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I Only Have Eyes for You

I Only Have Eyes for You



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Yuna was a bad girl in people’s eyes. Her sister spread gossips that she had affairs with many men and even had miscarried a baby in high school. Her family always reprimanded and tortured her. But actually, she had never done anything disgusting or evil. She was just bold and independent, having a carefree lifestyle. In her 22 years of life, she had never had a boyfriend before. Until one day, when she fell in a trap set by her sister and had a one-night-stand with a dazzling man... He’s a real gentleman who came from a decent family, with well-educated manners and an impressive aura. Also a gorgeous man with superb capabilities in the business world. Because of him, her life changed a lot...
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Chapter 1

The high-end club of Jade Palace sits in the middle of Light Cloud City like a king overlooking his kingdom.

Standing before one of the clubrooms, Yuna Sullivan patted down her red sling dress and stroked her long wavy hair to make sure that they were perfect before she walked in.

A waiter opened the door for her and invited her into the room respectfully. Yuna turned her head, and a slight smile appeared on her red lips as she said thank you.

She allowed herself a satisfied smile as the waiter left with a blushing face. Only then she turned to walk into the private room.

She scanned the room before locating her cousin, Genevieve Sullivan, sitting in the middle. Today, Genevieve was wearing a knee-length white dress, and her black hair was draped over her shoulders. She was talking to someone, head tilted with gentleness, though that was only an outward impression. 

Yuna had not seen Genevieve for four years, but nothing had changed. Genevieve was still a scheming prude. Perhaps, she was even better at pretending now.

The person next to Genevieve touched her arm slightly, and Genevieve finally looked towards the door.

"Yuna, you're finally here. We agreed to do this welcome party for you, but I almost thought that you were not going to attend anymore..." Genevieve walked over and held her hand in a friendly manner. She abruptly interrupted herself with a hand over her mouth, "Oh my, why are you dressed like this?"

Yuna stroked her hair. There was a hint of coldness behind her charming smile. "You don't like it? Why am I surprised? You always dress formally as you work at grandpa's company. You've probably not seen anyone dress like this."

Genevieve was embarrassed but didn't retort. She always dressed neatly to maintain an image; after all, Yuna raised her chin and strode off to an empty corner.

She nursed a glass of juice indifferently. As soon as she returned to the country, Genevieve took the initiative to volunteer in front of their grandfather to prepare a welcome party for Yuna, but it didn't take a genius to guess that Genevieve was up to something.

Just as Yuna was about to relax in her seat, a big man wrapped his hand across her waist. Yuna's eyes turned cold. She got up immediately and poured the juice on the person who touched her.

"Oh my god, Mr. Maben!" someone screamed.

"Why did you do that? Apologize to Mr. Maben right now!"

Genevieve, hearing the uproar, came over. "Yuna, did you do that? Hurry and apologize to Mr. Maben."

Yuna glanced at her and threw away the empty glass in her hand. Then she turned around to leave.

Genevieve didn't need to say anything else for her friends to come into her defense. "Have you any manners? How can you glance at your own cousin like that?" 

"Of course, she hasn't got any," someone else interjected. "She's got no parents, after all. Didn't you know that her mom died early and her dad's in jail?"

Genevieve frowned, and her eyes reddened as if she could not bear to see Yuna bullied. "Don't say that; that's just how Yuna is, but she's not all bad..."

"Genevieve, you're too kind. We all know what kind of person she is..."

"Yeah, she even had an abortion in high school! What kind of person would do that!"

What a familiar scene! 

The same thing happened four years ago. People stopped her at the school gates, shouting and yelling accusations of things she didn't do, condemning her like a public criminal.

Yuna clenched her fists, and her face turned cold. However, she could not utter a single word.

Mr. Maben shrugged off the woman, trying to wipe his face, and swiped a nearby glass of wine. Malice glinted in his eyes as he pulled Yuna back. "Well, Missy, have a glass with me, and this will all be water under the bridge."

Yuna tried to shake his hand off, but Mr. Maben had already shoved the wine into her hands. Just as Yuna was about to throw it away, she glimpsed a man standing behind her, looking at her with an indifferent expression.

It was a tall, broad-shouldered man dressed in black, with well-defined features and dark eyes that looked down with mysterious pride and contempt.

Someone whispered, "Who's that?"

"Whose friend is he? So handsome!"