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Crazy Nights With Him

Crazy Nights With Him




In order to get her mother to marry a CEO, Shen Changqing disguised herself as a boy and entered the Li family. But the day before she became a member of the Li family, she had a one-night stand with a hot strange man. What she didn't expect was that the man was actually her step-brother, Li Jingchen! She had to keep this under wraps! She couldn't let the Li family find out that she's a woman! She did her best to avoid Li Jingchen, but he haunted her. Li Jingchen said that he knew her secret and that he could help her keep it, he only had one condition-- That is she has to be his secret lover.
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    The night outside was silkily dark. 

    Inside the spacious president's suite, Shen Changqing mustered her wholly aching body to climb out of the bed. She picked up pieces of her scattering clothes with difficulties, putting them on one by one. 

    Tonight, her mood was down, so she had gone to the bar with her bestie Su Yao and ended up drinking too much. When she got out of the toilet, a stinky old man tried to grope her. But then, a young man broke in. 

    She had thought that he was the hero coming to save the damsel in distress, but... 

    Thinking of the man's cruelty, Shen Changqing cringed, feeling a slight pain. Tears welled up in her swollen eyes one more time. 

    She was only eighteen years old, and her first time had gone in such a confused way. What if she got pregnant?!

    But the most important thing was... 

    She cocked her head to look at her chest, which was tightened flat with a band of fabric. She was a man now!

    Three days ago, her mother Jiang Meihan had found her a stepfather. He was the well-known chairman of the Li Group in Lin City. Bearing the rumor that his precious son didn't like women in mind and in other to successfully marry into the Li family, Mrs. Jiang had come up with a stupid idea that Shen Changqing should disguise herself as a young man. 

    Shen Changqing bit her bottom lip, her dark watery eyes looking at the big bed, her delicate doll-like face full of resentment. 

    No matter what, she wouldn't let this man take advantage of her for nothing!

    She must take some evidence. When she resumed her identity as a girl later, she would come to ask him for justice!

    With this thought, Shen Changqing found her phone and went back to the king-size bed. 

    The man was still sleeping soundly. The moment Sheng Changqing focused her camera, she was bewildered. The tears welling up in her eyes couldn't hide her surprise. 

    She couldn't believe that such a stunning face, which could turn the world upside down, had ended up on this scumbag.


    Her finger touched the shutter button and the man's face was captured... 

    When Li Jingchen woke up, it was already noon of the next day. When he was thinking of the erotic dream last night, his body, which had been restrained for years, became restless again.

    The girl in his dream seemed to have a magic power that had aroused the long dormant beast in him, making him tirelessly have her one time after another. 

    He still felt a little loss and disappointed when he woke up.

    A wandering sunbeam directly shone on the man's face. Li Jingchen's eyes popped open. 

    A delicate fragrance was lingering in the air.

    He looked around the messy room and spotted a dot of blood looking like a red plum blossom on the crumpled bedsheet. 

    Li Jingchen took a deep breath. Complicated emotions flashed in his eyes, but soon, he hid them all away. He found his phone and hit a number. "I am delighted with the gift you gave me last night."

    "Really?! I knew you would like it!" Chi Shuai's cheer came from the speaker. "I planned to keep such a good car for myself, but I saw you were down these days, so I had to bear the pain and gave it to you." 


    Li Jingchen was stunned. "Didn't you send that woman in?"

    "Woman? Oh sh*t! Li Jingchen, are you kidding me? You're allergic to women! How could you hide one in your room?" Chi Shuai was still babbling something, but Li Jingchen was no longer in the mood to listen to him. He bluntly hung up the call.

    Then, something reflecting silver light suddenly caught his attention. 

    He walked over and picked up an exquisite handmade bracelet. The accessory was so small that the person who wore it must be slim. 

    Li Jingchen folded his fingers around the bracelet, his eyes slightly narrowing. Well done, some unknown woman had trapped him. 

    Anyway, it was interesting. That woman had slept with him but didn't want him to be responsible for her. 

    So, did she leave this bracelet on purpose?

    At this moment, his assistant came in with clean clothes. Li Jingchen tossed the item to him, ordering, "Check the origin of this bracelet and give me the buyer's information as soon as possible." 

    Since she wanted him to investigate, he would do as she wished. 

    Li Jingchen's face remained calm, but his tone was cold and threatening. The assistant didn't dare to act rashly. Lowering his head, he took the bracelet and then left the room.