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Guardian of the Grave: The Path of Cultivation

Guardian of the Grave: The Path of Cultivation


Xuan huan

Guardian of the Grave: The Path of Cultivation PDF Free Download


Lin Xiao traverses the fantasy continent, naturally born with a full-level comprehension skill. He can master any divine powers or methods with a single try. When he was struggling due to a lack of cultivation resources, he accidentally became a grave keeper of Fantasia Sword Tomb. His daily activity is simply to maintain swords. By polishing the longsword named 'Flame', he acquired a superior sword technique. By polishing the longsword ‘Annihilation’, he comprehended 30% of the sword will on subjugation. By polishing the ancient Imperial Sword, he gained an eternal and invincible sword momentum. To Lin Xiao’s surprise, it turned out that… His full-level comprehension skill was more than useful for understanding weapons. Touching knives, pills, formation arrays, even other humans yielded extraordinary results. “What? The Eastern Domain’s demoness is the Bloodthirsty Emperor reincarnated?” “No one has understood the Nine Heavens Phoenix Dragon Wall till now?” “This earth-shattering method is missing a page, practicing it would lead straight to demonic possession?” ... Full-level comprehension, you want me to just keep graves, that’s impossible! The stronger the opponent, the stronger he becomes, if he encounters an even stronger opponent, he would overpower them! Then he decided to touch the world's natural order, what would happen then?!
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: In the Cruel World of Fantasy, I've Reached the Full Enlightenment Level

Eastern Domain.

Sword Demon Sect.

A sea of people were gathered in the square outside.

Fear was etched on most people's faces.

"Where am I? Why have I been taken here?"

"How dare you kidnap me? Do you know who my father is?"

"Why are there so many people?"

The scene was chaotic and noisy, filled with all kinds of exclamations.

Just then.

A cold hum rang out.

"Everyone, SHUT UP!"

Simultaneously, an overwhelming pressure covered the field, making it difficult for everyone to catch their breath.

After the voice faded, a middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe walked upon the high platform, looking down at the crowd like ants beneath him.

His gaze was razor-sharp; no one dared to meet his eyes.

"This is the Sword Demon Sect. If you want to live, behave yourselves!"

He spoke again.

Yet, upon hearing his words.

Nearly ten thousand common folks in the plaza below were stunned.

"Sword Demon Sect!? That wicked and atrocious sect!?"

"It's over! It's over, am I going to die so young?"

"They're not planning to use us for their evil cultivation methods, are they!?"

"Damn it, my luck couldn't be worse."

"Run!! Start running!!"

"Yes, I must get out of here."

Some people despaired, collapsing onto the ground, while some began to run frantically towards the outside.

Yet, the expression of the middle-aged man on the high platform remained unchanged.

He simply raised his left hand and waved it lightly.

Dozens of sword auras erupted forth.

Swish, swish, swish...

Those trying to escape were each accurately struck by sword energy.

Before they could scream out, they fell to the ground, dead on the spot.


The rest of the people saw this scene.

The scene instantly became silent.

They didn't even dare to breathe heavily.

"I've said it before. If you want to survive, behave yourself. Now it seems that you've all become obedient. Hehe." The middle-aged man sneered.

No one dared to answer him back.

"I know that every one of you is wondering why you were brought here, but that's unimportant."

"What's important is that this is an opportunity for each one of you."

"Next, everyone refrain from resisting. I will conduct qualification testing on you all."

"No matter the results of the testing, our Sword Demon Sect will treat you well."

After saying these words,

The middle-aged man waved his left hand again.

Nearly ten thousand white lights were released from his hand, then rushed into the crowd.

This caused the crowd to riot once again.

They initially thought this person was overcome with a desire to kill, wanting to embark on a massacre.

But those white lights didn't harm them; they simply adhered to each individual person.

The white lights were... were jade amulets.

Once the jade amulets were attached to people, they began to change color.

Some people's amulets turned light red, others turned deep red, while some were light yellow or brownish-yellow, etc.

What is going on??

Almost ten thousand people's faces were full of panic, fear, and confusion.

The terror brought about by the three words "Sword Demon Sect" was too intense.

But among these people, there was one person whose eyes were different from the rest.

He was a young man with a handsome appearance and fair skin.

He looked at the jade amulet attached to him, and towards the middle-aged man on the high platform, his eyes were shining with brightness, his gaze was intense.

“Is this cultivation!?”

His name was Lin Xiao.

Just a month ago, he had crossed into this world.

Unlike the trending transmigration genres, he didn't reincarnate, nor did he possess someone else's body.

Instead, after his physical form was swallowed up by a golden light, he found himself in this world.

He doesn't awaken some confusingly superior system but rather gains an additional talent.

A full level of comprehension.

Because of this, he spends the month scouring for cultivation Sects, desperate to join and experience the immense power of his unique ability.

However, without any background, without any knowledge, he has encountered numerous setbacks and was almost misled by human traffickers.

Lin Xiao decides to settle down and take one step at a time.

This world is not a peaceful era. Here, disagreements easily lead to murders.

Might makes right in this world that respects the powerful.

What Lin Xiao didn't expect was the moment he was ready to be steady and hit his stride, ready to inspire by depicting the life of an ordinary person cultivating to immortality.

He inexplicably faints.

When he regains consciousness, he, along with nearly ten thousand others, finds himself in the Sword Demon Sect.

Judging by the name, Sword Demon Sect doesn't seem to belong to the righteous factions.

The middle-aged man's unhesitating act of killing earlier.

All these made Lin Xiao understand that this place is a realm of right and wrong.

Regardless, he had finally entered a cultivation sect.

Is this a stroke of fortune!?

"Hahahaha, among these people, there are actually two with grade six talents, very good, very good!!"

The middle-aged man burst into laughter.

Then, he threw two tokens to the two people glowing green.

"From today on, you two are officially outer disciples of the Sword Devil Sect."

The two caught the tokens, their faces full of shocked delight, then burst into ecstatic joy.

"Th-thank you... for your acknowledgment, sir."

"Thank you, sir."

The middle-aged man waved his hand and said, "Just call me Elder Chen."

The two bowed again in thanks.

Not only did they avoid death, but they also became formal outer disciples of the Sword Devil Sect. This luck was more than money falling from the sky.

Seeing this scene, the others were shocked, but also enormously envious.

Although the Sword Demon Sect is a demonic sect,

being able to become its disciple means you are undoubtedly blessed with great fortune, far surpassing the status of an ordinary person by a large margin.

Elder Chen glanced at the others, continuing to instruct, "Those who are emanating yellow light, step forward."

Nearly a thousand people stepped out, their hearts filled with apprehension.

"Your aptitude is decent enough, you may go serve as menial disciples at the main peaks. Are you willing to do so?" asked Elder Chen.

"Willing, we're willing!!" Everyone promptly responded.

Despite his question,

everyone discerned the threat behind Elder Chen's words.

"Do you not wish to comply?"

Then, you would face death.

The lessons from the immediate past are still fresh, with bodies laying on the ground.

Becoming a menial disciple at the main peak, that's an acceptable deal.

Elder Chen nodded slightly and threw bronze tokens at them.

"Those emanating red light, step forward." He continued to command.

This time, nearly four thousand people emerged from the crowd.

"Your talents are average, you can work as menial workers at the outer sect. Are you willing?" He asked.

"We are willing!" These four thousand people promptly shouted in unison.

Elder Chen threw a bunch of iron plates out to them.

At this point.

There were still nearly five thousand people in the square.

The jade amulet on their bodies had not changed to any other color, it was still white.

Lin Xiao was one of them.

He looked a bit upset at the moment.

The jade amulet on his body must be for testing his talent.

Different colors represent different talents.

Does the absence of change in color mean he has no cultivation talent?!


No way.

He's a fully comprehended person.

The point is, without talent, he would be considered useless to the sect.

Ordinary sects would definitely not want such a person, they would drive him away directly.

But for a cult like the Sword Demon Sect...

Would they let people go?

Thinking of this, there is a sudden sinking feeling in Lin Xiao's heart.

Should he confess to Elder Chen about his comprehension ability? At least he wouldn't die that way.

But the consequences of coming clean, he didn't dare to think about it.

As Lin Xiao was in a dilemma,

Elder Chen looked at the remaining people and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"To the rest of you, come with me."