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Dote on Her Crazily

Dote on Her Crazily



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She was reborn, in a different new world. She was the most talented spy in her previous life. But after transmigration, she became a worthless. Being slandered, humiliated, and beaten, she promised she would revenge her enemies. Ex-fiance? Get the h*ll out of here. Devil sisters? Kick them a*s off. She would become the greatest genius practitioner in this life. And she needed no help from anybody. But why this mysterious man always helped her secretly? He had tried to throw her into the coldest spring when they first met. She was confused. Should she accept his kind favor and true love?
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Chapter 1

"Ah, it hurts, why... why I suffer this? Why nobody believed me?"

A pitiful young woman was pegged on a cross, lowering her head and murmuring.

But no one heard her words. No one.

And then she said nothing, silent and still.

She was dead.

Purple Moon Continent.

The scorching sun in the sky was so hot that the whole earth seemed to be on fire.

The sun so dazzling, so enchanting, so intoxicating.

In Luoxi City.

The entire sky was filled with a beauty that caused one to feel despair.

The streets and squares were filled with blood, and the light of death would come at any moment.

People could see a young woman lowering her head and pegged on a wooden cross. Her clothes were ragged, and her whole body was covered in blood. Everything was horrid and torrid.

"Quick, I heard that the culprit who stole the imperial master's treasure has been caught. She is being tortured in the square!"

When the people heard this on the streets and alleys of Luoxi City, they all threw away their work and rushed to the streets and square.

Who was the imperial master? He was second only to one person in the Jiangxia Country.

Since ancient times, the imperial master had been respected by people because the imperial master had been making plans for the country and predicted the future of the country.

For this reason, the emperor had to be polite to the imperial master.

Yesterday, it was said that one of the imperial master's treasures had been stolen, and it was related to the Jiangxia Country.

It was easy to imagine how much attention people paid to this matter.

The square was full of people who were watching the fun.

The woman had suffered all kinds of torture and her badly mutilated body was exposed to the scorching sun. It was horrible and disgusting. She shrugged her little head and had no reaction at all, as if...

"Tell me, is she dead? Why is there no reaction at all?"

"She deserves it. How dare she steal the treasure of the imperial master? Isn't she pulling off the hair on the tiger's head?"

"The current emperor has to be polite to the imperial master, but this b*tch is so bold that she doesn't admit that she stole the treasure. Why does she have to do this?"

"It's really satisfying to see this b*tch being tortured in public. This is the result of stealing the imperial master's treasure."


Ear-splitting curses continued to linger in the square.

The noise was so loud that people's patience was worn out.

Xiayang Mengling woke up from her splitting headache, and all kinds of curses came to her ears. It was really annoying!

She suddenly opened her eyes, and what she saw was a dense crowd of people.

Huh? Didn't she run into an ambush on her mission? Why...

While she was wondering, the burning pain spread all over the body. Xiayang Mengling suddenly took a deep breath. It was really painful.

"Look, she raised her head." Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted.

"She really knows how to be shameless. She stole a treasure and pretended to be dead. Does she think that she can escape death by pretending to be dead?"

There was a great commotion, all types of discussions, endless cursing sounds.

Xiayang Mengling shook her head, trying to get rid of the situation in front of her.

However, this swing caused the burning pain all over her body to worsen. She felt dizzy, and her eyes turned black.

It was only then that she realized that she had been propped up on a cross. Her skin and flesh were all torn open.

All of a sudden, a strange memory came to her, and she felt a burst of pain in her mind.

It turned out that the good-for-nothing third miss of Xiayang Manor was framed by her fiance, Ouyang Yimo, and her best friend, Miss Mu.

Haha, fiance? Best friend?

"Get out of the way, get out of the way. Prince Ouyang and Miss Mu are here." Someone's words immediately silenced the crowd.

In the square, the people consciously made way for him.

Xiayang Mengling's pale but beautiful face was as black as the stars, and she looked at the b*tch couple in front of her with cold and contemptuous eyes.

Hanging on the two sides of the rack of green jade fingers, a string of blood beads slowly rolled down to the ground, blood beads splashed like a blooming Manzanita.

It seemed to be bidding farewell to the original owner who had left.

"Mengling, hand over the imperial master's treasure, and I will beg my father to spare your life." Ouyang Yimo pretended to be sad, and his words were full of concern.

"Yes, Mengling, we all believe that you didn't do it on purpose. As long as you hand it over, I will go and plead for mercy in front of His Majesty." Miss Mu's delicate face was covered with tears.

"Hahaha..." All of a sudden, a burst of mocking laughter rang through the sky. She really didn't expect that the b*tch couple would work together to frame her.

However, they did not expect that the original owner had been killed by them, and now in front of them was the special agent, Xiayang Mengling.

Xiayang Mengling's eyes coldly across the square as she thought to herself, "Rest in peace, original owner! I will definitely clear up your grievances, avenge you, and make those who bully you pay the price you deserve..."

The scum and the b*tch echoed each other. Their expressions and words were perfectly matched.

Haha, they were a match made in heaven.

"When did I steal the imperial master's treasure? Where's the evidence? Take it out." Xiayang Mengling suppressed the discomfort in her body and said coldly.

"Mengling, do you really want me to take out the evidence? it's not good, isn't it?" Miss Mu pretended that she couldn't bear it and said. How many people had she cheated on?

"Take it out, take it out, take it out..." The people thought that Miss Mu was too kind, so they shouted on their own initiative. They wanted to be the "evil people". After all, Miss Mu was the only good sister of the good-for-nothing Xiayang Mengling. It was not good.

Miss Mu pretended to hesitate and handed the handkerchief to the guard.

Soon, a handkerchief with footprints appeared in front of everyone, and the word "Mengling" was particularly eye-catching.

"The evidence is conclusive. Are you still not willing to admit it?" The people shouted, full of contempt.

"Haha, can a handkerchief embroidered with my name prove that I stole the imperial master's treasure?"

"Who am I? The good-for-nothing Miss of the Xiayang family, humble and lowly. My status is even lower than that of the servants in the Xiayang family. How can I have a high-quality handkerchief? Besides, I don't know how to do needlework."

Xiayang Mengling's cold and sarcastic words made the people present fall into silence.

That was right. How could they forget these things? Xiayang Mengling was a well-known good-for-nothing in Luoxi City and even in Jiangxia Country!

Suddenly, they looked at Xiayang Mengling with a hint of awe in their eyes. How could this little girl be so calm in front of so many people?

Xiayang Mengling's words and the change in people's eyes made Ouyang Yimo and Miss Mu panic.

"How, how could this be? Why did this good-for-nothing suddenly become smart?" Miss Mu whispered to Ouyang Yimo beside her anxiously.

Ouyang Yimo didn't answer Miss Mu's question immediately. He stared at Xiayang Mengling. He found that she was shining like an elf in red for a moment.

However, the phantom disappeared all of a sudden. She was still in rags and looked terrible, but the look in her eyes was unusually cold.

"Don't be afraid." Ouyang Yimo forced himself to calm down and said, but he comforted Miss Mu's panic.

The scene was silent, and the people were waiting for the next step.

What would happen?

It was just that...