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Oh ! My General !

Oh ! My General !

Author: Misty Waterflower


General Romance

Misty Waterflower , the daughter of General Ye who excels in Martial arts is most commonly knows as Mist Ye for she has disguised herself as a Boy since her childhood. Prince Ash of the Ketchum family has been handling all the affairs of the Military from the age of 12 and is therefore most famously known as Devil Incarnate. Wanna witness the love story of them , then read ahead ...
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      "Prince Ash , most commonly know as "Devil Incarnate" who has been fighting in the wars since he was 12 years old is returning to Ketchum Kingdom today ! It has been said that he has never lost a fight and ! According to the rumours it's said that he has been fighting in the wars with his sister who is 1 year younger than him , for a time period of 7 years. His sister , Princess May who is not only as beautiful as an "Angel" but also is a great martial artist has been accompanying him since then. It's said that she is the most powerful woman in the whole "Ketchum Kingdom". It's said that both of them will handle the military affairs from now onwards and train a total of 100 thousand soldiers" read a brown haired girl from the newspaper.

      "They described you as "Devil Incarnate" and me as an "Angel" hahahaha !" laughed that brown haired girl.

      "May , these are just rumours , don't focus on them so much !" said a raven haired boy.

      "Brother Ash , nobody has seen us till yet , how can they write something like this ?!" said May.

      "Let's focus on our plan , did you forgot why we've come here ?" asked Ash.

      "I didn't forget ! I remember , we've come here to meet General Ye. But brother Ash , I couldn't understand one thing that is why have we disguised as commoners to meet him ? We could have come here as "Prince Ash" or "Princess May" said May.

      "We were out of the kingdom for a total of 7 years so we don't know much about here's situation. I've heard some people saying that Christ Ye , who is the second son of General Ye is in the charge of handling all matters of "Kanto city" isn't performing his duty very. I've know General Ye since childhood , so I couldn't believe that , under his nose something like this would be happening. Therefore I wanted to check it by myself" said Ash.

      "Oh ! But why is his second son handling all the matters of "Kanto City" ? What about his first son ?" asked May.

      "I don't know much about him , but people say that he and his father don't share good relationship" said Ash.

      "What , both of them don't share a good relationship ?! But I've heard that General Ye's son is the most famous detective "Mist Ye". He is the most youngest detective officer who has solved a tons of cases !" said May.

      "Who knows ... Anyways , let's get going otherwise we'll be late" said Ash.

      Both Ash and May were walking around when they suddenly heard some sounds.

      "What happening there ?!" said May.

      "Let's go and see" said Ash.

      Both Ash and May ran towards that direction and saw a woman lying upon the ground , crying and pleading whereas a man was shouting upon her.

      "Boss , please forgive me. I'll surely pay the house's rent within a month" cried that woman.

      "You always say that you'll pay the money , but you never pay !" shouted that man.

      "Please Boss forgive me this time ! I'll do anything to pay back your money , but please don't throw me out !" cried that woman.

      "You'll do anything ... fine , how about you sell your body to me" grinned that man.

      "Boss ... what are you saying ?!" said that woman with a shocked face.

      "Didn't you heard me correctly ?! I want your body !" said that man and started walking towards that woman.

      "Boss , I am not a woman like that ! Don't come near me ..." said that woman and was moving backwards.

      "Servants , catch her !" ordered that man.

      Both of the servants did as they were told to. That woman tried to run away but she couldn't , for both the servants had hold her hand very tightly.

      "You can't run anywhere ! You are mine !" said that man and continued coming towards her.

      "Brother Ash !" said May.

      Nodded Ash. That man was going to touch that woman , on the other hand both Ash and May were ready to attack him. But before both of them could attack him , suddenly someone threw a dagger towards that man. He managed to dodge it but that dagger left a small injury on his hand.

      "The moment I saw you

      I knew I loved you

      It was obvious to me that

      We were meant to be together

      No matter what !

      Words can't describe about

      What I felt at that time ,

      It felt as if I was in the heaven ,

      looking towards a very beautiful angel"

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