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He's Forever Mine

He's Forever Mine

Author: Angela Baby


General Romance

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Angel Cooper is a rich adorable young girl, she's spoilt and lazy too, her whole life she'd always been after her dad's business partners son Lucas Martins... Finally it was like a dream come true, an arranged marriage was fixed between them by both their parents... Everything was perfect for her only that the groom was unwilling He loved someone else who is also his fiancee .. But she wouldn't give up.. He was hers... She only had six months.. Will she be able to make him stay ? Would he come to love her..?
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Chapter 1

Chapter one..

Angel's POV

My eyes flickered open to the bright sunlight , I slowly flung off the covers of my bed , a smile skid to my face when I saw the wallpaper opposite me..

A sigh escaped my mouth, he probably didn't even know how many times I've dreamt of marrying him, I still remember the first time I saw him ten years ago, I was going shopping with my dad when we bumped into them, dad introduced them as his business partner and friend,along with his son, I had to dad that I wanted him then and even asked how much was his price so he could come along with me and dad, but that's a story for another day " so hot" I gushed out staring at the photo for some moments before dashing into the bathroom

Creepy right?

After a warm shower ,I wore a simple tee and a pair of shorts

I walked down the stairs slowly hearing the low voices of my parents coming from the breakfast table, I wonder what they were being so hushed about

"Its not finalized yet, so you can't tell her" I heard dad say before I came into view

"What's not finalized and what aren't you both telling me?" I asked as I pulled out a seat to join them

"Wow look how pretty my angel looks this morning " he praised pinching my cheeks lightly

He always did that when trying to divert my questions

I scoffed aloud loudly "dad I'm twenty one not twelve! I feel like you too are ganged against me, now tell me !" I said my eyes narrowing at the both of them

"Sweetie don't you have any dream like ...just anything ?" Mom suddenly asked out of the blue ,dream like what..I wondered

"Of course I have! I have a biggest dream that I want to achieve!" I paused when I saw their eager expression

"My biggest dream is to marry Lucas!" I replied casually with a smile

The opposite was on their face, dad's mouth just hung open while mom shook her head

Did I say something wrong?

"Goodness, are you really my daughter! You always talk of Lucas , don't you have a goal like taking over COOPERS FASHION ? You really are so silly and a..." She trailed off seeming not to get the right word for it

A scowl formed on my face as I banged my fists on the table

"Dad! Will you allow mom just scold me like this humph !" I asked shooting him a pointed stare

"Yes my love, look our daughter is so amazing ,she's not silly, she's just perfect" dad said patting my shoulders

I shot mom a triumphant smile

"You always support her in everything, and later you'll be complaining that she's so spoiled" mom replied

A loud gasp escaped my lips as I turned to dad with a shocked expression

"Dad how could you! You really said that ?" I said fuming looking away from the both of them

"No Angel..of course I didn't say..that ,your mom is just trying to separate the both of us, you know how she is......"

At his words mom narrowed her eyes at him, she was about to say something when he shot her a wink...

"I think I know what's going on here, behind my back you r......"

" what were you saying about Lucas?" Dad cuts in

Now this was a topic I could discuss about all day, even all my life....

"And what if he likes someone else while you just keep going after him like that, I think you are just hopeless!"

"Mom!" I complained

"That's right Evelyn! My daughter is not hopeless! Who could possibly don't want her? "

"Tell her dad!" I joined

"Besides I only want him,if I can't have him I'll just stay with you and dad forever" I said leaning my head on dad's shoulders

"Of course I'll feed my good daughter forever" dad corresponded

Mom shook her head at the both of us..

"Then I'll have to do something about it, because you two always team up against me! I pray you should get married so I can have my husband back to myself! It been twenty one years for Chris sake !" Mom exclaimed dramatically!

I stuck my tongue out at her before tightening my hold on dad's arm who just laughed at her fake glare...


Later that night , I hung out with Maya, styles and my cousin silver

Maya was Lucas sister, and we've been friends from highschool, while we met styles from college

1.....2....3....cheers! We screamed downing the contents of the cup

"Again!"silver screamed from the blaring loud music

"I have some news for you my bambina " she hushed in my ears, I could tell she was already tipsy by the slight slur of her voice

"What? Come on Maya ,tell me!" I replied taking a sip of my drink

She giggled loudly before replying " my brother is returning tomorr...." She slurred

I spurted on my drink staring at her speechlessly

"What! Lucas is coming? Why didn't you say anything earlier! Are you really my friend!" I yelled gaining the attention of both silver and styles

I was feeling breathless all of a sudden, its been a month since I saw him!

My heart fluttered at the thought of seeing him again!

"Omg! When will he be coming? Will he be at the company? Or...I'm so excited!" I stopped realizing I was ranting, they were all giving me strange looks

But who cares, my Lucas is returning!

"You know? Its really strange you're talking about my brother like that,it just gives me the creeps!" Maya said and silver laughed out..

I turned to styles who had been sitting quietly to everything

He had an expression that I couldn't read ,almost like he wasn't happy

"Is something wrong? You are awfully quiet" I asked

He just shook his head and went back to his drink

Now that was strange

"You shouldn't have said anything Maya! Now that's all she's going to be talking about" Silver snickered

"That's what love does babe ,here.." I said pouring us another glass of wine

"Cheers! To love! One....two three...bottoms up cheers!" I yelled to the buzzing loud music




"You won't marry her ,that's it!" Dad said slamming his fists on his desk

"She's my fiancee! We love each other ! You can't tell me what to do or not!" I fired back

Mom just watched the both of us fighting, and like always she didn't interfere

Catherine is my girlfriend and I only proposed to her two weeks ago, dad got the news of it and called me back, I should have known better than to come back home

"That girl is not good! Your mother and I don't like her! Her background doesn't match our status , we've also heard things about her like her sleeping around with.....

"That's enough! I won't hear a single word about her! Who do you think you are to have her investigated !" I snapped

"Your father!!" He responded

We stood glaring at each other for about a minute when mom spoke

"See Lucas, we are your parents, we only want the best for you, your father and I have arranged your marriage already to a very nice girl, I'm sure you'll like her"

I looked at her stunned

"What!" I asked in disbelief staring at the both of them

"Your mother is right , you'll be getting married to Angel , we've arranged everything with her parents, we only need her consent" dad said

"Like hell I'm marrying her! You two have to be joking! I'll never marry someone like her never!" I gritted out

"I'm so disappointed in the both of you! You only care about your status, to hell with whatever you think by calling me here,I'm marrying Catherine and that's it!" I said in finality

"Its not that! Angel is really a good girl, she also loves you a lot, you have to be blind not to know, your dad and I gave it so much thought before deciding on this, we are your parents and know what's good for you" mom said touching my arm gently but I shrug it off

"I love Catherine mom, and I plan to marry her with or without your consent" I said storming out of the room,

I need to get a drink or I think I would explode from so much anger

I mean how could they?

And Angel? That crazy girl has always been after me for as long as I could remember, she doesn't seem to get the hint that i want nothing to do with her..

She's a crazy spoilt brat who thinks her daddy's money could get her whatever she wants

I know she must be behind all these

I took a deep breath to even my nerves when my phone rang

It was Catherine....

A smile crept to my face as I answered it


"How are you? I miss a lot already" she said from the other side of the line..

The smile on my face widened

"Aww I miss you too , which is why I'm coming to your place now" I replied

I could imagine the expression she must have on her face

"I can't wait! I love you so much!" She said

I ended the call and headed out , everything was amazing between me and Catherine , and nothing would ruin it...

Not some stupid arranged marriage.