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Traces Of Love

Traces Of Love

Author: Roseblaze


General Romance

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Danielle was happy to get into a wealthy school but little did she know she was going to face much obstacles and even go through so much pain. This was a school where the rich oppressed the poor and not only did she face the students who made her life miserable. She also have to face someone she came to hate, someone that made her life miserable from the beginning and after some losses, she came to finally discover a big secret that left her heart shattered.
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Chapter 1

  A pretty damsel in a red dress, dark brown hair packed in a ponytail, pink lips, flashy blue eyes with two admirable side dimples and face filled with smiles stood by the beach.

  She had come with the one and only person she have left in the world, her mother. She was in thoughts looking at the waters and the waves.

  "I wonder what life is at the other end of this ocean, are there people who live happily over there without thinking about what tomorrow would be like?" She mumbled to herself.

  "Living their life with smiles as though it's their last day." She tucked some loose strands of her hair behind her ear and smile. "Well, I never can tell since everyone is not me."

  She looked back at her mother who was busy setting their things and lunch in a mat. "But I'm still happy, even though I have nothing, as long as I am with my mom I guess I'm the happiest." She thought to herself.

  She looked at the ocean again as the wave push through it. "It's lovely dad." She said silently. "I also wish you and Magda were still alive, I wouldn't be like this, losing everything in just a second hurts."

  She sniffles. "I would be happy even if I'm sad because that's your last words to me dad." She looked up to the sky. "I've got a great news dad."

  She smiled and exhaled softly. "I'm going back to school, I was chosen because I've got good brains like you, you're happy right? I'm going back to school after all and dad it is the most wonderful and popular school ever. I will try my possible best to make you proud."

  Elizabeth who have been calling out to her without getting any response walked up to her and back hugged her. "Danielle, what are you thinking dear?"

  Danielle touched her mother's hands and smiled. "Nothing, I'm just so happy, you're always here for me." Danielle smiled as she face her mother.

  "Come on dear, let's have our lunch now, I have set everything." Elizabeth held her hands to lead her back to their mat.

  Danielle embraces her mother. "Thank you mom, thank you so much." Her voice came out hoarse as she held Elisabeth more closely.

  "Is there anything bothering you? You can tell me." Elizabeth looked at her face closely.

  Danielle smiled, giving nothing away. "No, nothing, I just want to feel your warmth again."

  Elizabeth smiled. "Okay, but if you're ever bothered by anything I'm a good listener." She points to herself.


  "Alright, come on now." Danielle leans on her mother's shoulder as they head back to the mat to have their lunch.


  Danielle dressed up the next day with the new dress her mother bought for her. They finished having breakfast as she picked up her bag.

  She turned to her mother with smiles on her face. "Mom, I'm happy but I'm a bit nervous." She bites her lower lips.

  "Why, dear?" Elizabeth walked close to her.

  "I wonder how the school would be, it's my first day, would they like me? And it's a wealthy school filled with rich kids and also mom I don't know if I would make any friends, and the class I wonder how it would be, I'm really, really nervous." She said in one breath and look at her mother with a paused lips.

  Elizabeth held her hands and lead her to the sofa as they both sit down. "Danielle, there's nothing to be nervous about, they would like you and you would have friends when you least expect it, you will alright with class too."

  She puts her hands on Danielle's hands and gave her an assuring smile. "You were like this when you were in your kindergarten, you were were very nervous and yet excited to go."

  Elizabeth exhaled softly. "Remember what I always tell you whenever you're nervous."

  Danielle nods. "Yes, you said I should smile and hum in my head."

  "Good, and it works right?"

  "Yes." Danielle smiled. "Thanks mom."

  "Don't ever feel scared, haven't I told you're the most pretty and wonderful girl everyone would ever want to be close to so Danielle don't bother about these things, even though we aren't wealthy and though it's a wealthy school, you are okay, because you got into it with your intelligent brain, you merit it."

  Danielle smiled broadly. "I'm encouraged now, suddenly I'm no longer nervous, I'm just excited to go now."

  "That's it, good girl. Be nice to everyone and remember don't ever make anyone angry and also be the first to apologise even though they wrong you and never forget to..."

  "Smile." Danielle interrupts her, knowing what she wanted to say.

  "Good girl." Elisabeth smiled. "Now you should get going." She pecked her two cheek and Danielle hurried out of the door to catch the bus after waving Elisabeth goodbye.


  Alicia was reading a novel under a tree in the school resting zone as Chris came over and covered her eyes.

  "Who's that?" Alicia touched the hands that were on her eyes. "Chris." She smiled as her removed his hands.

  He squat close to her with a cute smile on his face. "How did you know it was me?"

  "Why won't I? You always play such pranks." She stopped smiling. "Why are you here?"

  "Aren't you happy that the most handsome man in this school which all ladies loves and are dying to be with, want to stay with you?" He blinks his cute eyes and flash her a smile.

  Alicia hits him light6in his arms. "So conceit."

  Chris sat down close to her. "That means I'm invited then." He looked at the book on her hands. "What are you reading?"

  "Well... a novel." She didn't spare him a glance.

  "A romantic one?" He leans close to her face.

  "No." She turned to face him. "Adventure."

  Chris tilts his head to the side. "You really love adventure novels." He seems a little disappointed.

  "Yes." She said simply turning back to continue her novel.

  "So, do you want to take an adventure into my world." He leans closer to her face.

  "Stop joking around Chris." She pushed him away.

  "Ouch, that hurts." He lay down on the field holding his chest.

  "Are you okay?" Alicia looked at him with a concern expression.

  Chris sat upright with smiles on his face. "You see, you're concerned."

  Alicia frowned. "So you were pretending."

  "You were worried just now." He made a little dance with his shoulders.

  Alicia grits her teeth. "Hey chris, you're distracting me." She furrowed her brow.

  "Me." He pointed at himself with an innocent expression on his face. "Ah, I see, my face could be causing the distraction. You can keep the book and look at my face for some time." He winks.

  Alicia rolled her eyes and stands up. "I can't concentrate because of you." She picked up her book to leave as her followed her. "Hey, don't follow me." She said in anger.

  "Why not?" Chris said with amusement.

  Alicia faced him with a cold expression. "Can you please stop following me, sir Chris." She stretched the last words, sarcastically.

  Chris looked down. "Okay then. I wonder where my childhood friend went to, because the one I see now is so much interested in her books." He turned to leave.

  Alicia rubs her hands on her forehead gently. "Chris." She called out as he turned to look at her. "Okay. Okay, let's have lunch together."

  Chris smiled broadly and nods. "Okay."

  "Now can I go read my books?" She raised the novel up for him to see.

  "Yes you can." He winks her and she turned around and walked out without him tagging along. "The pleasure is mine." He runs his hands through his hair.

  "Hey chris!"