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Author: Michelle Zea



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Anna, Olivia, Marriana and Lilliana are witch sisters. Anna had long crush over her classmate and school famous boy Phoenix Stever, little did she knows he had secrets of his own, something he was hiding. He was rude to Anna when she is around but shows care secretly. Lilliana is playgirl, she changes relations every week taking advantage of her good looks but surprise awaits for her in her home town when she finds her mate a werewolf and Alpha. Sophia is a bad girl who had dark past connected to her mother's death for which she blames herself. She is the victim of family curse, they were afraid she will turn dark soon, but little did she knows the surprise is await in Hawkins for her. Mariana is potion expert and two years older then her sister she already studies in Springfield the school for supernaturals in her hometown hawkins. Twsited fates and paranormal romances, will Anna knows who Phoenix Stever is and what he is holding as a secret does its roots are from her childhood? when her parents died? Will Lilliana adjust with her new life and relation with werewolf pack? will Sophia's curse broke? (50000-83000 words)
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Chapter 1

"Lilliana Martin Perez I have told you ten thousand times, that clean your mess you have spread across the floor". Said Mariana angrily.

"These are not mess Marry these are beauty Products." Said Lilliana while brushing her hairs.

"What on the planet your products are doing on the floor?" Said Mariana while putting pressure on the word "Products".

"Listen Marry I am not in a tone to fight please don't piss me off I got a date ahead." Lilliana said while wearing pink Glittering pins over side top of her head.

“Yeah third date with some Radom guy this week" Anna just came out of washroom and was adjusting her towel over her head.

"Third Time a week what are you up to making a dating record" Said Mariana and both Mariana and Ana started laughing aloud.

"Shut you up both my dating life is none of your concern" Lilliana said while applying lipstick.

"Okay I am leaving for School anyone of you want to come or want to join later" Said Lilliana while picking up her brand new yellow bag matching with her shoes.

"I will be late I have to pick some groceries and I don't have classes today" said Ana.

"Daddy will here at the evening so better every one be at home on time" Said Mariana specially looking at Lilliana.

"Don't worry, Don't worry I will be at home on time”. Said Lilliana and she left the room.

"Where she went?" Said Sofia, who entered the room with coffee mug in her hand.

"To the college" Ana Shrug. "Soph are you free, our Groceries are about to end so could you help?" Asked Ana.

"Yeah Sure! I am on leave from work today" Said Sofia while taking last sip of her coffee. "Let me get ready I will be back in a minute.” She turned towards her room.

"A minute? Do you think she will take a minute?" Said Mariana while crossing her arms. "I mean she is Twin of Lilliana that gives me a fever " Mariana continued her sentence." Twins and there familiarities I mean both are in High schools same habits but different interests Lilliana is complete Play girl where as Sofia have never dated since..." Before Mariana could complete her sentence Ana stopped her in middle.

"Shut it Marry she could hear it she don't like the topic we never have talked on this topic it’s a year already" Marianna Just stood over there Awkwardly, whereas Ana left the room.

Super market was full of crowd it was like whole town had short of groceries on the same day. Ana and Sofia made their way towards the kitchen products.

"I think that's enough for the upcoming month? said Sofia while carrying vegetables basket in her left hand.

"yeah that would be enough " replied Ana.

"So Daddy is arriving today? hope his business trip would be a joy." Said Sofia.

"Yeah he is here finally after two weeks" said Ana putting groceries in the car and taking deep breath.

"I am afraid about the ritual Ann" Said Sofia while starting car.

"Me too we finally discover that should be exciting moment for us but..." Said Anna.

"Don't worry Ann everything would be fine and okay we have 2 weeks in a ritual" Said Anna while looking at window screen.

"You know Soph sometimes I really miss her. If she was here that would be more easy for us. I am really nervous" Said Anna while Sophie gave a sigh towards a signal.

"I know you don't like to talk about this topic I know you were too close with her Soph I am sorry" Said Anna timid.

"No no its okay Ann I can take it now" They were now outside of their beautiful home. Anna took the grocery product outside the car and now both were taking them towards the kitchen.

"Marry we are home " Said Anna.

Mariana had made everything glass clear in the house. It was almost 3 pm.

"Wow look at this she made it all look so good what do you think did she use it" Said Anna while exploring house.

"Nope I don't think cause if daddy would find out what she did he would be piss off" Said Sophie while opening can she bring from market.

"Yeah goodie goodie Mariana Martin Perez would never offend our daddy" Said Anna while laughing.

"Shut up you two bitches, I did not used my any gifted tricks here " Said Mariana she just entered the room.

"Gifted" Said both Anna and Sophie with fake shock.

"Yeah as gifted that turned Daddy's Hairs Purple once" Said Anna.

"Oh come on it was an accident I had no control over it." She said annoyed.