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Rejected But Wanted

Rejected But Wanted

Author: Stephanie Benjamin



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Aurora is an omega who wanted nothing but a peaceful life. She lived all her life suffering in the hands of the people she is supposed to call family. But she had hope of being free and that's when she will clock 18 years,the day she would find her mate. The day she has been waiting for finally approached. Who is her mate? Will she finally be free? Will she finally be happy? Read this book and find out about the life of this omega.
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Chapter 1


It was nearly midnight,the night sky was picturesque ,the pale crescent moon shined like a silvery claw in the night sky.

I stared at my parents with teary eyes.i didn't know what was going on.i was only twelve years old.

"You failed as an alpha of blue moon pack,You betrayed the pack and you shall be executed"Oliver my aunt's husband said to my dad and the werewolves in our pack howled in acceptance.

"Let the execution begin"the leader of the our community said.

The mother of Janet my friend came to take me away but she was stopped by my aunt Emily.

"This is none of your business,she is not related to you"I heard Emily say to her.

"She is just a child,how possibly do you want her to watch her parents get killed"my friend's mother said to Emily.

Emily held my hands forcefully."I am now the Luna of this pack and you won't disobey my orders,she has to watch it so she will see how traitors are punished so she won't try to become one"My aunt said and my friend's mother backed off.

The executioner raised his silver sword to the moon and used it to cut of my dad's head and his head rolled on the small body was fidgeting,I was shocked and scared.i could see the triumphant smile on Emily's face.

"I love you"was the last word I heard from my mother to me before her head came rolling to the ground where I was standing.

Everything was like a dream to me,my vision became blurry and I collapsed due to extreme shock.



I woke up immediately,sweats covered my body,my hands reached for the jug and I poured myself water in the cup and gulped it down immediately, inhaling and exhaling.this has been a dream hunting me in my sleep every night.witnessing the death of my parents moulded me into a weak person.i was scared of everything around me.

My aunt was not helping matters at all,she didn't fail to remind me that my parents were traitors and that I will be killed like them too if I become one but deep within me,I knew my parents were innocent,I knew my parents well and I looked up to them.

Ever since my parents died,life had been hell for me in my aunt's house.

The only day I held on to for my freedom was the day I will clock eighteen,the day I will find my mate.




The day has finally come.It's was the mating ceremony, Time for the teenagers to find their respective mates.this day was a day of joy for every young girls.i was very happy that day preparing for the occasion.i cleaned the house earlier ,I did all my house chores so my aunt would not find a reason to hold me back from attending the ceremony.

"Why are you so happy today?"Ivy my aunt's daughter who is of the same age as me asked me.i ignored her,I don't have her time today,she and my aunt always can't let me be for once,they are always looking for way to taunt me

"You think finding your mate today will finally save you from us,what if your mate is ugly and he is not an Alpha"she said laughing."I bet her mate will be an omega like her too,low blood"her mother added coming down the stairs.

"I don't care about the identity or status of my mate,what matters is that I found him and he loves me too"I replied them.

"And what makes you so to be so sure that you will be loved, don't deceive yourself girl,you can never be loved,you are cursed"Ivy remarked and tears flowed down freely from my eyes.

"You can say whatever you want,am out of here"I said leaving their presence.Emiliana her aunt scoffed."look at her, acting all bold and might because she is leaving here today"Emiliana said to her daughter who didn't reply.she looked at her daughter and realized that she was crying."hey baby what's wrong with you,why are you crying?"she asked Ivy.

"I am scared mummy,am scared"she replied crying profusely."scared of what baby,today is supposed to be a happy occasion for you"Emily asked drying her tears with her handkerchief.

"I don't want to lose Nicki,I love him,what if am not his mate,then he will be out of my life forever,I don't want to lose him,am scared"she said with tears in her eyes.

"Come on baby,you won't lose him,if he loves you like he said,he would reject his mate for you,that's not a problem so stop crying"Emily said hugging her."Thanks mummy"Ivy said hugging her back.

"Good girl,that's my baby girl,now go and prepare for the occasion and make sure to look beautiful for your future Alpha, Niklaus."her mummy said breaking free from the hug.Ivy blushed at her words."okay, mummy,let me go and prepare"she said and ran upstairs to dress up.

Niklaus is the son of the most powerful Alpha.he was next in line to be the alpha.his pack was the most powerful pack.many alphas wanted their child to be the lucky one to become Niklaus's mate.Ivy was Niklaus girlfriend,many girls envied her.she acted arrogant in the high school they attended because she knew nobody would mess with her since she is Niklaus girlfriend and she was the daughter of an alpha too.

Many girls prayed earnestly to be Niklaus mate on the mating ceremony.

"Oh,my baby girl,you are looking so beautiful"Janet my best friend told me."like seriously,are you sure?"I asked unsure of myself because the clothes I had on was my old clothes."yeah baby,you are always a natural beauty even if the clothes you wear are rags,I have told you countless times to put my clothes on for this ceremony but you keep on refusing"she said.

"I don't want to be a bother to you,I want my mate to love me for who I am and not the clothes I wear,I am contented with the little one I have"I said to her and she nodded at me."whatever you say,baby girl"she said to me."you are looking good too"I told her and she blushed."I wonder who my mate is,I wonder who our mates are"she said to me and I smiled at her.

Janet is my childhood friend and best friend.we were like sister's.she had always been with me since my night mare began.She was the daughter of a gamma of my father before they died.when my uncle became the alpha,he removed her father as the gamma because he was close to my dad.

My name is Aurora Wilson but my friends call me Rora, when I say friends I mean my bestie Janet and my special friend Dave the son of a beta,they were the only friends I have,I am the only child of my late parents.i attend Polar high school the only highschool in our community where werewolves this community,it was divided into many packs.the most powerful pack was that of Niklaus King.

Our pack was also the second most powerful pack in our community.

My parents were the former Alpha and Luna of our pack,they were framed for Betrayal of the pack and the were killed in cold blood.this happened when I was 12 years old,after their death the husband of my aunt became the alpha of our pack.i was degraded to the status of an omega.i lived with them as a maid during all the house chores why Ivy their daughter did nothing other than eating , sleeping and making life miserable for me.

I have always waited for the day the mating ceremony would reach so my mate would set me free and my dream has finally come true.after waiting for so many years,after enduring many hardships,the day has finally come for me to be set free.

I smiled looking up to the sky."my dream has finally come through,the day for me to be set free from the hands of my aunt"I said and Janet hugged me."come on baby girl, don't make me cry,let's get going before we are late"she said to me."I can't wait "I said to her and we held hands and left for the mating ceremony