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His Only Attraction

His Only Attraction


General Romance

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She was good He was bad She cared what people think He cared less what people think She was his weakness He was her strength When they meet each other for the first time, they don't realize that it could change their lives forever. The stone cold hearted man turns weak once he noticed her presence and swear that he will make her his. One thing she doesn't know is that he is the most dangerous man in town. Will she stay when she finds out who he is?
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Chapter 1


I was sitting alone at the halte bus and it was raining heavily. The bruises on my body that I received not long ago started to react, making me winced everytime I moved.

One of my guys had been stealing from me and all this tine he had been working for my enemy. I knew something was off about him when I first met him but my second in command who also my best friend, Larry recommended that he was skillful and he trusted him because he once saved his sister. I couldn’t say no because at that time, I needed more men and also he seemed qualified.

When we found out he had been betraying me all this time, Larry was so upset and angry towards himself. I ensured him that it wasn’t his fault, but he just couldn’t take it. He kept blaming himself that he locked himself in his room all day.

Me and Larry had known ech other since diapers and he’d been like a brother to me. I only shared my thoughts to him and he was the only person I talked to informally. I was ignorant kind of guy when I talked to my men and they’d go silent once I entered the room. Respect filled their eyes and I needed that to make sure they knew who I was and wouldn’t dare to cross me.

But still, there had been someone dared stabbing me in the back and being me, I’d always hunt the person down and I’d torture him until he begged me to kill him.

Few hours ago, my man found out who the ‘rat’ had been working for. It was Paul Fernando, one of my biggest enemy and he had always been jealous of my success. I guessed he wanted to find my weakness to destroy me. I was the most fearful gang leader in this town and I mostly owned everything here, including the police so it was natural that I had many enemies.

I went to Paul’s place with some of my men to give him some lesson for trying to cross me. We shot everyone in the house, leaving no witnesses behind. When I reched Paul’s office, I spotted Paul himself and the ‘rat’ who had betrayed me. They both looked at me with fear and shock. I instantly went red the moment I saw him. I punched him hard making him stumbled to the floor but he got up and started to punch me back. Paul just stood there watching the whole scene like a coward he was. I received some of his attcks and knocked his head hard towards the wall.

After the ‘rat’ was unconscious, I turned to Paul who was begging for his life. But being me, I never gave a betrayer a second chance.

“You know how I felt about people crossing my limit, Paul but still you did it. Any last words?” I said as I pressed the gun on his temple.

“No, please Sean, I’m so sorry, man. Please, I’ll work for you if necessary”, he begged and I scoffed.

“You think I’ll have another rat working for me again? That’s where you’re wrong, Paul. I’m gonna give example to the others for not crossing me next time”, with that, I shot him right to his brain.

Satisfied with my perfect shot, I was about to give the same lesson to the ‘rat’ but when I turned to where he was lying, he was nowhere to be seen. I scanned the whole room and still no sight of him. That son of a bitch escaped!

I groaned and punched the wall hard making blood came out from my knuckles. I didn’t care of the pain I felt. I only focused on finding that ‘rat’ and wht would I do to him once I found him.

I came downstairs to find my men dragging the dead bodies to the main room. I asked them whether they saw that ‘rat’ running away, but they all shook their heads. Now I got more angry. How could a house full of men couldn’t spot a bleeding man coming down here. I left the house telling them to go back without me. I needed to calm my anger because it wouldn’t be pretty if someone triggered my bad mood now.

And here I was sitting ll all alone in the halte bus, waiting for the rain to stop, making my mood more sour.

After sitting for like forever, there was a girl running towards the halte bus. She slightly wet from the rain, obviously came here for the same reason like I was. She placed her bag at the seat and took off her wet coat, revealing her skinny petite body. She folded the coat against her chest and sat.

I stared to the sky, grumbling when then rain would stop. I’d been sitting here for almost an hour and the rain was getting heavier. I was thirsty and hungry since I only had a muffin this morning. My body started to ache again, earning a wince from my mouth.

“Are you ok there?”, I heard a sweet voice talking. I turned to my right and the girl just now stared at me curiously with her dark eyes. She had beautiful eyes.

I didn’t say anything, still taken back that she would dare talking to me. People in this town knew who I was and they wouldn’t dare to stay in the same place as me, let alone speaking to me. When I still didn’t say anything, she cme closer to me, making my eyes widen. Was this girl out of her mind? Did she have a death wish?

She sat next to me, examining me with her gorgeous eyes. She then opened her bag and grabbed something with wrapped paper.

“Hungry?”, she offered the wrap towards me. I looked at her shocked. She just offered me some food, for one of the deadliest man in the country.

I shook my hed no though I was so hungry. I looked away from her curious eyes, hoping she would leave me alone but my grumbling stomach betrayed me.

“Here, It’s ok. I made it myself”, she said again.

“I don’t want to take your lunch”, I said huskily.

“It seems like you need it more than I do”, she said again, waving the food near my face.

I gave up and took the wrap from her. She smiled as I opened the wrapper, revealing PB&J sandwich. I wasn’t a fan of it, but for some odd reason, it tasted like the most delicious thing on earth. It made sense though because when you’re hungry, everything seemed tasty.

When I finished, she offered me bottle of water. I accepted it and drank a little since I had taken her lunch. There was no way I’d taken her drink too.

I turned to look at her but realized she was busy reading a book intently. I could see her frowning at the content of the book and she looked distressed? I didn’t know for sure but she looked tired. When she realized I had finished, she closed her book and placed it back inside her bag.

“Feel better?”, she said softly that made my heart melt.

“Yeah. Thanks a lot”, I said groggily. I never really talked to girls. I usually had them underneath me, if you know what I mean.

“It’s no problem”, she said cleaning up the mess I made.

“I’m Sean”, I offered my hand to shke, something I never did to girls.

“Valerie”, she shook my hand. Her hand was silky smooth.

“I gotta go now. Thee rain’s almost stop and I’m late to work”, she said apologetically. “Are you gonna be ok by yourself here?”, she barely knew me but she seemed to care.

“Yeah, my friend will come and pick me up”, I said, looking at the clock.

“Ok. I guess I’ll see you around”, she said, leaving me alone. She had her coat covered her head while walking in the rain which almost stopped. I watched her until I couldn’t see her again.

Valerie. I didn’t know why but I relly wnted to know her more. She was sweet and didn’t throw herself at me like other girls I met. When her gorgeous eyes met mine, my heart seemed to beat faster. I never felt this weird feeling, but I really wanted to see her again.