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The CEO And Me

The CEO And Me



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The biggest mistake she made was to stand in the path of this man with no escape in sight. There was no way out and Daniel was already standing there, waiting at the end of the altar, with a devilish smile on his face, and she could not run away from him even if she wished to. Her father gripped her hand, making sure he could once and for all get rid of his burden. "Welcome to my hell, Sara and its path leads only to our wedding bed." Daniel whispered in my ear.
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Chapter 1

Sara's P.O.V

"SARA!" Lucy shouted on me like she always does. i keep a pillow on my ear so that i could avoid her scream. but she called me again. it was her daily doing. expecting that i will do housework. but I didn't move and wanted to sleep a little more, yesterday was as tiring as hell. I lay in my bed when suddenly I heard a knock at my door.

"Sara….if you don't get up you're going to be late for work." Ryan whispered, he was trying his best not to shout, but still wanted me to realize what time it is. I opened one of my eyes as soon as I heard him say the word work, I had totally forgotten that today was Monday and I needed to go into the office. I looked over at my clock and when I saw the time, both my eyes shot open in shock. I am so dead today.

"Yes, I'm awake," I yelled back, throwing the pillow in irritation causing Ryan to cover his mouth to hide the fact that he was laughing. Ryan left, while I yawned and got up from my beauty sleep, I still find it hard to wake up early in the morning. My eyes went to my ring finger and then looked towards the calendar hanging on my bedroom wall and it hit me….

It's been two months...

I sat for a while thinking, staring at my finger and then tried shrugging it off. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, took a quick shower, dried myself off and then went back into my bedroom. I stood in front of my wardrobe and cupboard and tried to decide what to wear, but I am not that choosy and pulled out a white one piece. I put it on and it came to my knees, which was not too short for me and it was comfortable. I started combing out my hair and styling it, when I looked at the clock and let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank God, I still have time for breakfast," I said out loud to myself. Last night I was stuck in the office until late doing overtime and because of which I didn't eat anything, but with how my stomach was growling it sounded like I could eat a horse. I put my high heels on, grabbed my purse and walked downstairs to the dining room. I went inside and dad was nowhere to be seen, he had left early as usual. I don't even remember the last time I saw his face, it was probably on his wedding day.

"Sara, you woke up," Ryan said, running and hugging my legs. I kneeled down and pulled him into a hug, he is four years old and my little step brother.

"Yes, I woke up. Thanks to you." I whispered, he happily nodded his head and I kissed his cheek.

"Are you going to the office today?" Ryan asked, looking at my dress and shoes.

"Yes I am and don't worry I haven't forgotten that I need to buy chocolate for you," I replied and he gave me his biggest smile. Every time I come home from work he expects me to bring back chocolate for him.

"But you will have breakfast, right?" Ryan asked and I looked at the dining table that was full of food. Everything looked so delicious, my stomach hurt from not eating yesterday and when I looked at the clock I noticed that I had plenty of time for breakfast.

"Yes, of course, I w…." I started to say.

"I don't think she has time for breakfast," Lucy said, interrupting me. She was my step mother and Ryan's mother and she hated me. She walked over to the dining table and started to put food on Ryan's plate.

"But, why mom?" Ryan asked, running towards his mom.

"Because she is not hungry, Ryan. If you don't believe me then ask her." Lucy replied, smiling at Ryan and then looking at me, glaring angrily at me. I knew she didn't want me to touch the food let alone eat it, so I quickly moved my hand away from my stomach and smiled at Ryan, he was looking right at me and his eyes were asking me if his mother was telling the truth or not.

"Yes Ryan, I'm not hungry. Don't worry, you eat, and I'm going to go to the office, or I'm going to be late." I replied, lying through my teeth. I was starving, but Lucy gave me a satisfied look and I turned on my heel, heading towards the front door to leave. I just reached the front door, when Lucy came out and stopped me.

"I hope you haven't forgotten that you need to leave the house soon, Sara," Lucy said, reminding me. My shoulders tensed up at the sound of her voice and I opened the door, leaving without giving her the satisfaction of looking back. I have had enough of that woman and decided that while I was walking to work.

I would look for an apartment on Google, I had to get out of that house as soon as possible. Lucy was my dad's new wife, even though she was only ten years older than me and had only been married to my dad for two months, she wanted me out and straight away.

The house originally belonged to my dad and me, but when he married he gave her the house, without even telling me. My dad must have a thing about marriage because Lucy is his fourth wife, I know my dad gets lonely, but he can't live without a woman and because of this, my life has drastically changed and not for the better. Lucy doesn't want me in the house and has tried everything she can think of to get me to leave, her latest scheme is not letting me eat anything while I am there.

I thought my dad would have stuck up for me and put a stop to it, but instead, he agreed with Lucy and told me that it would be best for us to live separately. The day he said those words to me was the day he broke my heart, I thought that we would always be able to share everything, but it was just a dream. I decided there and then that I was going to find an apartment and move out of there straight away, hopefully getting one closer to the office, but the only one I would miss would be Ryan.