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Chasing You, My Wanted Sweetheart

Chasing You, My Wanted Sweetheart



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Cheated on by her boyfriend, Yolanda Scott accepted the marriage arranged by her grandfather. She married Jared Jones, a young billionaire, also a famous Casanova. However, on her wedding day, the groom did not show up and Yolanda completed the ceremony alone. Returning home in her wedding dress, Yolanda saw that Jared was making out with a sexy girl. Even, Jared invited Yolanda to join their fun. How could Miss Scott stand such humiliation? Like her husband, she too began to have countless lovers. Just when Scott thought the marriage would go on like this. She found out she was pregnant and so was her husband's mistress...
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Chapter 1

Under the night sky, Yolanda Scott wore a white wedding dress and stood in front of a villa full of delicate decorations. It was her wedding house.

Looking at the door decorated with ribbons and flowers, she was unhappy and felt a little ironic.

After pushing the door open, everything that happened in the living room was exposed to her.

At the moment, a man and a woman were talking happily, each holding a glass of red wine. Besides, the woman rubbed against the man from time to time.

Yolanda looked at the man sitting on the sofa, and a big smile spread over her face.

The man sitting on the sofa had chiseled and striking features. Yolanda would have thought he was a charming man if she didn't know he was her groom absent from the wedding.

Then Yolanda lifted her eyes from him and calmly stared at the woman beside him.

The woman was a rare beauty with a sexy figure and glamorous red lips. However, the kiss marks on her neck were especially ironic to Yolanda.

The sudden sound of the door opening attracted the eyes of both the man and woman.

Yolanda, still wearing her wedding dress, looked calm as usual, but the rage in her eyes betrayed her.

Jared Jones looked at Yolanda coming through the doorway and smiled coldly. "She is tougher than I expected," he thought.

Yolanda's gaze settled on Jared, the groom absent from their wedding. She realized he hadn't been present at the wedding for no other reason than to flirt with another woman.

Now, Yolanda finally understood she would never be able to be with him peacefully.

"It seemed I came here at the wrong time?" Yolanda said in a flat tone. But there was a hint of irony touching the corner of her mouth.

Yolanda's sudden appearance made the woman next to Jared extremely uncomfortable. "Mr. Jones, who is she?"

Instead of looking at Yolanda, Jared picked up his glass and took a sip of red wine. "Mrs. Jones."

Jared knew what Yolanda had done at the wedding.

He had to admit he really appreciated Yolanda's calmness at that wedding. After all, he didn't expect she could finish the wedding alone.

Jared's words made the woman beside him understand that the bride in front of her was the one that Jared was going to marry today.

However, considering Jared's absence, she thought Jared must be disgusted with Yolanda and couldn't help but feel proud.

"Mrs. Jones, pour a cup of wine for your husband!" Jared pointed at Yolanda and the glass, signaling for Yolanda to come over and pour the wine.

Then Jared cuddled the woman.

Yolanda looked at Jared coldly and then calmly walked up to fill his glass.

"Mr. Jones, I want a glass too." As soon as Yolanda sat down, the woman opposite Yolanda coquettishly indicated to Jared that she wanted Yolanda to pour for her.

She deliberately made her clothes fall off to expose more parts of her body, like fear of Jared's disagreement with her demand.

"Okay," Jared said gently. Then he turned to Yolanda and said, "Dear, if you don't mind, please pour another glass for Miss Lee."

"Dear?" Yolanda only felt his words were so harsh to her.

Her husband flirted with another woman in front of her on the wedding night and even asked her to pour wine for them. Wasn't it ridiculous?

"Sorry, I do mind!" She could pour for Jared because he was her husband. However, what qualified this woman to ask her to pour wine?

Yolanda's direct refusal kindled Jared's interest, and he couldn't help but smile. "It seems that Ms. Scott is not a very magnanimous person."

"It depends. She makes me feel a little disgusted, so I'm afraid that it will dirty my hands if I pour for her." Yolanda smiled as if she didn't think her words were exaggerated.

"You b*tch! It's you make me sick!" The woman was so angry that she stood up before she could tidy up her clothes. She didn't think Yolanda, a woman who even her husband didn't love her, had the right to humiliate her.


A sudden slap made the living room fall into silence. Neither the woman nor Jared expected Yolanda to abruptly give a slap.

Yolanda withdrew her hand with satisfaction and smiled at the woman in front of her. Yolanda thought this slap would help this woman know she was not a vulnerable woman.

"Miss Lee, you should mind your words. I was so kind that I just gave you a slap today. It will take more than a slap if you offend others next time. Remember my words. This is for your own good."

Yolanda said in a sincere tone. She would have deceived Jared if he didn't see the pride flashing past her eyes.

Instead of being angry, Jared looked at Yolanda with admiration because he felt the current Yolanda seemed a qualified Mrs. Jones. At least, she had a domineering temperament.

The woman seemed to be stunned by Yolanda's slap. She didn't speak for a long time and kept sobbing.

Yolanda sneered inwardly. Confronting Yolanda, this woman couldn't say a word. Yolanda thought this kind of woman always bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Jared smiled and suddenly felt Yolanda was very interesting.

Jared felt annoyed because of the woman's non-stop sobbing. "Shut up!"

She immediately stopped crying when hearing Jared's roar. "Mr. Jones, your wife has gone too far. How could she slap me?"

Seeing that woman cry at will, Yolanda couldn't help but praise her inwardly and thought she deserved an Oscar.

Jared looked at the calm Yolanda with a playful smile. "Didn't she know the consequences of angering him?" he couldn't help but think.

After a long while, Jared said to the woman beside him, "You can leave first. As for what happened tonight, I will seek justice for you."

"Mr. Jones, how could you drive me away? She is the one who needs to leave!" How could she leave so easily? She had yet to get Jared!

Jared Jones was the richest and most eligible bachelor in Century City. Although he had a bad temper and seemed to get married, many women still spared no effort to try to spend the night with him because he was a big spender for those women with him.

"Go away!" No one dared to question Jared's decision. It was obvious that this woman did not know much about him.

The woman, still crying, was so frightened by Jared's sudden anger that she didn't dare to make a sound. "Alright, Mr. Jones. I'm leaving. Remember to look for me!"

She didn't dare to test his patience and left unwilling.