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Never Offend My Glitzy Wife

Never Offend My Glitzy Wife

Author: Tracy Quin



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Mu Tingchen didn't expect a woman would take his virginity away! He swore that he would find out this fearless woman and tear her into pieces no matter in heaven or earth! Five years later, when Shen Xinyue finally appeared in his sight with two lovely children, his heart suddenly changed. They were so cute! The swear he made before didn't count! He cherished them and wanted to marry Shen Xinyue as soon as possible. He wanted to protect them for a lifetime. After getting married, he spoiled her. "My wife is very timid. No one can frighten her." What he didn't know was that his delicate wife could capture the panther with her bare hands in a place he couldn't see...
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Chapter 1

Shen Xinyue was committing a crime.

The powerful substance flowing through her body clouded her thoughts, and she could no longer control what she was doing.

The injured man glared at Shen Xinyue as she approached him, a glazed look in her eyes.

"Don't touch me!"

Never in her wildest imagination would Shen Xinyue act this way, blatantly crawling over a complete stranger who was clearly badly injured.

The injured man lay in the backseat of a car that had its doors open. Even though he was weak, his voice was cold and authoritative.

"I'm sorry..." Shen Xinyue muttered with what remained of her rationality.

Biting her lips, Shen Xinyue then clumsily unbuttoned the stranger's shirt. The petite girl then climbed up onto the backseat, completely enthralled by the effects of the potent drug.

The man looked at the woman who was trying to ride him and clenched his fists. His feeble strength was not even a match for the lust-addled, tiny girl.

“D*mn it!” The man cursed as, despite being weakened to the point that he couldn’t push a mere woman off his lap, a certain part of him was reacting with full strength.

He didn’t even know who she was!

His physical reaction angered the man further, and he gritted his teeth against the pain and attempted to shove her off his lap.

"Don’t! Please… Just stay still. I… I will try to be quick..."

Shen Xinyue panted and couldn’t stop her wandering hands. Her face was red with desire and shame as her clumsy hands tugged at her clothes urgently.

"Help, please…"The man felt humiliated and still wanted to escape the woman on him. But this strong woman leaned down anxiously, looking for a touch of sweetness.

Desperately for relief, Shen Xinyue kissed the man’s cold thin lips, her burning temperature warming him up.

The man’s desire flared too, and his protests were swallowed by the woman’s lips.

It started to rain cats and dogs.

The man and woman in the car carried on, uncaring that the rain was blowing in through the open doors.

Despite the chill in the air, Shen Xinyue felt like she was on fire.

Driven by instinct and consumed by intense desire, Shen Xinyue mindlessly bounced on the man, trying to put out the raging inferno coursing through her veins.

She should stop.

She wanted to stop.

But her mind and body were like separate entities…

Time flew by, and by the time Shen Xinyue regained her rationality and did not feel like she was being burned alive, the rain had stopped.

The guilt in her heart multiplied when she saw that the man she had taken advantage of had fainted.

Her gaze was clear as she studied the pale, yet extremely handsome man.

The man had a face that could grace the cover of magazines.

One look and Shen Xinyue was bewitched.

Alas, the man would probably kill her if he ever saw her again.

Shen Xinyue stilled as her gaze moved lower and saw the large deep-red patch on the stranger’s abdomen.

Shen Xinyue bit her lips in consternation.

The man was badly injured, and she probably made it worse with her heedless and violent actions.

“He’s bleeding out!” Shen Xinyue muttered.

She had to do something! She could not afford to add murder to the list of crimes she had unwittingly committed that day.

"He will die if I do nothing now."

Should she perhaps try to call…


A red-and-white box caught her eye.

She was surprised to find a medical kit in the car, but she didn’t stop to consider why anyone would drive around with a complete medical kit in the car.

Shen Xinyue grabbed the box. She cleaned and then clumsily bandaged the wound as best as she could.

Thankfully, the bleeding looked like it stopped.

Shen Xinyue breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the man again.

From his looks and the car that they were in, the man was likely someone rich and important. As much as she wanted to stay and apologize, it was more likely she would be dead before she even opened her mouth.

Shen Xinyue didn't dare to stay any longer. She whispered another apology to the stranger, scrambled out of the car, and ran away.


By the time Shen Xinyue arrived home, it was morning.

Wearily, she was about to walk in when loud, boisterous laughter flooded her ears.

Shen Xinyue froze in her tracks.

It was the middle of breakfast time. Shouldn’t her family be worried when they noticed that Shen Xinyue was not at home?

Her hesitation was soon answered.

"That Shen Xinyue is so dumb! All we had to do was say some nice things, and she willingly drank that glass of milk. Drugging the b*tch and then sending her to bed that old man was such a brilliant plan!”

In the parlor, He Qiao'er was gleefully celebrating the fact that Shen Xinyue had been humiliated and was now a dirty woman.

"My darling, this is what we as parents should do. Back then, I worked as a babysitter in the He family when I had you. I swapped you two so that you could have a better life and grow up as a lady in the He family."

"What a pity that the truth came out and Shen Xinyue has been asked to go back to the He family."

Mrs. Shen patted He Qiao'er’s hand and looked at her dotingly. "Don't worry. So what if she went back to the He family. They would never accept or love a filthy girl who slept around. You are still the dearly loved princess of the He family. As for Shen Xinyue, she isn't qualified to even carry your shoes.”

"Mom, I love you so much! Don't worry. I will make sure you will live a good life too, as long as I stay in the He family!" He Qiao'er happily hugged her biological parents.

Mr. Shen was satisfied with his biological daughter, too. He said proudly, ”Sweetheart, it is impossible for Shen Xinyue to even dream of threatening your place in the He family. All she knows is to have fun and spend money. Her wild and uneducated behavior will make her a joke in society. Now, she only attends a third-rate college while you are top of your class in an elite school. Since the He family is so proud, they will look down on her for sure!”

"Dad, you’re right!" He Qiao'er was as happy as a clam.

As she stood frozen at the door, Shen Xinyue was chilled to the bone.

No wonder…

No wonder when she said she didn't want to study, Mrs. Shen did not get upset. Instead, she let her do what she wanted and even said, ”It's fine if you don't study, just play and have fun.”

When she had some interest in music and wanted to learn how to play the violin, Mr. Shen impatiently said that it would be a waste of time and money to learn such a useless skill.

Over the years, the phrase “just take it easy and do what you like” was repeated by Mr. and Mrs. Shen.

They even thought about letting her drop out of school and not pursuing higher education. It was her teacher who persuaded her to continue studying.

No wonder everyone around her called her "good for nothing” and “useless”.

Their sarcastic laughter burned her ears, mocking her for her many years of stupidity.

In reality, Shen Xinyue didn't learn of her true identity till the day before. Even when she learned about it, she never thought of replacing He Qiao’er.

Before, she had thought it was fine even if her parents weren't rich since they doted on her so much. She was glad that her parents didn’t mind that she wasn’t very smart and didn’t go to a good college.

She thought she had a happy family.

However, it turned out that her happiness was all a lie.

Shen Xinyue was heartbroken.

Filled with disgust, she turned around to leave when a Rolls-Royce suddenly blocked her way.

Shen Xinyue looked up in surprise.

The young driver rolled down his window, poked his head out, and asked, "Are you Shen Xinyue?”

Shen Xinyue felt the stranger looked familiar.

She suddenly recalled the picture she saw.

Wasn’t this her brother?

“Yes," Shen Xinyue answered politely, "Nice to see you.”

"I don't share the same feelings," the young man snapped sullenly.

The stranger frowned slightly and looked her up and down rudely. "If you had gone to the hotel yesterday, I wouldn't have had to come and pick you up. What are you waiting for? Get in the car. Dad and Mom are waiting for you at home."