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Genius Doctor's Urban Adventure

Genius Doctor's Urban Adventure


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Lu Yuan, who had peerless medical skills, came to the prosperous city helplessly in order to find his missing fiancee. He was able to dominate the whole city with his magical medical skills. He was rich and beautiful. He had a brick in one hand and a medical book in the other. He had beaten the animals and saved the common people!
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Chapter 1

  In the ICU of Jiangzhou Hospital.

  There was a beautiful woman in her forties in the hospital bed. Her eyes were closed and her face was pale, as if she was sleeping.

  The numbers tested by various medical instruments showed that all the indicators of the patient's body were normal.

  What a strange thing!

  It was clear that all the numbers were normal, but there was no sign of the patient waking up!

  A large group of doctors and experts, who were surrounded by the hospital bed, were all in a mess.

  The whole ward was extremely quiet. At this critical moment, no one dared to speak.

  A young man about 20 years old, wearing a mask and gloves, leisurely mixed in the crowd, and simply looked at the patient on the bed.

  At this time, the door of the intensive care unit was suddenly pushed open. The dean walked in quickly and asked in a hurry, "How is the patient?"

  "It's not optimistic." Under the glare of the director, the attending physician said, "Mrs. Zhou has suffered two shocks. If you don't treat her in time, I'm afraid her life will be in danger."

  There were two shocks, and the duration of suffocation was prolonged every time.

  For the patient's heart shock, once more than two minutes, it would accelerate the lack of oxygen in the brain's central system, which was also brain death. If the patient was rescued again, there would be only two consequences, either death or vegetable.

  The dean looked dignified and couldn't bear it anymore. He shouted, "Useless! A good-for-nothing! Isn't he an expert? Isn't he a professor? Why hasn't a single cause been found out by this group of people?"

  Dean Lin's angry look looked very frightening. Instead of saying that he was angry, he said that he was afraid.

  If there was anything wrong with the patient, not to mention the attending doctor, even the director of the hospital, even the whole Jiangzhou Hospital, would be implicated and depressed because of this.

  "I don't believe it! There are so many people in Jiangzhou Hospital, and no one can find out Mrs. Zhou's illness!" Executive Lin was trembling with anger. "Where is Li Wan! Where is she? Call her over!"

  A nurse said, "Director Li is already on his way back. He will be here soon."

  As soon as his voice fell, the door of the intensive care unit was pushed open.

  A twenty-six or twenty-seven-year-old girl was very beautiful. She had long black hair, a tall figure, and a handsome face. Under the white coat, she was really worthy of the word "white angel".

  All the experts and professors heaved a sigh of relief the moment they saw Li Wan. They were all in high spirits!

  Li Wan got a bachelor's degree in the School of Luochuan Medical College, and then went to Yan Jing Medical University to study in a hurry. During the time of studying, she followed the Hua Xia medical research delegation to take part in the war situation in Europe, and became the first Chinese honorary professor in the medical college of the Royal Academy of Chou Zhou.

  In western medicine, she had extraordinary talent and superb skills.

  When she came, there was hope!

  In Dean Lin's eyes, Li Wan was like a " national treasure".

  Dean Lin hurriedly waved to Li Wan and said, "Wan, you're finally here. Show Mrs. Zhou now."

  "Director, don't worry. I will try my best." Li Wan nodded to the director and took the medical record and various reports from the attending doctor.

  After reading for a while, she frowned and said, "Is the patient's body completely normal? How could he have a shock?"

  As she said that, she hurriedly checked the patient's body.

  The whole ward was quiet, and everyone's eyes and hope were on Li Wan.

  Ten minutes later, Li Wan let out a long sigh. She looked at Dean Lin and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Dean. I... I can't do anything about it."


  Dean Lin looked at Li Mao in surprise. In his opinion, Li Wan was the best doctor in Jiangzhou Hospital, but he didn't expect that even she couldn't do anything about it.

  Li Wan went on to say, "However, the current situation. Because the patient is in a coma for a long time, the blood circulation speed of the patient has become slower and there is a stagnation. According to my experience, if he can't be treated for half an hour, I am afraid that it will lead to the third shock at any time and the life danger in his eyes."

  " added insult to the situation..."

  These words were like a mountain, pressing down on everyone's heart, and even breathing sounds could be heard easily in the entire emergency room.

  Director Lin said, "Why don't we transfer it to the Department of Chinese Medicine to have a look?"

  Li Wan immediately shook her head. "Chinese medicine can only be treated with secondary treatment. In the field of first aid, western medicine is hundreds of times stronger than traditional Chinese medicine. If western medicine has no way, traditional Chinese medicine has no effect at all. What's more, traditional Chinese medicine is an ambiguous treatment. It doesn't even have a set of scientific support. If we use traditional Chinese medicine, it is like pushing the patient into a fire pit to speed up the death speed of the patient."

  "Hehe." A faint voice came from the crowd.

  All the experts and professors looked at the teenager in the sterilized clothes.

  Regardless of everyone's surprised eyes, the teenager casually said, "I'm sorry. I didn't hold it back just now. You go on. Don't worry about me. Do whatever you want to do."

  Many people looked at the young man and were stunned.

  "Who is this guy?"

  "Is there such a young doctor in our hospital?"

  "No, I don't think so. I guess he's an intern from a university."

  Executive Lin looked terrible. He was already in a mess. How could someone make trouble? So he shouted angrily, "Who are you? Do you know where this place is? Is this the place where you can come in at will?"

  "His name is Lu Yuan."

  Li Mao had met Lu Yuan before. Every time he happened to run into Lu Yuan in the hospital, this bastard always peeked at her chest, and more than once. But she couldn't wait to kick Lu Yuan out of the hospital.

  Li Wan said coldly, "You go out first. We are here to discuss the condition of the disease. Don't get involved in it."

  Lu Yuan shook his head and said, "Your medical skills are indeed not bad, but you can't cure this person."

  Li Wan's face was covered with a layer of frost. "A care worker like you doesn't know anything! Don't talk nonsense!"

  "You really have a big chest but no brain. You look down on traditional Chinese medicine and look down on others. Then why don't you, a doctor, just watch the patient die step by step?" Lu Yuan curled his lips and said.

  Hearing Lu Yuan's words, Director Lin thought of something and hurriedly asked, "Do you have a way to treat the patient?"

  "A way, of course." Lu Yuan nodded and smiled, "Mrs. Zhou's disease is not an ordinary one. tsk, tsk. But since Dr. Li is superstitious in Western medicine, there is no hurry. If she can treat it with Western medicine, I won't make a fool of myself."

  Director Lin frowned. How could it be possible!

  Lu Yuan was only in his early twenties. At most, he was a college student. How could he have the ability to cure such a strange disease?

  "Mr. Lu, tell me what happened to the patient."

  Lu Yuan turned to look at Li Xiaoru, who gave a cold snort and turned her face to the other side.

  Lu Yuan smiled and said, "F*ck, if it weren't for the fact that the patient's life was in danger, I would definitely not spoil you, little girl."

  "The patient is bewitched."

  Hearing this, the whole intensive care unit was in a tumult. Many people took two steps back for fear of being stained with dirty things.

  Being possessed?

  Only Li Wan sneered. "What era is it? What's the matter? I'll give you a Taoist priest's robe, peach-wood sword, and help you with your work?"