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After Divorcing, She Stunned The World

After Divorcing, She Stunned The World

Author: Abigsaga



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In her five years of marriage, Elsie loved her husband, Oswald, with all her heart. Even when their life wasn't happy. But now the man she loves so much is looking at her with a hateful look, slandering her without proof. "Tess is awake, she told me everything! You fu*king murderer!" Tess, Oswald's beloved woman, and if she hadn't had the accident, it would have been Tess, not her, who would have become Oswald's wife. And now Tess was awake. Her dream had awakened instead. She didn't want to have to explain. She didn't want to have to go through countless detentions and begging... Elsie looked at Oswald, who was still indifferent, and said, "Let's get a divorce..." Oswald doesn't believe that the greedy Elsie can give up her life as a rich madam, and he assumes that she will come back and beg him for money. Until Elsie's true identity is revealed and everyone is stunned...
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Chapter 1

"Elsie, put away your mask of innocence, your lies have been exposed, and from this day you will be thrown out of this villa!"

"What do you mean, Oswald, I don't understand, I swear I have never lied to you about anything."

Elsie asked looking at the man standing in front of her with a chilling look on his face, he was her husband Oswald, their marriage lasted five years, but he now looked as if she was a murderer. He acted like if he wanted to kill her with his cold eyes.

Elsie was shocked by such a cold look, she didn't think she had done anything to cheat on her husband, for five years she had loved him wholeheartedly.

As she wondered, Oswald said angrily in a louder voice, "Tess is awake, she has told me everything. Before her accident, someone sent her a text message anonymously saying that I was sleeping with a woman in a hotel. She was in too much of a hurry to wait for the light to turn green and was hit by a big truck when she rushed across the road."

Tess was awake? Tess was Oswald's beloved woman, and if she hadn't had the accident, it would have been Tess, not her, who became Oswald's wife.

Although she married Oswald later, but it does not mean that she caused all this. Before the accident, Tess was also her friend, and she was sad for Tess for a long time, She often went to the hospital to see her, but now Oswald was trying to say that the person who caused all this is her?

She voiced her doubts."What do you mean? You think it was me who texted her?"

"Don't you? Then why did you happen to be caught on camera in my bed by the press and I had to marry you under family pressure." Oswald's handsome face darkened again as he squeezed the words out of his teeth.

Elsie felt a pain hitting her head, she even seemed to hear a buzzing sound. Her ears were even ringing, and she still couldn't believe she was being identified as a murderer.

But it sounded as if she had planned it all because she had taken Tess's husband. But only she knows what the truth is.

She was schemed by her stepmother and stepsister to be a mistress for a married older man, and she was drugged by them, but somehow she ended up in Oswald's bed, and to calm the storm, Oswald's grandmother made the decision to let her marry him.

Everyone thought she set up the plot for money because it just so happened that her father was indicted by the court and she had to climb into a billionaire like Oswald in order to have a peaceful life, but they forgot that she refused at first. She agreed to marry Oswald just because they promised her that they would help her find out the truth about her father's wrongful conviction.

Their marriage was a deal, and rightfully so, it was an unblessed wedding.

The proceedings after that were simple, no wedding, no champagne, no blessing, and Oswald's family thought she was nothing more than a beggar he had picked up outside, so when their first day as newlyweds, she was asked to serve his family like a servant.

And although Oswald himself had not treated her roughly, he had not spoken out to stop his mother, her mother-in-law, from treating her coldly in all actions.

But she still appreciated Oswald when he agreed to marry her, so she was willing to solve his physical, and most importantly, her love for him increased day by day. But now what happened? He thought Elsie, a woman with a master's degree in economics, was a murderer and he made her live a life which was more miserable than a maid.

She designed to marry him to live this life? Ridiculous.

Her hands trembled uncontrollably, but she was stubborn enough not to show her tears. She took a deep breath and said,"So what are you going to do next? Report your wife as a murderer to the police?"

Oswald's lips pursed into a straight line, and he said coldly again,"Do you think Tess is as vicious as you are? She pleaded with me, not to do anything to you, even she begged me not to divorce you, but I can't bear the thought of Tess being treated like this. Elsie, all I ask is that you leave, and I can also give you a sum of money to guarantee your life afterwards."

"It sounds like I should thank you and Tess for forgiving me for the things I had never done. Do I have to get down on my knees and thank her for her kindness?" Elsie said sarcastically.

She had lived with Oswald for five years, but he had no trust in her at all, the only support she had left in this family was lost. And she could not wait for the truth of her father's wrongful conviction any longer.

She needed to get out of here.

She looked at Oswald, who was still indifferent, and said,"I agree to the divorce, and I will bring you the divorce papers tomorrow."

After saying that, she was about to leave, but Oswald pulled her hand, and he frowned and said,"What are you playing at? You don't even pack your own things, so why should I believe that what you say is true?"

Elsie felt her heart break into many pieces, he was so impatient to make her disappear from his presence? After five years with him, he couldn't wait to get rid of her as garbage.

Elsie tried to hold back her tears as she took a look at everything in this home, the luxurious and exquisite decor in contrast to the plain clothes she was wearing. Nothing here belonged to her.

She vigorously shook off his hand and said coldly,"Throw it away, I don't need it."

"How dare you!" Oswald frowned at her defiance, in his eyes his wife had always been a submissive person, she would take over with a smile no matter what they did, but today, her eyes were cold and unlike her.

He was used to her love and tenderness for him, but now, there was only indifference in her eyes.

Oswald inexplicably felt a little annoyed, but he thought of Tess's words, and he decided that Elsie's kindness was all pretence on her part, and the thought of it made him even angrier."What are you being noble about? How are you going to live when you get out? I don't want you to go out of here looking for all kinds of excuses to ask me for money, and I don't want to have any more entanglements with you."

"None of your business." Elsie finished speaking, and without looking at Oswald any more, she left from this luxurious villa.

Once out the door, she took out her cell phone and sent a message to a number,"Come pick me up, I've decided to be myself." Soon, a Maybach appeared in front of her, so punctual as if it was waiting for her at any moment.