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Don't be Harden

Don't be Harden



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I don't know how I fell asleep here in the garden.. But what I do know is that I am very late for the house and at this time of the night... I'm supposed to live alone.. But when I got home I saw its lights beacon.. And worse when I entered.. There was someone He acts like he is at home!!! Since I met him, my life has been turned upside down.
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Chapter 1

A gentle wind stirred the locks of a sixteen-year-old softly sleeping on a wooden bench in the garden, and to his left a swing!

He had his left arm resting on his forehead while the right one was hanging down to touch the grass underneath. It looked like this was his bed and the sky was his roof!

He opened his eyes slowly, feeling pain and heaviness in the parts of his body because of the hard wood, and the hands were really tired of his way of sleeping.

He sat up and stayed like that for a few moments before looking at his wrist watch.

He ran to his house, not as if anyone was waiting for him but left his house open! And he's definitely not ready to steal!

His eyes widened when he saw his house from afar and its lights lit like this! He definitely shut them all down before he goes out to entertain himself a bit!

The other turned to say at the same time..

"Who are you!?"

The first said, as he pulled his hazel locks back,

"What do you mean by who you are!? This is my home and you do as you please!? What are you doing here?!"

The other's eyes widened and their blue color shone.

"Excuse me? It's my house, intruder!"

The other brushed his black hair, in a tone that was not tinged with anxiety or panic.

"Say this to yourself!"

The first approached to drag the other by the collar, while the other did not react at all.

"Listen! Get out of my house right now and stop playing!"

The hair of both of them was scattered chaotically due to this attraction.. They remained in this position for a moment before the first went to his land phone and raised it..

The first took off his headphones after a conversation that disturbed him with the police, his scattered hair covering his eyes with sadness, while the other was sitting at the dining table eating his food, not caring about the sudden visitor!

So it's Rex, Chef.

"And you can also call me Karl."

Carl closed his notebook wearily and then threw himself on the bed, all his things as they were and nothing had changed! How did all this happen!? Oh, my God, am I really going to live with Rex? Without further ado! And that stupid police.

He tried to sleep.. flips right then left.. he feels the movement of Rex outside and because of this he can't sleep.

Carl said loudly from inside: "Chef, when do you sleep!?"

The place calmed down and Carl closed his eyes, quickly nicking them because of the sounds outside, it seems that this Rex likes to stay up late! At last Carl fell asleep against his will, with light movements outside the room.

The sun crept into the room to annoy Carl, and he opened his eyes in annoyance. He sat quietly and recalled what had happened yesterday.

He went to the bathroom, then came out, opened his closet, and was surprised by the clothes

"Half of it is mine and the other is not my clothes!! This clumsy Rex is going to share my closet!"

He only saw himself dragging Rex's clothes and throwing them out of the closet, shouting, "Rex, get me out!"

He noticed new clothes covered with a plastic sheet, looked at it and then swallowed his saliva..

"This is my school uniform!!"

Ignoring him, changing his clothes and arranging his bag, he went out into the living room and looked at Rex. He was walking sluggishly and threw himself on the sofa: "Goodnight Karl."

The first was surprised: "You haven't slept since yesterday! What about school hours!!"

He looked at the table and saw that Rex had left him a share of breakfast! He walked over to him and ate it while looking at Rex who had fallen into a deep sleep

He walked out of the house silently and walked towards the school, leaving Rex behind and his heart beating fast, not wanting to let him do whatever he wanted alone at home!

He tried to ignore, especially since he knew that the house had become Rex's name!

Karl had no friends, and he came really early.

He went to play in the basketball club in the school and some students joined him and he was brilliantly past them and the students around him were amazed by this hardworking and hard-working student.

Then he returned to his class

2nd Division A

drinking a glass of milk and began to hear the students whisper about the arrival of a new student.

"reasonable?" Karl said mutteringly

The lesson began, and after about a third of an hour had passed, the door opened, and everyone turned toward the new student!

"Rex? I thought he was older than me?" he said. Karl is surprised.

Professor Rex ordered himself to be introduced, he walked up and stood at the front of the class and looked at the students; Most if not everyone were looking at him curiously and whispering.

"It's long right?"

"Taller than the professor!"

Suddenly, Rex said a question.

"I guess it's respectful to be silent when someone wants to talk, right?"

The whispering subsided among them while the professor smiled contentedly.

Karl was surprised and turned his attention to him while the latter

said .. "What!!? I think it's respectful not to lie like that!"

Rex smiled and closed his eyes.

"I moved with him recently, I stopped studying for two years for some reasons and I'm back again, I hope we get along!"

Then he walked quietly back by the window while Karl was sitting at the front of the class, only moments and Rex put his head on the table to fall into a deep sleep, indifferent to the attempts of those around him!

And there were strange looks from the opposite side of Rex of the shortest student in the class with blond hair and hazel eyes who had adjusted his glasses and put his hand under his cheek looking at him calmly.