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The little citizen had been in a coma for three years and became a practitioner. He wanted to build a harmonious and perfect city to make people happy. But beautiful women could only be happy when they saw him. What should I do? Well, come on, I have the Heaven Mending Technique. My ability is limitless, and I must satisfy everything. What should I do if the powerful people knelt down and begged for help? Well, come on. I will open the gate and take them all as my underlings. His friends all said that he was a good-for-nothing. His enemies... could not speak.
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Chapter 1

He took a deep breath, long and distant.

Xiao Qiang opened his eyes and saw a window. The sun shone in through the simple glass window, making him narrow his eyes.

This is... home?

He slowly turned his head, and the joints of his cervical vertebra made a dull cracking sound. His body and consciousness were somewhat out of place.

The home looked simple and clean in his memory.

However, the few pieces of furniture in his memory were gone, and the small house seemed empty. Lying on the brick bed felt like lying on an island in the sea.

Suddenly, a girl's scream came from beside him.

"Mom! Mom! Come on, my brother is awake!"

Clang! The wooden door slammed open and his mother's frail figure stumbled in.

"Qiangzi, did he wake up?"

"Mom?" Xiao Qiang called out in a hoarse voice.

"Qiangzi..." Li Cuie choked with sobs and wiped her tears with her sleeves like a child.

"Mom, why is your hair so white?"

Xiao Qiang tried his best to sit up and reached out his hand. His fingertips trembled beside Li Cuie's white hair, but he didn't touch them in the end. He felt sad when he saw his mother crying.

"Brother." Xiao Ya cried and threw herself on Xiao Qiang's leg.

"Little sister? Why, why are you so big?" Xiao Qiang was very confused.

"Brother, you've been in a coma for three years."


Three years ago, on the day of the accident.

Xiao Qiang and Gao Xiaomiao took Li Cuie's pair of gold bracelets to the gold shop in the county to exchange for a set of gold jewelry for engagement.

Gao Xiaomiao was admiring those beautiful jewelry at the counter.

Xiao Qiang felt that the city residents who came over disliked him and took the initiative to find an inconspicuous corner to stay in.


A sneaky person fell down a black ball and attracted Xiao Qiang's attention.

The little ball kept gurgling toward Gao Xiaomiao's feet. Its outer shell cracked, emitting a glaring light.

"A bomb!"

Someone shouted.

Xiao Qiang rushed over without hesitation.

Xiao Qiang knocked Gao Xiaomiao away, but he threw himself on the ball.


His consciousness fell into darkness.


Xiao Qiang became a vegetable and had been lying down for three years.

In combination with Xiao Ya's story, Xiao Qiang recalled those things, but Xiao Qiang still found some unknown secrets in his memory.

A strange thing happened at the moment of the explosion. A lot of inexplicable information appeared in Xiao Qiang's mind. It was all the inheritance of a cultivation sect called the Medicine Immortal Valley. The content was all-encompassing and very strange!

"Sister, where is Xiao Miao? Is she all right?"

"Brother, don't mention her. I've never seen such a shameless woman. You haven't been discharged from the hospital yet, but she has had sex with Liu San."

It hurt!

Three years had passed for others, but for Xiao Qiang, it happened yesterday. Yesterday, he just rushed to a bomb in order to save Gao Xiaomiao, but today, Gao Xiaomiao followed others.

How could he not feel heartache?

Qiangzi, I don't care about that kind of woman. Even if I sell a house, I will find a better one for you.

"Brother, I'm also going to work and earn money. I'll help you marry a good woman. We don't want people like Gao Xiaomiao."

Xiao Qiang forced a smile and said nothing.

It must be a lie to say that she was not sad. But these years, the ones who were the most hurt should be their parents and younger sister.

Looking at his mother's white hair, the room without any furniture, his sister's old and small clothes, and the patches on his mother's patches, Xiao Qiang felt deeply guilty.

"Mom, where's my dad?"

"Your father... went to work in the city."

The Xiao family lived next to the commercial district of Manshui County and ran a small sales department. This small business department had always supported the expenses of the family. It was not rich but enough for food.

His father, Xiao Wenguang, had spent most of his life in the store. He was more than 60 years old, but he went out to work!


Xiao Qiang thought that it must be because of his illness!

Xiao Qiang was worried.

I'm the one who implicated my parents. They'll have to suffer when they age!

I must change my family's predicament and let my parents and younger sister live a good life!

Cultivation! I want cultivation!

Xiao Qiang struggled to sit up and held his mother's hand.

"Mom, you can take a rest in the future. Leave the family business to me. Let me do all the things in the store. I will definitely do a good job in business."

"Brother, where can we find a store? Gao Xiaomiao has already tricked us away..."

"The wicked girl said that we should get something to eat for your brother." Li Cuie interrupted Xiao Ya.

"Look at my pig brain. Brother, wait a minute. I'll cook porridge for you immediately."

Xiao Ya stuck out her tongue playfully. When she reached the door, she turned around and said, "Mom, I woke up so happily. Do you want to eat with Uncle Dong?"

"You're the only one who is greedy. By the way, lend Uncle Dong a phone call and ask your father to come back quickly. Let's celebrate in the evening."

"Okay!" Xiao Ya jumped away.

"Mom, what's going on in our store? How did you say that I was cheated?"

"Don't listen to his nonsense. You just woke up. Don't worry about those things. The most important thing is to recover. Your legs... can you stand up?" Li Cuie asked worriedly.


Xiao Qiang's legs seemed to be numb, but he struggled to get off the ground.

"Mom, look, I'm all done."

"Good, good."

Li Cuie smiled happily. He put Xiao Qiang's arm on his shoulder to support Xiao Qiang to walk out of the house and into the dazzling sunshine.


Xiao Wenguang came back, and Xiao Qiang stared at him.

He was clearly much older. His hair was covered in a layer of gray. There were several holes in his coarse cloth clothes, and some of them had yet to be replenished.

He carefully held a plastic bag, in which there were a few hoof-shaped cakes.

"Ah! There's a cake." Xiao Ya ran over and took it.

Xiao Wenguang hurriedly said, "I'm going to build up your brother's health."


After dinner, the moon rose to the treetop.

Xiao Wenguang squatted in the yard and smoked. Xiao Qiang was talking with him.

"Dad didn't have the ability to make you suffer."

"You, your mother, and your little sister were wronged. They blamed me." Xiao Qiang also blamed himself.

"Alas..." Xiao Wenguang sighed. "Child, you're right. It's my fault for not being able to live a good life for you three. I'm sorry, I'm sorry... If it weren't for your help, I would have collapsed. You have to remember the kindness of the people in the village. You have to repay this kindness."

"Yes, I will."

The father and son listened to the frog's chirping in silence.

After a while, Xiao Qiang asked, "Dad, I heard that our shop was cheated. What's going on?"

Xiao Wenguang's face was full of anger when he mentioned this.

After Xiao Qiang passed out, Xiao Wenguang began to pay for Xiao Qiang's life.

Gao Xiaomiao went to Xiao Wenguang and said that the car repair shop next to the sales department was going to expand the store and was willing to pay 100,000 yuan to buy the shop of the Xiao family. Xiao Wenguang was eager to save his son, so he agreed. He signed the agreement with Liu Sanhao and completed the transfer. However, he did not notice that there was no agreement written on the agreement.

After Liu San gave 30,000 yuan, he did not give any more money. Moreover, he insisted that the price they had reached was 30,000 yuan.

Xiao Wenguang didn't understand the law. He had no power, no power, and no evidence. He didn't make any sense at all. In the past three years, whenever he thought of this, he would vomit blood.

"They're bullying me. I'll get even with them!"

Xiao Qiang was so angry that his liver was about to explode.

"Alas... forget it. He is a city entrepreneur, and his uncle is Pang Bancheng, a big developer in our county. He is rich and powerful. We can't beat him."

Xiao Wenguang sighed and lit a cigarette. He took a deep breath.

Xiao Qiang said, "We can't let it go like this!"

His eyes were full of anger! He thought that he had to hurry up on the matter of cultivation.