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Naughty Wife, Where to Escape

Naughty Wife, Where to Escape


General Romance

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There're four daughters in the Austin Family in total. The fourth one was the most ordinary one, but she was chosen as the wife for the richest and the hottest president! Unblessed by her whole family, she agreed to marry the hot stranger whom she had just met. Cause that might be the best way to take revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, who was now her brother-in-law... But what she didn't know, she should never use the most shrewd president, Issac Andrew, to take revenge! Cause she was actually the one who had been taken advantage of!
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Chapter 1

Caitlin Austin had never thought that she would meet Issac Andrews like this—on the brink of death, for her to save him.

Ever since they broke up, she had always cursed at him to have a terrible life. She even hoped that he would just die. But as he lay there, almost lifeless, she suddenly couldn't utter a word.

That day was the last day of his treatment. Afterwards, she would be able to return to Secroyssau country when his life wasn't in jeopardy.


As she entered the bedroom, she placed her baby girl on the carpet. When she took off her hat and sunglasses, her features were brought to light, revealing her pretty face framed with sharp brows.

If one took a closer look, one would notice that she had amazing skin with pretty eyes. It was hard to tell that she was already a mother to a 4-year-old.

After taking off Milena Austin's cap and mask, Caitlin pinched her chubby cheeks and cooed.

"Milena, be a good girl and stay here. We can go home after I take a look at that man."

Today was their last day here. So, Caitlin brought Milena over to meet that man, whom she should call father. Perhaps there wouldn't be any chance for them to meet again.

Caitlin had tried her best to disguise them so that they wouldn't be recognized by anyone. It would just create unnecessary trouble. After all, she had cut off all ties with him years ago.

"Okay, Mommy. Hurry up and go. I'll be right here..."

When she heard that sweet voice of her daughter, her heart melted.

After carrying Milena to the sofa, Caitlin turned around to prepare the medicine. But when she turned back, she was shocked to see Milena climbing onto the bed. She couldn't help but growl.

"Milena! Get down here!"

At her shout, Milena pursed her lips, and her eyes were instantly filled with tears.

"Mommy, didn't you tell me I should act like a lady? So, why are you shouting at me? I'm not deaf!"

Instantly, Caitlin was rendered speechless. Whenever she saw her daughter went against her, she would think of how similar Milena was to a certain someone.

Helpless, she walked over and spoke softly.

"Okay, okay, Milena. I'm sorry for shouting at you. I shouldn't have done that. Could... Could you get down now?"

"Mommy, I won't touch him! The bed is so big! I'll be right here, I promise!"

Milena refused to get down. Left with no choice, Caitlin could only let her lie there as she stared at the unconscious man.

After skillfully removing the bandages on Issac's body, she reapplied the ointment for him. He was injured in the spine and was almost paralyzed. No doctor was willing to take up the responsibility of possibly making Issac, the young master of Stormfield, paralyzed, even if they had guns pointed to their heads.

As the wound was on his spine, Issac could only lie on the bed. When she saw his pale face, a throbbing pain suddenly cut into her heart.

They said that true love only happened once. He probably was hers.

In her trance, she heard Milena's childlike voice beside her.

"Mommy, I think he's better looking than Mr. Jayden Collins!"

"Why is that?"

Returning to the present, she asked her in a gentle tone. Milena was God's gift to her. Never in her life would she have thought that she would speak so softly to someone.

"Because... his nose looks the same as mine..."

Pointing at his nose, Milena tilted her head as she spoke.

Caitlin was speechless.

Not knowing what to say, she replied, helplessly.

"Milena Austin, are you complimenting yourself for being beautiful?"

Instantly, tears welled up in the girl’s eyes, and she started protesting. "Am I not pretty?! Mommy, am I not pretty?"

"Of course, you are! Certainly! You're the prettiest little girl in the world." As Caitlin spoke, she turned around to get the bandages.

A hint of sadness crept up from the bottom of her heart. Indeed, Milena's nose was the replica of his nose. With that nose, he looked like a statue carved by the Gods while Milena looked the absolute cutest.

"Mommy, why is he opening his eyes?!" Suddenly, Milena let out a small cry of surprise.

"What?" Turning around in shock, she saw his eyes slowly opening. Instantly, the bottle of medicine that she held fell to the floor.

He shouldn't have woken up. He should have regained consciousness when she was done with the treatment. What was going on?

"Mommy! Mommy, what's wrong?"

Milena was so surprised. She had never seen this scary look on her mother's face.


Isaac could hear voices buzzing in his ear. At the start, he had thought of it as annoying but soon realized that the voices sounded rather familiar to him. Pushing past his migraine, he opened his eyes.

He could make out a slender figure standing there. Although he couldn't see her face, she was familiar to him. Breathing hard, he tried his best to take a good look.


With great difficulty, he tried to call out to her. There was a voice inside his head that told him it was her. It really was her! But he just couldn't see her face.

Suddenly, he heard a childlike voice.

"Are you calling my mommy? But Mommy isn't Caitlin. Daddy calls her Cait..."

Milena's voice helped Caitlin snapped out of her daze. She quickly pulled Milena down from the bed, and jabbed Issac in the arm with an anesthetic to sedate him.

Horrified, she could only stare as his black irises lost their light, and he soon closed his eyes. Letting out a sigh of relief, she bandaged him up and left with Milena.

All she could think about was the pain in his eyes before he went under...