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Touch Me, Sandoval

Touch Me, Sandoval

Author: Solaceblizz



Will you believe that a high class lady,intelligent and glamourous woman will be a mistress? She loathes a cheater and liar but there's only one man who caught her attention.A man that she met when she's hiring a secretary.She bites her lower lip while glancing at the man. Not knowing that he's married already didn't read the application form.She leaned on her swivel chair and crossed her arm. "You're passed." After hundreds of applicants, he passed easily. Probably,because of her high standard or does she have another reason? A Devil built inside her because of hatred.She hate forgiveness and she will never give it to people who's not deserving but there's a man who can change that.He teaches her how to forgive others. A man that she assumed that she can love back but that's only her wonderful imagination because he never got in love with him. She almost to let go when she heard these words that made rock her world. "You're mine, Hailey.Only mine." Will she be ready for being a mistress? "Yes,touch me...Touch me, Sandoval."
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    Hailey's POV:

    I close my orifices and sense the rock symphony on the stereo. Every intersection of the bar replenished the loud symphony, the alcoholic beverages got overtaken in my nostrils, The smells of the bar that I like, alcohol.

    I beamed when I felt that someone sit beside me, I'm here at the stool bar wondering if I can bring a man in my condo but fate is so favorable to me here it is a Greek God and a well-built man diverted his eyes on me.

    I face up the bartender and gesture him to lend me another shot. I twisted my gazes at the man who's peeking at me sensually. I grinned at him and place my hand on my legs caressing them. My hand adventures from my legs to my waist until it catches up with my breast while I'm shutting my eyes. I halt and seized a glance at him he's nipping his lip while moving his jaw. His gapes are full of lust that earned me to feel feverish. I chuckle and put up with the two shot glasses and bestow him the other one. I lifted my glass on him and we drink it. This alcohol satisfies me so vastly.

    "Hm?" the stranger man grinned while peeking at my body. I chuckles and went close to him. He tugged my waist and I felt his soft hand, it gives me a sensation.

    "Do you prefer to move to my condo?"I seductively whimper that rendered his kingdom wild. I felt how it fulfilled hard after I kiss his neck, We're not yet in my condo he's already moaning.

    "D*mn" I wake up because my phone keeps ringing. I rolled my eyes when it's my secretary. He served as my alarm clock, he spoiled my sleep!

    Nevertheless lying on the bed, I answered the call while still shutting my eyes. He seems so anxious when he greeted me that made my brows furrowed.

    "What now?"In a dozing tone, I glimpse at the clock and it's quiet at 6 am. I bit my lip when I recall how fortunate is the stranger guy last night. He's so vicious in bed, I like it but of course, he's scarcely the pastime of mine. I don't yearn for him anymore because I already tasted him.

    I grinned while I'm babbling to my secretary. He's good in bed, Some scene flashback in my sanity while we're having a s*x. Entirely of my prior secretaries were satisfactory in bed, I don't prefer them if they're naive. And of course, My secretary is invariably a boy, duh I'm not having a s*x with girls.

    "Pardon, Can you recall it again? I still feel drowsy because I reaped a one-night stand last night" I notified him that makes him choke. What's wrong with that? As if we didn't s*x.

    "A-ah I'm going to r-resign as your secretary, Ms. Selveria"I eyed the ceiling when I felt my brows creased.

    "Send me your resignation letter later" I finished up the call and sit on my bed.

    "Patty, Open the hiring for Male secretary, thank you"I greet one of my assistants and ended the call.

    Wearing my office suit, a black two-piece suit I glimpse at my reflection in the mirror. My smile disappeared when I recollect something but I look for another thought because I found it gibberish.

    There's no purpose to recall it anyway.

    I go downstairs when my phone rings. I rolled my eyes perhaps it's one of my past flings.

    Surely, it's not my assistant nor company employees. They don't have the right to call me. It's on my rules. I'm the only one who can contact them. If they require to notify me of something urgent My assistant is there.

    That's why My Secretary no, Former Secretary got nervous a while ago.

    "Can I go to your condo tonight?"He murmured on the other line, one of my flings.I sighed, I do have a load of works later. I gesture to our maids to pack my breakfast because I'm late now.

    "I can't. I'm here at my house, nonetheless have to do something"

    "Alright" He waits for me to call ended the call. One of my rules also no one can down the call if I'm not the one who does that.

    Everyone discerns my rules and They can't do anything but relinquish me.

    "Tell me about yourself "I leaned on my swivel chair after I sighed. He's the latter on the list who wishes to be a secretary but yet I still can't choose. They all innocents, tsk.

    The half was barely 18 years old tsk.

    He bit his lip and look down at my luxury floor.

    "What? You don't know yourself?"I uttered an annoying voice. This is not favorable.

    He gawks at me with panic in his eyes. I take a glance at his application form and My prediction was right. He's only 18 years old too young to be my fling.

    "Gerald Williams,18 years old, Child of Bernadette Williams and Rudolf Williams, Have two siblings, one girl, and one boy. Can play sports and have a dedication on work and a hard-working employee-Whatever.Just answer me.."I diverted my eyes on him and turned my gazes at his face. He looks so innocent that made me irritated but still I try to forget it. I peek at his body that brought him to feel uneasy, tsk too innocent.

    "Are you good in bed? I mean, Can you give me pleasure?"I seductively uttered that made him stunned. I breathes heavily and leaned on my swivel chair again.


    "I-I thought this c-company is h-hiring for an s-secretary?"I open my eyes and it directly to him. I get closer to him and I feel that he went away. tsk.

    "Yes and one of the requirements is good in bed" I whisper and he stands up instantly with shaking hands he gets his application form. I sit properly and glimpse at him.

    "Get out"I cold mumble and open my laptop. I think this is a waste of time. I let out a heavy sighed and face up the innocent boy when I felt that he's still not leaving. He keeps glancing at the floor and looks so scared. I look away.

    A person that weak will never be stand out. He should change himself.

    "I-I'm s-sorry but I-I'm not going to pass for your c-condition" His voice is stuttering and can't look at me directly.

    "I said get out"I look at my laptop again and start to type something there. I don't have any other choice. I hear the door open signs that he leaves already.

    I dialed a number on the telephone and it answered instantly.

    "Deal, It's alright to me even it's from the province "I down the call and look at my papers. I'm not yet starting but I got so stressed already. I only want to hire a city boy.

    Not a province boy.

    Or anyone from the province but I don't have a choice. Not all about my lust I still need a secretary.

    I heard my personal assistant's voice outside while knocking on the door.

    "Get in"I uttered while I'm facing the papers I heard the door opens and I wait for her to talk while I'm signing the papers.

    "You have a meeting with the board members after lunch, Ms. Selveria"Patty announced. I stop signing and look at my laptop. I almost forgot about the meeting well I'm depending on my secretary about that but since he resigned and I'm still finding for the now good thing that Patty remind me.

    "Thank you" while still gawking at my laptop. I sighed and look at her when she's still here in front of me.

    She looks idiot standing there.

    "What Patty? Don't you have a plan to leave my office?" I sarcastically let out and she shakes her head.

    "Your new secretary is still on the way, he's from the province that's why.."I face her up and look at her directly in her eyes that, I see the fear in her eyes that made me grinned.

    "He's not yet My Secretary, Don't you remember?"I uttered in a sarcastic voice again. She tilted her head.

    "I- mean u-uh yes you're r-right, Ms. S-Selveria"she stuttering murmured.I let out a sigh and gesture her to leave. She nodded and walk away but she's in front of the door when she called me again.

    "M-Ms. S-selveria?"I try to calm myself and look at her with cold eyes.


    "Your new secretary-I m-mean Mr. Sandoval says that he will arrive in Manila after lunch"She mumbled as fast as she can that's why my brows furrowed. I look at her and she's about to close the door.

    "Wait-what? Mr. Sandoval? Am I right?"She nodded that made me stunned.

    His last name is so familiar. I gesture her to close the door now. Maybe he's not that, hopefully, but if I'm not mistaken-

    I grinned and got stopped in thinking. Not in myself, I smiled devilishly.


    I didn't realize the time because I got so busy with the papers that I need to sign. Tsk.

    I can't go for a bar-hopping, means no boys.

    That thought made me annoyed.

    I try to focus again and got distracted when the door opens.

    "Ms. Selveria, Am I going to order food for your lunch? You still have one hour before the board meeting starts "The angelic voice of my assistant filled inside of my office. She still seems nervous even she's working on me for a long time.

    "Yes thank you"not looking at her I answered.

    I'm typing something when Someone knock on the door I know it's Patty that's why I let her in. In my peripheral vision, she put the food on my coffee table.

    I gesture her to go out and she even reminded me to eat. I continue in what I'm doing when she leaves the room

    The time is running and I didn't even realize that. I stand up after Patty reminds me that the board meeting will start any minute now. I sigh and look at my uneaten foods. I will just eat later. Using my limited edition red lipstick from Paris it looks good on me. I retouch my face before I spray my favorite brand of perfume.

    It just got arrived last week and it's ordered from London.

    They all keep quiet when I arrived wearing my fierce look no one dared to look at me directly.

    "Good afternoon, Ms. Selveria"I raised a brow when they all not looking at me. What's wrong with these people?

    "It's rude to greet me looking at the table. Am I look like a table?" I sarcastically said and they all look at me instantly but it's only a second and they look away again. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

    "Let's start"I sit in my seat and look at the girl who's going to present. I gesture her to start and she followed me nervously. While in the middle of the discussions My brows furrowed and look at the present seriously.

    "Wait. The other one is useless. Make it simple but full of impact. Make sure that the company can earn profit from that. C'mmon people, you all know me. Direct it to the point I wanted to hear the presentation and didn't ask you to tell a story"I uttered emphasizing every word that letting out in my mouth. Some of them chuckle at what I said, it just stops when I glance at them.

    I look at them and stand up.

    "Let's end this for now. I still have an appointment.."And then I look at the girl who's presenting.

    "And next time make sure not to waste my time" I added and walk out confidently. I heard their whispers blaming each other but I didn't mind it.

    "Ms. Selveria, Mr. Sandoval is waiting for you inside "Patty reminded me before I hold the doorknob. I open the door and all I can see is the broad shoulder of a man because I'm facing his back.

    I fake a cough that gets his attention. I confidently walk to my swivel chair and looks like I model.

    I sit on my chair and turned my gazes at the man. I take a glance at him from his body up to his face but the thing that gets my attention is his eyes. Do his eyes look gray mixed with sky blue? This man seems so perfect. The man last night that I encountered is nothing compared to this man who's in front of me.

    He put his application form on my desk but instead of looking at it. I remain looking at him.

    I'm right.

    I leaned on the swivel chair while my arms are on my chest. I grinned and bit my lip, not bad. I don't care if he's innocent or not but he passed on my high standards.

    "You're passed"I mumbled that made him surprised. I watch his actions while I'm leaning on the swivel chair.

    I don't care if he's from the province or not. All that I'm just thinking is him.

    I expect him to make mine. I said in my thoughts before I flashed a devilish smile.