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Meant to be together

Meant to be together



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A story about two people who fell in love, her parent doesn't want her to bring any random guy. They disagree on her to bring one of her choice because they thought their daughter might fell in love with a poor guy and being her parents and their family status they think its a shame for them to allow their daughter to marry from a poor family, her grandpa thought she is a good girl who listen to all their words. They think they're always at the top. They want to make an arrange marriage for their daughter to marry a rich guy, but unfortunately she desperately want to avoid arranged marriage and find love on her own. She flees on the wedding day and accidentally met a guy.
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Chapter 1

The story begins with Tiffany running away from some guys in white suits. She manages to catch her breath in an alley where she comes across a woman with long hair seemingly changing her shirt. As she comments about the scene, the woman turns around only to reveal herself as not a woman, but as man

There’s no time to waste, though, as the men catch up to her. So, attempting to be quick on her feet, Tiffany decides to use the man she’s just discovered and pretends to be kissing him as the men run past. Only, he also has his own dilemma, of being chased, and needs to use her for the same reason. However, this time, he gets pushed into her and they actually end up kissing.

A day before the incident

Tiffany was sitting in front of her mirror watching herself. She pulls out a box and opens up an old journal that names


as the place where they fell in love, they being her parents. Tiffany goes through their old pictures when she gets a vision of her parents.

They say that since the following day is her engagement ceremony, they want to tell her that they’re proud of her and hope that she’ll be a happy and brave girl, going after the life she wants. Tiffany is unsure of what she wants out of life and her parents tell her that maybe she’ll find what she wants at Art university Bournemouth before disappearing out of her dreams. Immediately after, Tiffany wakes up at her vanity with her parents items still spread out around her.

The engagement ceremony is in full swing as Tiffany's grandfather socializes with some of the guests. He talks about how he’s proud to have her as a granddaughter and about how elegant she is. Tiffany begin to open the gifts wondering why no one gives her red packets anymore. She gets a better idea, though, and as her grandfather begins listing her achievements, she was in her room selling her engagement party gifts to members of the staff, bargaining with them and everything. There even turns out to be a very long line of people who want to buy some of the items.

Her best friend, michelle enters asking her why she’s not ready yet since everyone’s waiting.? She begged and convice her friend to replace her. After a long discussion and pleading, Michelle agreed After, she says that she can’t abandon her and begins to stare her down.

Outside, the ceremony fully starts and Tiffany grandfather hands her over to Kensington, the man she is about to become engaged to. It turns out that his family is another influential family in north yorkshire England.

He and Tiffany make it to the alter to make their engagement official, but when the time comes for him to ask her if she’ll accept the engagement, she only nod her head. when he unveils her to kiss her that when he discovered that Michelle is in the dress and Tiffany is trying to escape out of the gate. That begins a chase around the yard as Tiffany tries to escape declaring that she doesn’t want to marry kengsington. She manages to make it outside of the property and borrows a motorcycle to make her escape faster.

She makes her way to the airport where she counts her cash since that’s her only means of survival, and paying for her tuition, because her grandfather cut off her cards. His assistant meets with her grandfather to tell him that she went to cornwall and that news doesn’t surprise him. A couple of days before they had an argument about her parents and her going there.

But Tiffany safely arrives in cornwall city and manages to get a taxi as she thinks that she finally came to her parents’ city. She asks the driver to take her to eat some street food and begins her transformation in the back seat, completely transforming herself from the elegant girl with long straight hair to a freckled girl with glasses and short wavy hair.

Tiffany arrives to eat some food but ends up knocking into another man. They both drop their bags, which happen to be exactly the same, and end up picking up each other’s. Tiffany notices when she tries to get some food but can’t find the man she just bumped into anywhere and ends up trying to beg on the street. Right when a woman is about to give her money, though, the little boy points out that she’s a fake since her clothes are too fancy for her to actually have no money.

Another beggar happens to appear at that moment and beckons Tiffany over telling her that her appearance won’t work if she wants to beg and begins to teach her his tricks, the seven arts of begging. It takes time, though, so he starts with step one, Pity, by rubbing some dirt on her face.

After the encounter, she wanders into a concert where fans are chanting Your Highness. A song begins on stage and out comes a handsome tall and good looking guy


to put on a dance performance. There is a moment where Tiffany stops her begging and takes time to watch the performance. However, she begins to notice the white men in suits and pretends she’s just a crazy person as a part of the crowd. They don’t notice her at first but when she goes to make her exit, they begin to chase after her. At the same time, Howard performance is over.

Backstage he meets with his manager, Daniel, and his stylist, or rather, her position is never actually stated. They talk about his various albums and his weakness in math is shown when he’s asked to calculate something. Daniel just moves the conversation on to something he’s told a thousand times before that they don’t want to hear anymore.

The conversation is light until the three enter howard's waiting room and find some men waiting there. They announce that they are there for him since his father requests his presence at his wedding. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to go as he rejects them but they have clear orders to use force if needed to bring him.

Howard tells them that he needs to change and the men leave the waiting room. Daniel tries to convince him to go to the wedding but Howard hasn’t changed his mind, he’s still not going. Daniel wants him to go since there are fans and press and everyone will know, making a ruckus, if a son doesn’t go to his father’s wedding.

His stylist asks if he’s going or not and when howard declares that he’s not going, she thinks of an idea, how about he wear her extra clothes and she take care of Daniel. He doesn’t want to wear them, rather wanting to jump out of the sixth story window, but he doesn’t have a choice.

While Daniel is out with the men in the hallway, howard gets changed and is transformed into a woman. He boldly leaves the dressing room with no one recognizing him, not even his manager, but it’s only when he nears the end of the hallway that the men recognize it’s him and he makes his escape to the alley.

Back to the main situation

with them both getting chased Tiffany saw howard changing. This is the reason why they're being chased, what they were running away from, and accidentally kissing. Tiffany was being forced into an engagement that she didn’t want and howard has some issues going on with his father if he was that adamant about not going to his father’s wedding that he’d dress up as a woman. He looks really good cross-dressing as a woman and could actually probably pass off as a woman. he just looks really natural with the makeup and hair. one thing is that he’s taller than the average woman and more muscular, which would be his downfall,