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A Marriage And A Half

A Marriage And A Half

Author: Lauretta


General Romance

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A marriage of convenience, Or is it? Business Mogul, Liam Edwards A sophisticated and quiet man, He loves his space and absolutely detest the limelight, Unfortunately for him he gets caught up in a scandal with the beautiful model, Zelda Stevens. Zelda's father Sir Rowland II leaves no stone unturned as he makes sure the two individuals get married by all means. But there is just one major problem: Samantha Millers! Liam's fiancee, She won't be going down without a fight.
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Chapter 1

  Zelda Stevens~

  The sun shone brightly in the room that it could blind one's eyes, Zelda squinted her eyes to block the sun away from her but it was of no use! A small grunt escaped her lips as she stood up to close the curtains but even that it was of no use again, she was awake!

  She sighed and dropped the curtains, walking back to her bed she sat down, A loud knock could be heard on her door, She stood up and opened the door, It revealed her mother "Good morning Zee, I thought i would wake you up but apparently you woke up yourself!" Her mother's chirpy voice boomed through the walls of her room and Zelda smiled at her

  "Good morning Mom, The sun was shinning in my eye so it woke me up!" She replied and sat back on the bed

  "Your dad wants to talk to you!" She says and Zelda's smiled dropped immediately "Mom I-" She stopped as her mom raised her hand up to silence her "You should know Zee, Your dad has the best intentions towards you and wants the absolute best for you. Get up and go see him!" Her mom says and she sighed "Alright mom!" She says and her mom smiled back "He is in his study so go see him!" She says and walked out of the room

  Zelda watched her mom's tall and slender figure walk away, She stood up from the ned and brushed her hair properly, walking into the bathroom to brush her teeth and after she was done she looked at herself in the mirror and sighed.

  Walking out of the room towards her father's study, She stood out the office door and took a deep breathe before knocking, She heard a deep voice call out to go in and she did. "Good morning Dad!" She greets and the man looks up from the file in his hands

  The blonde haired man looked up at Zelda "What time did you get back home last night?" He asks and Zelda looked at him puzzled "10pm, why?" She asked and he looked up at her, Removing his glasses

  "You got back home 10pm? In my house?!" He says and Zelda paused "Yes Dad, I had a shoot and it took a while, I called to inform Mom I would be late!" Zelda explained and the man raised his eyebrows

  "I will not tolerate you coming back home at such an odd hour, Zelda!" He says in an authoritative tone and Zelda sighed

  "Well Dad, This is my job and I have to do it!" She retorted "I didn't send you to school just so you can sit in front of a camera and take pictures, Zelda! I sent you to the Harvard so you could make me proud, become a doctor! A lawyer! Something better than being that nonsense you talk about!" He snapped at her and tears clouded Zelda's eyes

  "Well guess what Dad! I didn't ask you to send me to Harvard, I don't want to become a doctor or a lawyer! I love modeling and I am progressing at it so why can't you just let it be and let me be happy with my life!" She says

  "Well guess what young lady, As long as you live in my house you will go by my rules! I don't want you modeling anymore! Get a proper job with your certificate and be useful, I mean we all thought this was a phase in your life but I can't keep up with this constant rubbish you call a job!" He says angrily

  "You know what Dad, You are right! Your house your rules but count me out! Starting from today I won't be living in your house anymore! I will keep my Job and I will be successful at it, It's totally up to you if you want to be proud of me but Starting from here onwards, I will not BEG you to be proud of me, EVER!" She yelled back and walked out of the study shutting the door behind her.

  Her tears came surfacing and she wiped it angrily, The workers in the house all looked at her walk towards her room angrily, She was done trying to make him understand her! She was done trying to make him understand her, She was done begging him to be proud of her just once.

  She shut the door behind her loudly and bursted into tears, It wasn't the first time she's argued with her dad, In-fact it was a normal thing in the Stevens Mansion! Her Dad compared her with every one of his friends children but guess what! She was better than all of them!


  Zelda opened the door to her closet and brought out her bag, She starts to dump her clothes into the bag! She had no house to stay but she could rent or buy one within two day but she won't be staying in this house for one more day!

  She heard her room door open and knew who was there, Her mom! "Zelda Stevens! What do you think you're doing arguing with your father! You know he wants the best for you!" Her mom's says as she approached the closet, Zelda shut her eyes closed and wiped the tears that trickled down her face, It was normal! Nobody understood her, Not even her own mother.

  Zelda Ignored the voice of her mother and continued to dump her clothes in the bag after she was done she zipped up the bag and turned to face her mother

  "Stay with your husband, Mom! But I will continue my modeling career with or without your blessings!" She says and walk out to the room, Taking another bag she dumped all the things she would need into the bag and checked for her important documents, After she was done she wore her slippers and wiped her face so no trace of tears was there

  She grabbed her car keys and looked at her mom "Goodbye mom!" She says and walks out of the room

  Walking down the stairs she saw her dad look at her and looked the other way, She was used to it so she walked away.

  She walked out of the house and dumped the bags into her car boot, getting into her car she turned on the ignition and drove out of the mansion

  That was it, there was no turning back again!