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A Boy Meets A Girl

A Boy Meets A Girl


General Romance

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"Just try and make a wish when I'm around okay, pigeon?" He smiled. I smirked and raised an eyebrow, folding my arms on my chest, "what good is a genie if I can't make a wish when he is not around?" He took a step closer, his ocean blue eyes twinkling in the sun and he whispered in my ear, "because you will like to see how handsome I look when fulfilling your wish." ~☆~ Molly is not a typical teenage girl who blushes when a boy speaks to her. She is known for her sharp annoying tongue and she never hesitates in using it. One day in the cafeteria, the rumoured bad boy approached her, asking to be her genie. But what she didn't expect was for him to wish himself into her heart and right after proclaiming her love to him, she learnt of something that not only broke her heart but shattered her soul.
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Chapter 1

"Just try and make a wish when I’m around, okay pigeon?" He smiled, revealing a beautiful set of white teeth.

I smirked and raised an eyebrow, folding my arms on my chest, "what good is a genie if I can’t make a wish when he is not around?"

He took a step closer, his ocean blue eyes twinkling in the sun and he whispered in my ear, "because you will like to see how handsome I look when fulfilling your wish."

I snort, "handsome? Who said you are handsome?"

"Your eyes, whenever you are looking at me," he smirked, "don’t worry pigeon, I understand if you don’t want to say it out and as your genie, I will help you to keep your secret."

"You are so full of yourself, and if you value your reputation, stay away from me because bringing bad boys to their level is my specialty," I warned.

His lips curved upward, giving me his signature smile, "don’t worry pigeon, your heart is my level and I wouldn’t mind you putting me there," he winked and before I could get myself to say anything, he turned and walked away.

I stood staring at him, watching him go, I can’t believe this, this is just my fifth day in this school and I already have the school bad boy after me? I mean am I cursed or what? But that’s okay, I will just do what I do best and in a short time, he will run away screaming ‘mommy’.

I smirked and turned around to get to the school bus, also praying in my heart for my parents to return from their trip and buy me my promised car.


Some people may like that word called moving, but I don't. I don't think I like moving at all, the boovs may jump at any sight to moving away but I am going to scurry away from any mention of it. Opening my eyes to the sunlight on my face, I sighed, here we go. Another day in a new town, and I'm going to go to their school, meet new people and trash those that needs to be trashed.

I pulled down my bedcovers and forced myself to sit up on the bed, looking at the unpacked boxes in my room, I am reminded of my reason of hating moving. The stress to pack and then unpack is so annoying but tell that to my parents. It's like moving day was invented the day they were born, I haven't lived in a single town for more than three years without us moving, some we spent only six months and at seventeen years of age, I have lived in five countries and ten different towns, yep, it's a world record, I know.

I heaved another sigh and got up from the bed, I walked to the window and drew the curtains further apart, leaning on it, I breathe in the morning air of Los Angeles, yep that's where we moved in two days ago, Los Angeles. Today I will be going to their high school, and if I'm being honest, I'm not actually looking forward to it, the thought of meeting new school bitches and annoying boys makes me want to throw up. I can't stand them and they have this pull of not leaving me alone. No matter how I avoid them, they always, always looks for my trouble and won't stop till I put them in their place, which for the record, I enjoy doing.

"Molly, you need to get up now, you can't afford being late to your first day at school!"

That is my mom, she is a beautiful woman with black long hair and beautiful green eyes, some might say I take after her except for the fact I have my father's brown hair and brown eyes. My baby brother Max is the one that has her hair and eyes. She is an archeologist, as well as my father and they travel a lot. We moved to here because they got a call about some new artifacts in the museum that they want them to identify. But like always, it's going to involve them travelling a lot, I just don't know why.

They are called to identify some things, shouldn't every work be done in the museum? But no, mom will always say that they need to travel to the country of origin to know if there is something else they need to find or maybe some curse on the certain artifacts, you don't understand too right? I assure you, neither do I.

"Molly, get up now."

"I'm already up mom, I will be down in ten!" I yelled back at her.

I went down the stairs and made my way to the kitchen. Dad was already sitting on the dinning and going through the morning papers, "good morning dad, good morning mom," I greeted kissing their cheeks and ruffling my brother's hair which he groaned and slapped my hand away.

"So, who is ready for the first day at school?" Mom asked, clapping her hands as she sat on her chair.

"Not me," I answered.

"Me neither," Max added.

"Oh kids, don't be like that, it will be amazing, you will see," and that's mom, being like the typical mom.

"Kids, we know that the move was unplanned for but we are really working on us settling in a place this time," dad said.

I snort, "let me remind you dad, that was what you said three years ago."

"I know but I'm going to try harder this time, okay?"

"I hope you do, I'm tired of making new friends every single time," Max complained.

"I know, I know," mom ruffled his hair, pouting, "we are sorry about that honey."

"Alright kids, you eat so I can drop you off at you school," dad added.

"You promised me a car," I reminded.

"Yes, and I will get that, once we return from our trip."

"You are traveling?" Max and I shrieked.

"Yes dears, we got the call last night, Maria found something and our presence is needed…" mom began but I interrupted her.

"How long will you be staying?"

"We don't know yet dear but we will be back as soon as we are done," she answered.

I nodded and didn't say anything again, I concentrated on my food and nobody else talked. It's how its always is, whenever they drop the news about their traveling, no matter the discussion we might be having, it just ceases. I hate their traveling, we hardly have some time together, it's always their work, work, work.

I stood in front of the school, my eyes scanning everywhere with chatting students, this is it, I'm really in new school, "we will call you honey, take care of yourself and your brother," mom said behind me and I just nodded. "We love you," she added.

I knew she wanted me to respond but I didn't even look back at them, rather I took a step forward and then another. I heard the car leave and that was when I turned, "I love you," I sighed and turned again to my new school, alright school, here I come. I breathed through my mouth and matched towards the school.

I passed three guys sitting on the pavement and heard them whistle, "my, my, dude you didn't tell me we have a new chick in school?" One of them said.

"I didn't know either," another replied, making me roll my eyes.

"But it's not too late," I heard another said before I felt someone coming after me, I wanted to increase my pace but I stopped myself, what the hell? This new school aren't going to change me, nah uh. If he dares anything, I'm going to tell him who is Molly Davis. "Hey there pretty lady, need a hand?"

I ignored him and he persisted, "you look new, I can tour you around, you know," I continued ignoring and with time, he fell into steps with me, "are you dumb or maybe the shy type?"

I stopped and looked at him, he had sandy blonde hair and light gray eyes, "do I look like the shy type?"

He grinned, "of course not but I just wanted you to talk and it helped."

"Indeed, so now I'm going to tell you, find another hole to insert your dick because this pussy here is unavailable."

"Ohhh" I heard his friend behind us and he looked at them, before looking back at me again.

He licked his lips, "you have a pretty sharp tongue but I know where else it can be good at," he took a step closer, "are you really sure the pussy is unavailable?"

"If you mama's own is available then you will know it's available," I answered with a smile.

"Oh Kevin, that's hard blow," his black haired friend said. Students were already circling us and it wasn't the situation I had hoped for on my first day.

Kevin glared at me, "you know what I hate the most, someone insulting my mother and I don't care if you are pretty, if you try it again, you are going to hate what I will do to you."

I smirked, "what are you going to do? Teach me how to moan in bed? Because looking at you, that's the only thing you can teach a woman."

"You are damn right about it and I'm going to make you scream in pain rather than in pleasure."

"Your pencil have to be longer than my pinky finger to do that and from what I'm seeing, it's an insult to my finger for comparing it to it."

"Damn!" The students around shrieked, some laughing and some glaring at me, and most of the ones glaring were girls.

Kevin took a step closer to me as if to hit me but his friends grabbed him, "dude, dude, don't make a scene. Come on," they tried pulling him away but he shrugged out of their hold and approached me.

"You listen to me girl, this isn't over and I'm going to give you a nice warning, avoid me whenever you see me," he snorted on my face and walked away with his friends.

I look at them for a while before turning to the students who were looking at me strangely, "alright show is over, excuse me," I said, forcing my way through them. Well, that was a strange way to make my presence known in the school, don't you think?

Rolling my eyes, I found my way to the reception where I got my map and school calendar. My first class was calculus and I love calculus, so using the map, I found my way to my first class.


Stepping into the class, everywhere grew quiet, no doubt I have been remembered because of the stunt I played earlier with that Kevin guy, not that I care. I made my way to the only available sit and sat down, I noticed the look everyone was giving me and if I'm being honest, it was getting on my nerves. What is it with them? Haven't they ever seen a girl defend herself from a guy with just words alone? Well if they haven't, they should get ready because they will be seeing that a lot as long as I'm around.

I felt someone poke me and turned to gaze into the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen, it was stuck on a beautiful round baby face, with little pink lips and soft cheeks which by looking at it makes me wants to pull it. She has beautiful long voluminous curls tugged in a very large bun. She beamed at me and waved, "hi, I'm Christiana but you can call me Christy."

"Hi," I replied and faced my front again.

"What's your name?" She asked.

I turned to her again, "Molly."

"Hi Molly."

"Hi," I replied again, turning back to my front once more.

"You know you have really made a name for yourself today, everybody is talking about you."

"Are they now?"

"Yes, no girl has ever talked to Kevin like that before."

"Then I'm happy to be the first," I smiled at her.

"I like you," she said, shocking the hell out of me.

"You don't even know me."

"But I like your personality, I like girls who can stand up for themselves, you know…since I can't do so for myself."

"Why can't you? It aren't so hard, you just have to give it to them like they asked for it," I shrugged.

"That's easy for you say, you know…"

"Alright students, settle down," a man who I supposed to be the teacher entered, "hello everyone, we have a new student with us today which I'm sure some of you have met already. Molly Davis, please stand up so everyone can see you."

I did as I was told and they all looked at me again, like they haven't done it already. I sat back on my seat and the teacher began his teaching.

Few minutes into the class, the door opened and a boy stepped in. He has a platinum almost white hair, he had a long face with chiseled jaw, a bright blue eyes almost like the ocean, his lips were light reddish in color and I must admit was tempting for a kiss. He was putting on a black turtle neck pullover and blue jeans, his backpack strapped on his shoulder. He was tall, more than a head taller than me, I supposed. He was muscular, I can see his abs from his pullover. I heard the girl sighed, including Christy and I knew immediately who he would be. He smiled to the teacher, a really dazzling smile and the man frowned, "Adrian Sanders, you are late again."