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Chase After My Destiny

Chase After My Destiny



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Kolby was stunned when he ran into a girl who was drugged. He was the dominating boss of this city. Since he took it over, Kolby laid down specific rules. The hotel strictly prohibited any involvement with vice, gambling, or drugs. Any behavior associated with these three words was considered a challenge to Kolby. However, the girl was soft and alluring. Kolby was irresistibly attracted by her. Ava, who was in the arms of Kolby, was the adopted girl of the Ross family. To ruin her purity, her vicious stepmother drugged her and planned to send her to a stranger's bed. Unexpectedly, Ava ran away. Kolby and Ava spent a crazy night together. Ava left her sister's name and ran away. When she came home, her adopted father, who used to love her and spoil her, was upset by her behavior. He thought Ava broke the rules that Kolby laid down, which would bring great trouble to the whole family. Before Ava was kicked out, Kolby showed up in time. "Hands off! It was me who slept with her that night!"
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Chapter 1

King Hotel.

The most luxurious hotel in Shuttel Town.

Ava Ross stumbled and ran out in the hotel corridor, struggling to maintain her balance but eventually falling to the ground.

After finally managing to climb up with the support of the wall, she suddenly realized her body was overheating, and a restless heat surged from the depths of her abdomen.

Her breathing became increasingly rapid, and her consciousness started to fade away.

Ava forcefully pinched her thigh, trying to keep herself awake.

In the private room, she mistakenly drank the tainted mineral water that Alicia Fraser, her stepmother, handed her. By the time she realized something was wrong, it was too late.

If it hadn't been for her exerting all her strength to push Alicia away, she would likely have been taken to someone's bed by now.

Ava knew that the consequences would be unimaginable if her stepmother caught her.

She took a deep breath, staggering to her feet, and barely managed to run to the corner.

Just as she wasn't paying attention, she suddenly felt dizzy and collided with a solid chest.

Her head was already spinning, and now it felt even more dizzy.

Ava frowned and instinctively grabbed the man's arm to prevent herself from falling.

To make such advances in public?

Kolby Nixon's expression darkened, and he frowned unhappily.

Instinctively, Kolby tried to push away Ava, who had fallen into his embrace, but he noticed a suspicious blush on her slightly raised face.

His hand froze suddenly. Had she been drugged?

When King Hotel was first established, Kolby laid down specific rules. The hotel strictly prohibited any involvement with vice, gambling, or drugs.

Any behavior associated with these three words was considered a challenge to King Hotel.

It even meant declaring war on the entire Shuttel Town.

Therefore, no one dared to violate the rules of King Hotel because no one dared to defy the whole city.

However, Kolby never expected that, under these circumstances, someone would be foolish enough to try drugging someone at King Hotel.

Were they trying to challenge him?

Kolby reached out and caught Ava, who was about to fall into his arms, his expression showing his displeasure.

He lifted the burning-hot woman in his arms and walked away with a cold face.

On the other side of the corner, Alicia was impatiently making a phone call.

"That damned girl, how dare she run away! I drugged her, so hurry and find her. She can't have gotten far!"

After hanging up the phone, Alicia carefully looked around.

She was no fool. Thus, she had to be cautious. If someone found out Alicia had violated the prohibition in King Hotel, not even a hundred lives would be enough for her to escape death.

If it weren't for the future of Ross Co., she wouldn't have taken such a risk.

After ensuring no one noticed, Alicia regained her composure and quickly left.

The presidential suite of the King Hotel was filled with a pink atmosphere.

At this moment, Ava clung to Kolby like a koala entwined around him.

The masculine scent from the man overwhelmed her, a tangible temptation.

She couldn't help but blush, her chest rising and falling as her breath became more rapid.

Kolby initially planned to settle Ava down and call a doctor, but he didn't expect her to hold onto his neck tightly, refusing to let go.

Even through their clothes, he could feel her scorching body temperature and the enticing fragrance emanating from her.

Unconsciously, he felt a dryness in his mouth.