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There He Is Again, My Clingy Ex-Husband

There He Is Again, My Clingy Ex-Husband



There He Is Again, My Clingy Ex-Husband PDF Free Download


Lin Yue never had a say in her marriage with Zhan Muhan. It was his idea to marry her, a normal girl neither rich nor powerful. It was also his idea to divorce her since his first crush came back. She was devastated. It turned out Zhan Muhan was just being nice to her during their one-year marriage. That was it. No more feelings. No love attached. But she had fallen in love with him deeply. Lin Yue hated to let him go, but she had to. She convinced herself that only princess and prince were a good match. As for her, she was nothing but a normal girl. She signed the divorce agreement, thinking she and Zhan Muhan may never see again. However, destiny seemed to play a huge joke on her. She was pregnant! Her mother-in-law: "Keep it." Zhan Muhan: "Get rid of it." What would she do?
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Chapter 1


Zhan Muhang let out a low growl. Then, he withdrew himself before leaving Lin Yue alone and entered the bathroom. Lin Yue liked having sex with her husband, Zhan Muhan. Only at this time could she feel she was his wife and they were together. Zhan Muhang didn't like her moaning, so she always kept silent during sex. Never mind. She felt happiness now.

Lin Yue dragged her sticky body, picked up the nightdress on the ground, and wore it. She endured the pain and picked up the tie that was casually thrown by the man on the ground and then changed the bedsheet.

He wanted to do it roughly just now. She couldn't stand it and almost fainted.

She couldn't even stand up now.

It seemed that something had happened to the company. Hence, he was not in a good mood.

Lin Yue didn't think much about it. He never let her know about the company's affairs.

As she packed her things, Zhan Muhang also came out of the bathroom.

"The bed is ready. Go to sleep. I'm going to take a bath," she said gently and was about to enter the bathroom.

"Wait a minute," Zhan Muhan said as he brushed past her and went straight to the bedside table. He opened the drawer, took out a document, and handed it to her. "Sign it."

"What's this?" she asked. She took it in confusion. When she opened it, the words "divorce agreement" flashed across her eyes.

Her heart sank.

She had been married to Zhan Muhang for a year. She was shocked when he first proposed to marry her.

Zhan Muhang was a powerful person in the capital. His property was all over the country. It was not too much to regard him as the emperor in business.

The Zhan family's business was already magnificent. However, Zhan Muhang was also very capable. He had expanded and doubled the huge foundation of his generation. He quickly became the most popular man among the rich ladies in the capital due to his high IQ, adaptability and good looks.

People in the whole capital were guessing who would be chosen by this Big Boss to marry and spend the rest of his life with. No one expected that he would marry a Cinderella. She wasn't even rich nor did she have a status. All she could do was give him her life.

Lin Yue still remembered that when they got married, everyone in the Zhan family opposed his marriage to her. However, Zhan Muhang still decided to marry her on his own.

"Why did you marry me?" she asked.

The man just said that it was because she was obedient.

His tone back then was as cold as if he was asking for a divorce now.

He had not changed at all the past year. He was still indifferent and calm. However, she had changed.

"Why?" she asked as she was confused. She remembered that she had crossed the line when she looked at the man's dissatisfied eyes.

She wondered to herself on how could she be qualified to ask him further questions and if she really thought she was indeed his wife.

Compared with this man, she was too insignificant. If the man hadn't said that he wanted to marry her, she would just be an ordinary employee in his company.

It was really an extravagant wish. She thought that he had been kind enough to her in the past year. He took care of her wherever they went, travelled together, bought her clothes and jewelry for her too. She really thought that she became his wife.

However, all of this was just a farce that could be stopped by the man.

"It's because I have someone I like. I want to marry her," he said. Lin Yue thought he wouldn't reply. Zhan Muhang's tone was cold. It felt like an ice blade piercing into her heart.

She knew that he was just nice to her, but he had never fallen in love with her.

However, it was ironic that she had fallen in love with him.

She had lost her parents and was alone for a long time. She pondered over how could she not fall in love with this perfect man who had been with her for a long time. However, she knew that the prince was destined to belong to a princess. She was just a maid.

She forced a smile though her body couldn't stand it anymore. She leaned against the bedside table, but still gritted her teeth and forced herself to stand up straight.

She couldn't let Zhan Muhang know how much she was hurting now. She stood straight.

She steadied herself and raised her head to smile at the man. "Okay, let's divorce."