looks of it, one could tell he's rich. He paused too and motioned for me to let go.

I smirked. Let go? Hell no!