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Amelia's boyfriend and her half-blood sister were about to get married! So she went to the bar and got drunk. She vaguely remembered she had bumped into a handsome man... The next morning, she woke up and found herself have a one-night stand with a stranger. They parted away at the hotel without giving names. However, when she went to the company, she found her new boss was the man she slept with last night! She hid from his eyes on the meeting, and pretended she didn’t know him. Yet when she went to a blind date her father arranged for her after work, the man was her new boss who she picked up at a bar and had a one-night stand with! "Woman, you’re mine, in the past, for now, and in the future."
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Chapter 1

Summer had just arrived in Northville.

A light drizzle pattered on the glass window, startling a woman from her slumber.

Caressing the dark gray blanket with her fingertips, Amelia Ramsay opened her eyes. At the same time, the bathroom door in the hotel suite opened and out came a tall man wrapped in a bath towel and surrounded by hot vapour.

Casually glancing at Amelia's pretty face, Patrick Hopper asked half-heartedly, "Do you still remember what happened last night?"

She was stunned for a while, then sat up with the blanket in her arms and said faintly, "Yes... I remember."

Last night, Amelia was in the bar trying to drink her sorrows away. Next thing she knew, she was already in some random strangers' arms. One thing led to the other, they spent the night together in the hotel.

The memory fragments gradually started flowing back into Amelia's mind. And every frame of them was the reminder that she had lost her virginity because of alcohol.

Looking at Amelia, who did not move a muscle, from above, Patrick thought she was trying to cling to him. He confessed emotionlessly, "Last night, I thought you were an escort."

Amelia couldn't help but raised her neatly trimmed eyebrows. She checked out his masculine body and gave a cold grin, "That makes the two of us, mister. I thought you were a male prostitute."

Patrick's eyes, which were like two pristine stones of onyx, narrowed down at her, "Since it was consensual, I'm sure you won't have a problem if we part ways now?"

Her beautiful eyes turned to the direction of the door. "Sure, be my guest."

Amelia's carefree attitude made Patrick ponder. If he had not seen the blood stain on the quilt, he would have thought last night was not her first night with a man.

Yesterday was the first day that Patrick returned to the Northville. Last night, his friends asked him to hang out in a bar. He never thought he would be entangled with a drunken woman right after he left his booth.

He was not in the mood for romance at first, but he could not help it after meeting Amelia's flirtatious eyes. Having his friends trying to be his wingmen, he was already on a hotel bed by the time he realized what had happened.

When Patrick walked into the shower after the fun, he wanted to send the one-night-stand away with some money. Never would he fathom that Amelia actually could not wait for him to leave, let alone asking him to answer for his actions.

It seemed that he had not been back to Northville for too long. She did not even know who he is. However, he could not rule out the possibility that this woman was just playing dumb.

With his eyes, Patrick pierced through Amelia, who had skin as light and soft as the moonlight. He reminded her, "Do you still remember what you need to do? I don't want any trouble from you."

Amelia Ramsay's smirk remained the same with a thread of sarcasm in her tone, "Thanks for the reminder."

Bearing a stranger's child? Well, she was not interested.

After they had reached an agreement, Patrick stood in front of Amelia and started getting dressed. His gaze was slightly provocative as if he was teasing her.

He doubted that she could still be as calm as before when she saw his naked body while being sober.

The truth was Amelia could not.

She quickly fixed her eyes on the floor with her cheeks turned as red as a tomato.

Looking at her like this, Patrick's eyes dimmed and stared thoughtfully at her side view and neck. Her lips were slightly puffed with rosy cheeks. At this point, a strong urge to conquer her and taste her sweet lips once again grew inside of him.

Faced with such unusual behaviour, Patrick frowned with a mild annoyance. After a while, he started walking briskly and left the hotel suite without looking back.

As soon as he left, Amelia immediately bit her lip in vexation. "I've already spent a night with him. Why didn't I dare to even look at him?"

Standing up with a sore back, Amelia went into the bathroom to wash up. She looked at the bloodstain left on the bedsheet with a complicated expression. "It's just a piece of tissue. I am a woman of the new era. Who cares?"

When she left the hotel, the shower had stopped, which was lucky for the people who went out.

Amelia looked around with caution and found a 24/7 pharmacy on the other side of the road. She walked in and after a while came out with a bottle of opened mineral water in hand.

Raising her hand to check the time, Amelia rushed to stop a taxi on the street and instantly got on. "Sir, Roxxon Corporation. Thank you."

Just as Amelia left in a taxi, a handsome man in a gray suit slowly came out from the corner of the street and stopped at the entrance of the pharmacy.

Patrick made a phone call first, and then pushed the glass door open. Looking at the pharmacist who was too shy to look back, he asked, "What did that young lady just now buy here?"

"Some morning-after pills, Sir."

"That woman is not so dumb after all." Patrick thought to himself.

A few minutes later.

A white Lamborghini entered Patrick's sight. The driver got off nimbly, opened the door, and asked him about his next journey.

Two words came out of Patrick's thin lips, "Roxxon."

Suddenly, Amelia received a call from the office. "Miss Ramsay, later at nine there will be a board meeting to welcome the new chief executive. All members of the senior management of the company will be there. Where are you now?"

Hearing the nervous tone in her assistant Doris' voice on the phone, Amelia, still on the way, reassured her, "Doris, don't worry. I will be there in no time."