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No More Damsel in Distress

No More Damsel in Distress



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Upon transmigrating into a book, she turned into a 180-pound cannon fodder supporting female character! The original host was lazy and brought on disaster, resulting in her being hitched to a pretty boy and sold into the deep mountains and old forests. She didn't want to follow the tragic path of the cannon fodder supporting character, so before marriage, she found work as an English translator to support herself! Additionally, she had impressive culinary skills, conquering the stomachs of two children and the male lead! Watching as her life improved day by day, her career flourished, and her marital relationship improved. The male lead was unwilling to part, but a beautiful female lead appeared... She managed to hold her composure: "We can divorce, but the kids are staying with me!" Male Lead: "What on earth are you on about? I will only ever have one wife in this lifetime - and it's you!"
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Chapter 1

"This side character in the story is so disgusting!"

On the plane, Shen Yanqing, holding her phone, cursed loudly, "And she shares my same name, such bad luck!"

The side character named Shen Yanqing in the novel she casually flipped open was lazy, overweight, and just like a domineering flower in the village!

Moreover, this character married the protagonist out of gratitude, and after drugging him bore him two children. However, she was unwilling to treat her children nicely and would berate them daily. Later on, she even ran away with a pretty boy!

Thankfully, karma kicked in. The pretty boy sold her to a remote mountain and she eventually met a tragic death.

Sadly, the two children birthed by this side character, who lacked a mother's love from a young age, ended up breaking the law and were sentenced to life imprisonment.

"This is so infuriating! I'm going to curse this side character to death!"

As Shen Yanqing continued to complain, she was about to write a thousand-word rant when suddenly a rumbling explosion sounded, and the plane broke apart in the middle!

A violent gale blew into the plane, and she lost control and fell along with her seat...


Shen Yanqing screamed and opened her eyes, only to see an extremely handsome face.

"Shen Yanqing, what have you let the children become? And you're still sleeping?" The man roared, unable to bear anymore.

Shen Yanqing looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and the unfamiliar man, startled.

Wasn’t she supposed to be dead from a plane crash?

How did she end up in someone else’s house?

She turned her head to look at the mirror on her bedhead. Her fat body and chubby face alarmed her, her eyes widened in disbelief.

"What the hell, how did I end up like this?"

Just when she was terribly shocked, memories that were not her own appeared in her mind!

Everything went black before her eyes; she couldn't accept the truth.

She had transmigrated into a book!

The good news was that she had a handsome and responsible husband who had a good job.

The bad news was that she had become a hefty woman of approximately 400 pounds, mother to two kids, an annoying entity disliked by everyone.

Isn't this the supporting female character from the novel she just read?

What a disaster!

"Shen Yanqing, you're the mother of two children. Even if you don't care about them, how could you actually abuse them?" Ye Yunzhuang's furious accusation interrupted her thoughts.

"Are you even human?"

Only now did she remember, last night around midnight, their second child had a fever reaching nearly forty degrees and was crying so much that he lost his voice. The original owner of her body couldn't be bothered, merely covering herself with a blanket and falling asleep.

Ye Yunzhuang's accusation of her abusing their child wasn't unwarranted.

"We have some fever reducers at home. I'll go boil some hot water and have the child take some medicine," she said hurriedly.

Rather than blaming each other as husband and wife, it would be better to think of ways to make amends!

As an officer in the military, Ye Yunzhen often worked overtime, and he didn't come home last night. At this moment, he held his crying little son in his arms, his eyes filled with heartache.

Shen Yanqing was frantically looking for medicine in the cabinet. Having a child in the house, they always kept some medicine on hand for unexpected needs.

She poured some hot water from the thermos and handed it to her little son, "Second Treasure, come on, eat quickly..."

Before she could finish her words, Second Treasure knocked the medicine out of her hands while crying.

"No, I don’t need you!" Second Treasure leaned against Ye Yunzhen, crying more sadly, "Daddy, she is a bad person."

Shen Yanqing watched her child cry almost to the point of choking, and her heart ached terribly.

In her memory, both children were fair and cute. The eldest son’s name was Ye Cheng'an, who already was five years old. He was autistic and still refused to speak.

The original host not only had no patience to guide the child but also cursed the child every day, calling him "mute, stupid," complaining that he was too stupid.

The second son was named Ye Chengyu, who was three years old.

Ye Chengyu was a notoriously mischievous child, hopping around the house every day, either crying or making trouble. Stubborn and unyielding, he always refused to recognize his biological mother, the original host, and even made all kinds of unpleasant nicknames for her.

Just like now, as soon as Second Treasure saw her, the resentment that had accumulated last night exploded all at once, cursing loudly, “Wicked woman, stay away from me! Stop pretending, wu wu wu..."

Shen Yanqing was extremely wronged in her heart. The sins caused by the original host were now all on her!

Ye Yunzhen frowned and admonished, "Second Treasure, you shouldn't say like that, she's your mom."

"She isn't!" Second Treasure croaked, his eyes reddened: "Dad, I'm hurting so much but she doesn't care about me. She even wished I would die from sickness."

Ye Yunzhen sighed and glared angrily at Shen Yanqing.

Shen Yanqing knew she was at fault and dared not to refute.

She quickly brought over the medicine and hot water, her anxious eyes looked at Ye Yunzhan, "How about you feed him instead? Our little one is sick, he won't get better without taking the medicine."

Ye Yunzhan placed the child on the bed, and took the medicine and hot water, preparing to feed the youngster.

The young child, who was far less resistant to his father, obediently took the fever reducing medicine.

Shen Yanqing looked at the handsome silhouette of her husband with a sigh. Her husband, Ye Yunzhan, is the main male character in this era's novel, being righteous and steadfast.

Eventually, after his divorce with Shen Yanqing, he remarried his childhood sweetheart, started a family with a pair of twins, and lived a happy and fulfilling life.

And her? What about her, the dispensable character?

She ended up hooking up with a boy toy, was tricked into the deep mountains, and met a tragic end.

Luckily, she had transmigrated just in time. The original character had just met the boy toy, and nothing had happened yet.

When the child fell asleep, she couldn't help but whisper to Ye Yunzhan, "I'm sorry. I haven't taken good care of our child in the past, but I promise I will do better."

Ye Yunzhan rushed back early in the morning only to find that the child's forehead was terrifyingly hot.

He then noticed his wife, sleeping soundly as if nothing's wrong, only reluctantly getting out of bed after being called several times.

"Are you done talking?" Ye Yunzhan glared at Shen Yanqing with a cold face.

Having experienced the battles and fights on the battlefield, he naturally exerted an intimidating aura, causing Shen Yanqing to break out in cold sweat.

Despite her fear, Shen Yanqing forced herself to stand straight, as she has always had great respect for soldiers seasoned in battle.

Especially Ye Yunzheng, who was forced into this marriage by the original host through trickery and drugs.

By the letter of the law, he is the victim of this marriage.

Shen Yanqing could tell by his impatient look that he didn't believe her words, and didn't even want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

But she didn't get angry, she followed Ye Yunzheng and explained: "It doesn't matter if you don't believe me. In the future, I will prove myself through my actions."

"I hope so," Ye Yunzheng sneered.

After pushing open the door to the living room, Shen Yanqing was nearly overwhelmed by the nauseating stench.

The room was so filthy and cluttered it could be mistaken for a pigsty, there was not a single clean space to step on.

The original host didn't even care to take care of her child, let alone do household chores.

Ye Yunzheng, who had long become used to this, asked unflinchingly: "Is this your change?"

Shen Yanqing, with an awkward smile, said: "I just made up my mind, and haven't had time to clean up. You sit for a while, I'll start working right away."

Without turning his head back, he left the house, and it wasn't clear where he was going.

Shen Yanqing didn't dare to ask. She simply tidied up the living room a bit and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the children.

But the kitchen was piled high with unwashed dirty dishes, so she resignedly rolled up her sleeves and continued to work.

The original host was exceptionally lazy!

She searched around and found not a single grain of rice in the cupboard, let alone fresh vegetables. As far as she can recall, the original host always used to eat at the cafeteria...

Shen Yanqing took a bath and changed into clean clothes, preparing to head out!

Second Baobao woke up from his dreams and started crying again, "Daddy, Daddy, where are you?"

She paused in her steps, took some tissue from the table and entered the bedroom, trying to soothe the child, "Second Baobao, don't cry! Daddy just went out for some errands and isn't at home, can mommy wipe your tears for you, is that alright?"

"Bad woman, stay away!" Second Baobao hit her with a pillow, "Are you going to hit me while daddy isn't home? Daddy, please come back quickly!"

"Shen Yanqing, what are you doing? Hitting the child again?" Ye Yunzhan's angry voice echoed from the doorway.