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Reborn: Become the Roomie of Mr. Right

Reborn: Become the Roomie of Mr. Right



Reborn: Become the Roomie of Mr. Right PDF Free Download


After the homeless girl, Aimee, hit by a car, she got reborn. In her new life, she was rich, stubborn, and unlovable... That's why in her previous life, her dream lover, Kyle always felt disgusted while being with her. But this time, everything went opposite. The new Aimee changed characters and swore that she'd never love Kyle anymore. Everyone was stunned, cause previous Aimee also swore that she'd stop loving Kyle till she died... Well, it seemed Kyle also changed his mind when Aimee stopped her love for him.
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Chapter 1

"Stop, thief! I'll break your leg if I catch you!"

When Aimee Jones heard this, she ran while looking back, wailing in her heart.

"Come on! I'm not the one who stole the purse. Why is this man still chasing after me?" Aimee thought.

Although she was an orphan, she's not a man without any morals, and would never think of making money by stealing.

"Who on earth has made me the scapegoat?"

"I curse him/her to be single forever!" Aimee thought.

Aimee cursed in her mind, but she did not dare to stop. When she turned back and saw the man was catching up with her, she longed for a pair of wings and flew away immediately.

That man looked fierce. If she was caught, he would probably break her legs or do something worse.

In order to get rid of the man behind, Aimee made up her mind and ran across the road, regardless of the cars passing by.

When the drivers saw her crossing the road, they all stopped their cars and stretched out their heads, cursing.

Aimee didn't care what they were cursing about. Her freedom was all that matters now.

Just as she was about to reach the opposite road, a car suddenly rushed out of the corner of the street.

It was too late before Aimee could find out. The car was already close to her.

As if her body had been fixed, Aimee watched helplessly as the car ran into her. There were only three words left in her mind.

"What the f*ck!"


Unsurprisingly, Aimee was knocked out like a kite with a broken string, and fell heavily to the ground.

Lying on the cemented road, Aimee couldn't believe what had happened. She looked at the car with her eyes wildly open.

After a while, she felt a stream of warmth flow out of her body, along with a bloody smell.

"Am I going to die?"

"That's so unfair!"

"I'm only 18 years old. There are so many interesting places I haven't been to and so many delicious foods I haven't tried. Most importantly, I haven't had a relationship yet!"

"Oh, god, what' wrong with you?"

"Why don't you punish the real thief? Why letting me get hit by a car?"

"I curse, you will be single forever!"

As she cursed in her mind, Aimee closed her eyes slowly and never opened them again.

Yet her consciousness floated away into a strange space...


In this simply decorated yet luxurious bedroom, a tall man with short breath was leaning against the wall and standing in front of the bed. His face was drenched with sweat, and a touch of suspicious redness appeared on his cheeks.

However, all of this awkwardness cannot diminish his impressive figure. His face was like carefully carved by God himself and it's hard to forget.

He had thick eyebrows, a tall nose, diamond-shaped red thin lips, and a sharp chin. No matter from any angle, this face could beat any famous stars'.

Especially that pair of coal-black eyes, it's like two unfathomable ponds. With one more look, you might get lost in it.

At this moment, there was a hint of tolerance in his eyes, even with more anger.

He was being drugged, and obviously, there's something wrong with what he had just drunk.

With staggering steps, he walked to the table where the teacup was placed. He reached out his hand and gave it a nudge. With a crackling sound, the teacup broke into pieces.

Who was it that dare to drug him in his own house? And so reckless!

Before the man could figure it out, there was a sound of doorknob being twisted.

When the man looked back and saw someone coming, he understood everything immediately.

"Kyle, are you OK?"

A soft female voice came into the man's ear. Soon, a freshly-bathed gentle fragrance invaded his nose as the girl approached...

"Is there anything I can do for you?"