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The Untouchable Heir

The Untouchable Heir


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Elliot used to be the esteemed heir of the Milton family in Patadro City. He possessed extraordinary skills and transformed the family's businesses into a resounding success, surpassing all his noble peers. As a result, he was engaged to the lady of the Miller family. However, amidst his triumphant moments, tragedy struck when his grandfather passed away from illness. His grandmother, who never held affection for him, took control and deemed him unworthy of inheriting their legacy due to his low-class mother. Through deceitful schemes, she painted Elliot as a despicable rapist, making him a target for everyone's disdain. Yet, few could have anticipated that years later, upon Elliot's release from prison, he was given a respectful send-off by an army of a hundred thousand soldiers...
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Chapter 1

"Elliot Milton, I advise you to surrender peacefully. Don't force me to take action!"

In front of the Pemar Prison gates, Elliot, clad in a common robe, calmly looked at the approximately fifty burly men before him.

He had just walked out of the prison, only to be surrounded.

These men are all servants from the Milton family in Patadro City. They came to Pemar with the purpose of bringing him back to the Milton family.

"Cade, take your people and scram. The moment the old lady drove me out of the Milton family, our ties were severed,"

Elliot coldly said, a hint of reminiscence flashing in his eyes.

Three years ago, he was the heir of the Milton family in Patadro City.

The head of the Milton family, his grandfather, adored him unconditionally and nurtured him as the next-generation heir of the family.

Elliot himself was also extraordinary, managing the Milton family's subsidiary companies to booming success. It can be said that none of his peers in the noble families could surpass him.

Furthermore, because of this, he had been engaged to the lady of the Miller family, and his future was extremely bright.

Unfortunately, during his most glorious moments, his grandfather passed away due to illness.

With his grandfather gone, Elliot's grandmother, Tamara Milton assumed control.

Unlike his grandfather, Tamara never liked him.

This was because his mother was just a daughter of an inconsequential family in Pemar—an existence Tamara simply disdained.

In her eyes, Elliot's mother was nothing more than a despicable woman who schemed her way into a union with their prestigious Milton family.

Yet, Elliot, a child born of a low-class woman, was deemed unfit to inherit the Milton family's fortune!

So, three years ago, when Elliot and his mother returned to their home in Pemar, she arranged for a stranger woman to be in Elliot's hotel room.

That night, Tamara herself led the family to catch him in the act at the hotel and made Elliot convicted as a rapist. He was then sent to Pemar Prison.

His mother kneeled in front of the Milton family begging them to spare her son.

Yet, she was ruthlessly kicked in the chest by Tamara and was thrown out of the Milton family.

Because of this kick, his mother had a recurrence of her chronic condition and not long after departed from this world.

"I was put behind bars and my mother was killed by the Milton family back then. This vengeance, I will make them pay sooner or later!"

"How dare you!"

Cade, pointed at Elliot furiously, "You're indeed a menace. You just got out of prison and you're already plotting revenge on Tamara. I need to weed out the source of the trouble for her today!"

With that, he waved his hand and ordered, "Kill him, leave no mercy!"

Despite being a prison, no one dared to meddle due to the influence of the Milton family from Patadro City!

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh!

Several strong men pulled out their batons from their waists and attacked Elliot menacingly.

Elliot, however, was completely unruffled.

His expression was cool and aloof. And just when the group of strong men were about to reach Elliot - his figure drastically rose, transforming into a bolt of lightning and darting through the crowd.

His punches were so fast that they were indistinguishable from the naked eye. In less than ten seconds, dozens of hefty men were knocked down, falling to the ground like a pile of dead dogs.

"This... What's going on?"

Cade was shocked: "How... How have you become so powerful!?"

Three years ago, Elliot was just an ordinary rich son.

Had three years in prison reshaped him into such a devasting fighter?

"It's your turn now."

Elliot didn't waste much time, taking a step forward.

Seeing Elliot standing before him, Cade panicked, his mental composure entirely shattered.

Elliot had eliminated dozens of henchmen in the blink of an eye; killing him would be as easy as slaughtering a chicken.

"Elliot, you can't kill me. If you kill me, the old lady will never let you go!"

"If you let me go now, when I go back, I can tell her that you are dead and have her call off the assassination!"

Cade shivered, invoking the Milton family to intimidate Elliot.

"Oh? So, I should thank you?" Elliot chuckled.

Seeing his compliance, Cade thought his words had worked, feeling slightly relieved, "You don't need to thank me. She was wrong in this matter. Actually, I was never in agreement with...”

He was still talking when suddenly, a surge of excruciating pain erupted from his leg.


Cade screamed in agony and fell to the ground in pain.

His leg was broken!

"Elliot, what are...what are you doing?! You do not fear Tamara..."

Elliot laughed, "The Milton family of Patadro City is just a bunch of ants. If I want to, I can squash them underfoot today."

"You...what did you say?"

Cade was taken aback, his eyes wide with disbelief.

Elliot looked at him expressionless, not intending to explain further.

He raised his hand a little, ready to relieve the other party of his life.

However, a gunshot suddenly sounded from fifty meters away at this moment!

Alongside the gunshot, five top-grade Humvees sped forth, encircling both Elliot and Cade.

From the Humvees, fifteen middle-aged men, garbed in military attire, disembarked.

With just one glance, Cade saw that these men either bore two golden stars on their shoulders or three. And the man at the front was even a four-star general!

What a display of force!

It was absolutely terrifying!


Cade's eyes were ablaze; he thought he had found hope.

Hobbling along, he rushed to the general's side, pleading passionately, "Commander, I'm the butler of the Milton family from Patadro City. This youth attempted to kill me. Please, Commander, I implore you to decide in my favor!"

"Get lost!"

The four-star general kicked him away, sending him flying five meters.

Cade crashed to the ground, aching so much that he almost lost consciousness, “Comm… Commander, what is the …”


Just as he was speaking, Cade paused as if he had seen a ghost. His face took on an expression of sheer terror, just as if he had been struck by lightning.

Incredibly, the four-star general knelt before Elliot!

"Lord Marquis! I apologize for my tardy arrival. Please penalize me!"

"Lord Marquis! Please penalize me!"

As the general knelt, the other officers followed suit. One by one, they knelt down, bowed their heads and pleaded for Elliot's forgiveness.

Yet, Elliot was unmoved, his face icy as he stood with his hands behind his back, as if this were no more than commonplace.

Witnessing this unbelievable sight, the shock in Cade's heart surpassed that of a ten-magnitude earthquake!

These were military officers!

Anyone they bring out randomly is capable of shaking the entire nation!

Even the Milton family would have to bow before them!

Cade's heartbeat almost came to a standstill, and he couldn't help but look towards Elliot, his gaze flickering uncertainly.

No wonder he dared to kill.

No wonder he regarded the Milton family as insignificant ants.

So, he was the Glory Marquis.