Let’s Read The World

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Author: Faith Lucky


General Romance



Cali Jenner is a young pretty lady who has always wanted to live her life to the fullest and have fun. But one morning, she wakes up and discovers she had supernatural powers. As a result,, she's forced to go The Diamonds Institute - a special school owned by the government and meant for People like her. A school filled with arrogant spoilt brats. Cali Jenner isn't happy about it as it'd restrict her life she was bound to stay there for a long time without having access to the World. She vows to leave the institute by all means. But what happens when she meets Miquel? A guy who seemed like a god to her and everybody around? He was the most powerful in the institute,feared and respected by all. You can call him evil, cold hearted, he didn't care. But be sure not to mess with him. Cali sees him and finds herself being crazily attracted to him, but unfortunately, he was too darkhearted and had no time for love. But Cali didn't care as she was marveled by his charms. He became her addiction. They tried to warn her, tell her to stay away from him because he's dangerous. But she turned deaf ears and finally... she fell into his trap.
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Chapter 1

  Cali's Pov:

  The blaring sound of the morning alarm penetrated deep into my sleep and forced me awake.

  Damn it!

  I cursed under my breath as I reached for the clock and turned off the alarm.

  My face was still buried in the bed and making sure I'd shut it up, I drifted back to sleep.



  "Cali! Cali!" I felt some annoying hands tap me and sluggishly opened my eyes.

  What the heck??

  It was Owens - my younger brother.

  "Hey! Why're you still asleep? Do you know what the time is? You're gonna be late for school" he said as I yawned and stretched on the bed.

  "Damn it! Owens, what's wrong with you? How dare you barge into my room and disrupt my sleep?" I asked angrily as I sat up and faced him.

  "Well, mum asked me to inform you breakfast is ready. So, soothe yourself" he rolled his eyes and started walking out of the room.

  *Big head* I heard him at the door and gasp.


  Immediately, I took a pillow from the bed and threw it at him.

  "How dare you call me that?" I gnashed my teeth as the pillow successfully landed on his head.

  "Ouch! What're you talking about? I didn't say anything" he said with his hand at the back of his head.

  I glared at him and he scoffed and walked out.

  What a jerk. I guess he's always forgetting the fact I was four years older than him.

  I sighed and leaned on the wall close to the bed.

  Ouch! My head.

  Why am I having this annoying head ache so early, huh?

  I sighed and left the bed, going into the bathroom to freshen up.

  Minutes later, I was done and returned to the room to quickly dress up. Damn! I really overslept, huh?

  I wore my uniforms, stockings and shoes and as I brushed my hair in front of the mirror, I smiled at how grown - up I looked.

  I was just 17, yet looked 20.

  People say I grew faster than my age and I think I like it that way.

  I most especially liked the killer shape I had. Big b**bs, hips and butts.

  I really liked it a lot as most ladies envy me 'cause of it.

  And I think I'm pretty too.

  Yes. I think so.

  Most people say that to me.

  After brushing my hair, I folded it into two because of how lengthy it was.

  Well...I actually had a long hair. I don't know - I just admire long hair a lot and decided to keep one myself.

  But I think its pretty cool, anyway.

  I smiled and took my bag from the bed when i was done but just immediately, I groaned as a result of the heavy headache that hit me.

  "Ouuuuchhh" I yelped and held onto the bed for support.

  What the hell is this? Why the sudden ache?

  It subsided a little and I sighed and proceeded out of the room.

  I walked slowly down the stairs to the sitting room and met mum, dad and Owens already having breakfast.

  "My goodness! Cali Jenner; I can't believe you're just coming down for breakfast" mum exclaimed as she dished out some beans.

  "Yeah...was really tired. Good morning, mum. Good morning, dad" I greeted dolefully and took a seat which was next to Owens.

  "Good morning, dear. Are you sure you're fine?" Dad asked.

  "Yeah...just having a slight headache" I replied and poured myself some tea.

  *Hmph. I'm pretty sure she was watching movies the whole night* I heard mum say.

  "I wasn't watching movies!" I replied immediately and she looked at me, startled.

  "Who...are you talking to?" Owens asked with a ridiculed look.

  "Shut your hole up cause I wasn't talking to you, okay? Or have you suddenly turned into mum?" I snapped at him.

  "Huh? But I... didn't say anything" mom chipped in.

  "You said I was watching movies the entire night and that's a lie cause I actually went to bed pretty early" I replied with an eye roll and reached for a plate and spoon.

  "I...didn't say that. I mean, I...didn't say it out" she stuttered and I gave her a muddled stare.

  What's she talking about?

  She finally shrugged it off and continued with the meal she was dishing out.

  The hell.

  "Your birthday's coming up soon, right? Where're you taking me?" Owens asked and I scoffed at him.

  Is this kid human?

  "Hold on; its my birthday and you're expecting me to be the one to treat you out?" I asked him.

  "Well...yes, of course. Or are you really expecting your younger brother to take you out or what?" He asked back and I shook my head at him.

  *What should I get her as a birthday present? Maybe...a car? Or...*

  "Yes, dad! A car will be perfect!" I interrupted dad who I *assumed* was talking.

  He lifted his head and stared weirdly at me. Not just him - but mum and Owens.

  O...kay. What did I do this time around?

  "What's wrong with you, Cali? Who's talking about a car?" Owens asked with a scoff and I glared at him.

  "Have you gone deaf? Dad was talking about getting me a car or something for my birthday and i was tryna let him know i preferred the car. So, what's your problem, huh?" I replied angrily at him.

  "Cali, your father didn't say a word. So, what're you talking about?" Mum said and I scoffed in disbelief.

  I didn't understand. Are they the ones with hearing issues or I'm actually the one?

  "Are you sure you're fine?" Mum asked again and I just sighed and stood up with my bag.

  "Bye, mum. I'll eat in school" I said dolefully as I walked out of the dining.

  Daddy didn't say a word all through.

  "Hey, Cali! What's wrong?" Mum and Owens asked after me, but I didn't stop to look at them.

  I just needed to be away - to be alone.

  I don't know - I felt kinda odd.

  The heavy headache rushed in again and I shut my eyes tight and held onto the wall for support.

  Thank goodness I had left the room already and nobody was there to see me.

  What the hell could be the cause of this?

  After a while, it subsided and I exhaled deeply and proceeded on my way.