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Mafia's Precious Princess

Mafia's Precious Princess

Author: Whalien52



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Heavenly Aurora is a very beautiful 19 years old girl with a kind heart . A girl with sweet and petite figure, that attract Riftan Grants the mafia boss of country Z. He adopted her since she was an 8 years old and became her caretaker until she's finally bloom to a grown up women. He did everything of course to own her, making her his and not allow other men taking interest to his baby. Aurora had no idea, that her guardian angel is the most dangerous man alive. He and the beast within him, has the only soft spot in his heart for his beautiful Aurora. ---------- I was furious. I was holding on the beast inside of me. That f**ker!!! I already warned him to stay away from my woman yet he still dare to. Ha! Bet he want to test my limit right? And baby... Oh baby you just ignore me. I tried to reach her phone, but it just ringing. I asked one of her bodyguards what the hell was she doing and her answer made my mood worst. So,here i am, devouring her like an animal. I can't control my beast. Her moan doesn't make it any better. --------- "That's good baby... My little angel..." I pamper her with sweet words, keep moving in and out from her tight v**na slowly. "My turn baby..." I say as i capture one of her pink swollen ni**le in my mouth, s*ck and l*ck it. "Huh? Again?... Riftan... I'm tired!"
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Chapter 1

Third person POV

The university building is crowded. Today is the last day of college for this semester. Everyone come and go to finish their work of schedule left. Just the same as Aurora and her besties.

They just finish the last class and decided to go to lunch together before separate for each other vacation. .

"Well, that restaurant is really Instagram-able you guys, so aesthetic. We should pay a visit." Selly said persuade the others.

"Okaaay... Okaay... But i'm hungry, i also need good food instead of just good view." Chris frown, touch his belly.

"I read the review, it says the food is amazing also the view. That's why so many businessman and important people go there." Bella add.

"Ok, let's go there. You are in right? Aurora?" Roy asked the most beautiful and cute girl beside him with a soft smile.

"Hmm? I..." Aurora hesitate for a second.

"Oh come on... You are really busy with that flower shop of yours these days, you barely have time to spend with us!" Selly said. Aurora give them apologetic smile.

"Sorry you guys. It's my important project, and you know how much i love flowers." She said softly, her voice always been a melody to one's hearing.

"But, i'll make it to you, it's our last day of semester anyway. I'm in." Aurora add which get her besties triumph for it.

She giggle cutely. Unaware of someone's eyes that stare meaningfully at her, consume her beauty.

"Ok, i need to return these books first i'll meet you at the gate." Aurora begin to take her way to the library when a grab on her wrist halted her.

"I'll go with you, i need to go to the library too." It is Roy, he swayed a book in front of her.

With that the two of them go to the library while the other go to finish their own matters.

Not too far on the corner, a college guy with glasses secretly take a video from that scene, and send it to someone.

In the library, Aurora choose somewhere in the corner with less people to make a call.

"Yes, baby?" A deep voice come from the call.

"Hi, are you busy?" Aurora asked softly.

"No, love. What's the matter? Are you done with your classes?"


"It's good to hear . Do you have your lunch yet?"

"About that..." She hesitate for a second. "We, me and my besties agree to have lunch together. I can't say no to that. It's the last day of this semester and I’ve already really busy with my flower shop... Can i?" Aurora explain very carefully. Otherwise this lover of her won't agree to that.

"Riftan?" Aurora called him after a long silent.

"Okay, where are you going to have lunch baby?"

"Restaurant C, as Selly suggested." Aurora replied softly.

"Fine, ask your driver to get you there ok baby? Be careful, you know i can't let anything harm my beautiful baby." His voice is Aurora's favorite. Oh, how much she love to hear his voice.

"Ok, i know. You eat your lunch too, don't forget ok?"

"As my baby say"

"Ok. Bye. I love you"

"Love you more princess"

Aurora smile while stare at her phone. What a sweet man she has.

"Your boyfriend?" A voice startled her.

"You scared me!" She whisper yelled, remember it's a library.

"Sorry, you seems busy with your phone." Roy grinned.

"Yes, it's my boyfriend. I need to inform him we are going to have lunch together."

Jealously flash for a split second in Roy's eyes. Aurora's innocent eyes was not able to see it.

"Of course you have to." and sarcasm.

"What a protective lover you got there." He smirk. What a waste. This beautiful girl in front of him already someone else's.

But, the old once said, as long as she is not married yet, she still worth to catch.

Aurora smile to him. That smile, can light a whole town. Anyone that see it will feel the happiness and warm in their heart.

What a lucky bastard! Roy cursed in his heart.

Far away from that scene, in a luxurious office, a handsome man with dark aura stare at his phone watching a video that his man send.

His secretary nervously standing in front of his desk. The dangerous aura from his boss in front of him, the pressure, can kill anyone. If not because he already spent more than half of his life time with this man, he surely pass out. God, it must be about their Miss again.

"This fucker. How dare he touch my baby." Riftan's grip nearly cracked the phone.

"You told me someone from the H Group invite me to lunch right?" Riftan asked, still watch the video.

"Yes, Master. Do you want me to reject..."

"Tell them meet me at the Restaurant C. Arrange the VIP room." Riftan said, even with the murderous look can't hide his handsome face.

"Right away, sir." With that Farrell walk away from there.

"You little fucker.. " Riftan chuckle.

"How dare you touch my precious baby. No one, no one in this world can touch her but me."