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Un Planned Destiny

Un Planned Destiny

Author: Seraphic River



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"I'm afraid if it wouldn't work as you had said then?" Sasha served Julia fresh juice and expressed her concern to her. Julia took a small sip and pated beside her for Sasha to sit. "I'm afraid too, but hopeful at the same time." Julia was worried but didn't tell her because it won't do any good to them. Olivia came downstairs while they both were talking, having her suitcase with her. The plan was to go to S & W Construction, sign the contract, go to court for paper marriage, and then head to his home to deal with the hardest stone on the path. Sasha hugged her sister, giving her lots of advice. She bid her goodbye. Susan was busy at the bakery as someone had to be there. They can't leave it all alone to employees. Julia put her suitcase in the car's trunk, and they both sat in the car. Olivia was upset, though. She never removed her eyes from the house she lived from her childhood until it disappeared as the distance increased. She released a shaky breath and faintly smiled at Julia, who tapped her hand, giving her courage. Olivia tilted her head and viewed the scenery running at a car's speed, thinking all about her new journey, which had no destination. She just wished this journey would end without any emotional disaster in her life. Olivia's family is in dire need of money and couldn't arrange from any available sources. Elijah is being forced in to marriage that will benefit its family business, and he decides to not let that happen. Liam is enjoying his bachelor life, but when he meets Sophia, he get to know different him. While Sophia is upset from her families dominating environment, she's finding escape. Will all of them achieve what they had planned? or destiny will play its part and bring different output of their plans, read their story and find out where destiny takes to all of them.
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Chapter 1

She was typing on her laptop, dealing with their online customer orders when. She paused to relax, rested her head on the back of the chair, and looked for the time on the clock hanging on a wall on her right side.

It was getting chilly outside; she rubbed her palms to warm them and got up from her chair to close the window, which she kept open for fresh air. She reached to window, and before it would close, it moved her eyes to surround the sun was all set to say goodbye spreading its beautiful color all over the sky. The bird’s journey also ended, moving towards their home for rest. Olivia forgot why she came here and looked at the sky; a smile came to her lips, showing her dimples.

“Amazing!” She took a deep breath and murmured

The sunset view always mesmerized her and freshened up her mood.

“Olivia! Come downstairs and start preparing for dinner. Mother came home,” Her elder sister Sasha shouted from the lounge, breaking her concentration.

“Coming!” Olivia shouted back, moving her face towards the room door and again looking back at the sky, giving a last glance.

Olivia came downstairs and greeted her mother, sitting on the couch, scrolling her phone.

“How was the day at a bakery? All orders were completed?” Olivia asked, sitting next to her

“Yeah! Everything went very well. The day was busy, though,” Susan said to her daughter, removing her glasses. She looked exhausted

“Did you respond to today’s order?” Sasha joined her family and asked her sister

“Yup! just completed.” Olivia picked muffins and stuffed them in her mouth, which Susan brought from her bakery.

“You’re looking worried? Is everything okay?” When she went to pick more muffins, Sasha slapped Olivia's hand and asked her mother, who was tapping her fingers on her forehead, keeping her eyes closed.

“Yeah, just worried about arranging finance to open another branch of “Baking Hut.” I talked to my bank manager they said they might not give the desired loan to us.”

“But why? suddenly, we have old business with them, and our bakery promises to give profit, then why?” Sasha and Olivia both got shocked and worried

“I don’t know. I will go to the bank tomorrow, talk to the manager in detail, and will try to convince him.” Susan smiled at her daughters to comfort them who were sad because of the news they had heard.

“Girls, go prepare dinner. Let’s eat and go to beds then.” Susan pushed her daughters to the kitchen to have time alone so she could contact her friends who might be of any help.


Liam was staring continuously at his friend, hoping that he might get the message, but no, he had the worst friend one could ever ask for. Only he can tolerate such a shameless person. That's what Liam think.

“Look, Bro! I am starving, and I need food to run my machine,” He says, pointing toward his body, “can we please go out of the room and have something to eat? Please!!”

Liam starts to plead as he knows this man’s working mode is on, and he can work for 6 -7 hours without food.

Elijah was engrossed in his work but aware of his friend’s pleading stare. He was ignoring him as his work was of more importance and should be done by today.

But when Liam said about his hunger, he knew he had to listen and do as Liam was saying or else he would not let him do any work until Elijah let him eat.

“Okay! Let’s go but be fast. We don’t have enough time.” Here comes the reply of Elijah, which initially made Liam happy, but another sentence snatched it away

“What? No way. You know very well that I don’t only eat food to feed my stomach but also to cheer up my mood. So, bro, we are not rushing and will take our proper time.” stressing on word proper

“I have a file to complete, and it’s by today”, Elijah irritatingly said to his friend.

“I also have work to do, and that also needs completion by today. But, my mood also needs my attention. You must understand that.” Liam crossed his hands on his chest and said to Elijah, and started to move out of the room before Elijah began another argument. He lacked the energy to deal with any further statement.

Elijah had no option other than to follow his friend. Closing the door behind him, he moved to his car, where Liam was waiting for him.


“Sophia! Will you come to party at my home?” Her friend Mary asked.

It was a group of five girls sitting in a high school garden. All looked like at the age of eighteen. They all had their last exam today and, after a few days, they planned to have a party at Mary’s home as a farewell.

“I don’t know; I have to ask my parents first if they allow me. I will surely come.” Sophia was shuffling through her bag when upon asking, she replied but was embarrassed about herself

Sophia’s parents were strict on their rules, and every child of the Evans family had to follow them. There is severe punishment for breaking them. Sophia wanted to live like her friends, but it is something she could only wish

She was lost in her own thoughts when Sarah’s upset voice brought her back to reality.

“Hey, you always do that. We all know your family will never allow you. Come ‘on, you are 18 now. We all will go to higher studies, and here you ask your parents before doing anything.” Sarah didn’t like her embarrassment, especially when she could do nothing. They all knew her parents were strict.

“No, I’m sure they will allow me this time. I will inform you people in the evening.” She immediately told them before they went further about her family

Sophia was talking with her friends when her mobile rang. She paused and looked at her phone, where her brother’s name was blinking.

“Come out; I’m here to pick you up” Nathan’s stern voice kept no space for argument, and she had to tell him yes. Sophia starts picking up her books and putting them in her backpack.

“Where are you going?” Mary asks her

“Nathan is here. I have to go.” A sad smile crept on her face

“Don’t forget to take permission from your parents.” Sophia was going towards the main gate when Bella shouted from behind; Sophia looked back and called back at her

“Sure”. and crossed the gate where her brother was waiting.