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Fire On Fire

Fire On Fire

Author: princeZz



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After a tragic accident Elizabeth and her family is left in financial dept. To try to make ends meet, she started working at a night club. A mystery man one day appear which she was thankful for because on night she was assaulted in the bathroom of the club.
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Chapter 1

I slowly walked along the side walk with a smile on my face. The cool December breeze brush my skin as my eyes stayed glued to the Christmas tree a few kilometers away. I could hear the laughters of children as they were happy to see the Christmas lights and receive toys from their parents. The soft Christmas corals playing in the stores and church choirs singing all about. I took my eyes off the Christmas tree for a second to look up and down the street for incoming cars, once the road was clear I quickly cross the road and smiled as the beautiful tree was now in front of me. It looked even bigger up close. It was filled with colorful bows and decorations to make up its beauty. I slowly pulled my hand from the pocket of the fur coat to reveal the Christmas ornament my father gave me for Christmas last year. It was a blue snowflake with white outline, my initials, M. H was written in the middle. It was simply beautiful. I raised my hand and went on the tip of my toes to place the ornaments as far as I could. I took a step back to look at the position. It fit perfectly among the rest.

"That's a beautiful snowflake." A deep husky voice said from beside me.

I slowly turned to look who had spoke. It was a man. He was looking straight ahead at the tree, his hands in the pocket of his grey coat. He was quite tall and very handsome based on his side profile.

"Thank you, it was a gift from my dad last year." I smiled and replied.

"It's beautiful, I'm going to guess your favorite color is blue?"

I felt my cheeks heating up so I quickly looked down at my shoes.

"It is."I smile as I look back at the guy who had turn his body towards me. I could now take a good look at him. He was quite handsome. A man you would see in a magazine, sharpe jawline and a full connected beard. His eyebrows were dark and thick, his grey eyes stared into my soul making me nervous as a smirk appeared on his full lips.

"My name is Thomas, Thomas Harris."

He pulled his hand from his coat and held it out for me to take. I slowly extended mine and joined it with his bigger one.

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth Homewood."



"Huh?" I snapped back to reality.

"You zoned out honey, I need to apply this lipgloss to your lips." My best friend Anna laughed. I sat up and stayed as still a possible so she could apply the sparkle gloss on my lips. I've been sitting here for about 45 minutes while she applied makeup on my freshly washed face.

I can't believe I'm getting married today. I mentally scream from just thinking about walking into the church and seeing everyone staring at me. I've gone from working at that creepy nightclub , making 6 dollars an hour to marrying this wealthy gorgeous man.

"Shut up!"

"No! Let go! Somebody help me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs but it was no use. The music was too loud even from in the bathroom.

I tried to kick the disgusting man but it was no use. He held my foot and pinned me to the ground, my face on the dirty tile, my hands behind my back. I began to sob from fear and pain. This was not something I ever imagine was going to happen to me. What if he kills me? I have a family to go home to.

"Stop, please stop." I sobbed even louder.

The man press his knee in my back as he struggle with his belt. I tried to wiggle as best as I could but even my best wasn't good enough.

"Just shut up!"

He was obviously under the influence of drugs and not only alcohol.

He harshly grabbed my shoulder and flipped me over, his dirty finger nail scratching my skin. I close my eyes as he was about to rip my top open. I waited.

Suddenly I felt his wait vanish from on top of me and a loud thud followed my painful groans. I stayed on the floor stiff as a post, crying and shaking, too afraid to move. I listened the shuffling and muffling that wasn't too far from beside. Even with the music you could hear the voice of the rapist as he struggle with whoever attacked him. Whoever saved me.

"Elizabeth ." I gasp as the voice called my name, could it be?

My eyes snapped open and there he was, kneeling beside me. Thomas.

I quickly jumped up and embraced Thomas.

"Thank you, thank you so much." I cried as I grip on to Thomas' shirt.

"Shhh, it's okay Lizzy, you're safe now."

That was the moment I fell in love with the Thomas. On our second meet, he saved me from a drugged out rapist. I've been working at that club since our family's money started running out and we couldn't afford to pay for my father's medical care. You see, we were not always poor, in fact my father was a very rich man making millions each year but everything changed when he ended up in the ICU from a terrible car accident. I cried for hours when I first found out, I thought I was going to loose him. My family is my biggest motivation. My mother is very weak and I have a younger brother to take care of.

After the horrible incident in the bathroom, Thomas stood by me. He made sure I was safe. He got closer after that. I did not go back to work for a few days because of the incident so everyday Thomas would pick me up for lunch at 11:30 am. We would go to nice places and bond while enjoying delicious meals.

I never went back to that club. My family said I shouldn't be working there anymore and Thomas. He said I shouldn't quit my job because someone as beaut as me shouldn't be working there. As much as I was flattered to hear that had to disagree with him which ended in a mini debate. Finding a job wasn't easy and I couldn't just quit when I said to provide for my father.

That was when Thomas suggested that he would take care of everything

"Marry me." I gasp when Thomas spoke. His face determined and serious about what he had just said.

"You deserve the world Lizzy, you won't get it from working there." He took a couple steps forward so that he was in front and towering over me. He reached for my hand and covered it with his larger sphere soft ones.

"I can give you the world."

"And do you Elizabeth Homewood take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I stared into Thomas' beautiful grey eyes as he smile down at me. I've fallen deeply in love with this man. He have done so much for me and I can't even repay him. He promised to take care of my father's need. He's such a gentle man. Over the little time we have known each other it feels like years. This is what love feels like.

"I do."