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Disabled CEO Can Do Everything

Disabled CEO Can Do Everything

Author: SAN3689



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Mabel Brown thought her husband was a disabled man, but she didn't expect that he was not only healthy, but also almost almighty. She thought he disliked her, but she didn't know that he had a crush on her for many years. She thought he had no sexual ability, so she wouldn't be bothered by sex, but she didn't expect him to want to have sex with her every night... Then she realized that she was so stupid! ... Life is always full of surprises. After being betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Mabel did not expect to get married suddenly, and the groom was a man with disabled legs. She had a crush on this man before, but she didn't know why he became irritable and gloomy. He lost his temper with her and warmed her when she felt sad. Keaton White had liked Mabel for many years, but he thought she loved someone else, so he never confessed to her. After the car accident, he only dared to pay attention to her silently. Keaton's grandma threatened him with the heir position to marry. He thought he was marrying just a random woman until he saw Mabel at the wedding. He was happy and angry, he hated his grandmother's self-assertion, and he hated the appearance of his own disability. So he wanted her to leave, he wanted to push her away from him.
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Chapter 1

Mabel’s POV:

"Mabel, I think we should break up. I am so sorry , I can't stand life without sex anymore."

“Edward, I can't believe you fucked Tiana. How could you do this to me?" I growled angrily, I had never been so angry before.

Today is Edward’s birthday. I am here to give Edward a birthday surprise, but I don’t expect that Edward is having sex with my good friend Tiana.

The wine bottle in my hand slipped because I was in a great shock, and the two sluts on the bed noticed my coming.

I angrily smashed the vase beside me at the two, and then I heard Edward say that:”Mabel, I think we should break up. I am so sorry , I can't stand life without sex anymore.”

There was no sadness in my heart, I just felt very angry, a kind of anger of being betrayed.

I had always been afraid of losing my virginity would hurt a lot, so many of my friends lost their virginity, but I was still a virgin... I and Edward had been dating for two years, and I had apologized to Edward because I had been afraid to have sex with him. At the beginning, Edward would always tell me that he didn't date me only to have sex with me, but after two years of getting along, Edward made several attempts to have sex with me. I also wanted to cooperate with Edward to have sex with him, but every time it came to the key moment, I ran away in great fear.

Yesterday I ran away again because of fear. Today is Edward's birthday, and I come to his house with wine just want to have sex with him after getting myself drunk, but it seemed so stupid.

"Mabel, are you listening? Let's break up, okay?"

I tried to make my voice sound normal, "I agree." After saying these words, I left Edward's house directly.

A wave of anger was suppressed in my heart, and I thought I needed to vent my anger.

I drank a lot of alcohol like crazy, and then danced like crazy for a while.

Although there were many people in the bar, I felt extremely lonely.

Although I know that sex was an important regulator between men and women, I am still looking forward to a man who can truly fall in love with me.

I have sex phobia. I really hope that someone can help me overcome this fear.

But I guessed that there was probably no such man in this world. After all, normal men would want to have sex with women.

In fact, I could understand why Edward cheated. Because I couldn't give him sex. I felt so sad that I couldn't even do something as simple as this.

Thinking about it made me want to cry, in fact, I cried out loud. Luckily it was very noisy inside the bar, so I won't disturb others.

"Miss, are you okay? Do you need help?" When I was cried, I heard a concerned greeting.

I wiped my tears, I looked at the old man with a thank you look , "I'm fine, don't worry. I just want to cry for a while." After speaking, I squeezed out smiles at the old man.

"George, let's go, we shouldn’t disturb her." Only then did I notice that there was a man next to the old man George, because he was in a wheelchair, so I didn't notice him just now.

The man was sitting in a wheelchair, but he looked handsome and noble. When he looked at me, I felt her my heart beat a little faster, but the man's sights also made me feel a little cold. The man's face looked familiar, but I searched my mind and didn't remember who he was.

In order to see his face clearly, I stumbled towards him, but because I tripped over the bottle under my feet, I fell on the man's leg accidentally.

Oh, my God, it's so embarrassing that I fell on the leg of a disabled man.

I quickly got up from him and smiled at him awkwardly, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry“

The man ignored me. I saw that he was pushing the wheelchair to leave, so I quickly asked him, "Hey, sir, have we met before?"

The man stared at me with a gloomy face for a while, then he looked unhappy and turned his face away.

Wait, he didn't think I was such a flirtatious woman, did he? He didn't think I was chatting him up, did he?

"Sir, I'm not chatting you up. I really think you look familiar. Can you tell me your name?"

"Sorry, I need to leave now."

"Okay. Good bye, sir."

I thought he would leave directly, but unexpectedly he comforted me when he left.

"Hope you will get through this soon, come on." The man seemed kinda distant, but his tone was quite gentle. After his words, he pushed the wheelchair forward.

"Hope you have a good day, Miss. Goodbye." George hurriedly trotted to the wheelchair, and soon he firmly reached the wheelchair.

But when they were not far away, I saw a gorgeous woman blocking his way. I heard her question and realized just how stupid my question was.

"Hi sir, have we met before? Would you like to have a drink together?"

As she spoke, she was half bent to look at the man, and from my side, I could see her big breasts sticking out. Not only that, she put her hand on the man's most sensitive part.

This woman looked very hot, and I thought almost no man could refuse her such obvious suggestion.

However, unexpectedly, the man flicked the woman's hand off his lap, and his voice was mixed with impatient anger, "Go away."

The woman who was rejected was also angry, I guessed this was the first time she had been rejected like this.

"Cripple. Is your dick disabled too?"

I was stunned by her words, she shouldn't insult a disabled person like this anyway. I decided to teach her a lesson. Just as I was about to walk towards them, I saw the man start the wheelchair and ram straight at the woman. The woman was so frightened that she quickly ducked aside.

"Psycho, do you want to kill me?" The woman roared.

The man left without even looking back at her.

I looked at the back of the man leaving, and I walked towards the woman until he disappeared from my sight.

"Hey, that man was my husband. I want to tell you he is so great in bed."

After saying this, I was about to leave the bar, but when I turned around and I saw the man. Shit, why is he back? Shouldn't he hear what I just said?