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The Amazing Son-in-law Rylan Albert

The Amazing Son-in-law Rylan Albert



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Marrying into his wife's family for three years, he has been called a loser by his wife, despised by his mother-in-law and looked down upon by his relatives. Nice husband as he is, he receives no respect. Yes. He lives with her wife's family in his wife's place. So what? Every dog has its day! Lions don't get trapped in cages! You spat on me back then, but now, I'm beyond your reach!
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Chapter 1

A plain shop of jade sculpture in City J.

There was a young man who was scrutinizing an emerald jade sculpture in his hand.

What he wore seemed to be all from a second—hand shop. He looked like a square peg in a round hole when he stood in this graceful and classy place.

Most of the customers here were lovers of jade sculptures and antiques. They all looked at the young man with disdain.

Obvious, they didn't think he belong to this place.

How dare a penniless vagrant like him come here?

All of a sudden, their attention was no longer focused on the young man.

There were roars of car engines from outside.

The street was in an uproar and pedestrians made way for the cars.

A dark brown Bentley took the lead. Five black Mercedes—Benzes went after it. They stopped at the door of the shop.

After the car door was opened, ten bodyguards in black helped an elder get off. The old gentleman was well—dressed and carried a noble aura. Then he walked towards the shop.

The customers in the shop were all surprised when they saw him. Who was this big shot?

It must be profitable to make friends with such a man.

The well—dressed old gentleman walked into the shop and looked around.

When he saw the young man, his face was filled with joy at once. Then, he walked to the young man in a hurry.

The young man looked like a servant beside the old gentleman.

However, the old gentleman showed great respect to this young man.

"Mr. Albert, it's the fifth time that I come to you."

The Albert family needs a decision maker, and you are the only legitimate heir.

We need you to come back and take charge. Please, Mr. Albert!" The old gentleman looked at Rylan Albert with respect.

Hearing how the old gentleman addressed the young man, everyone in the shop was stunned.

Rylan didn't shift his gaze from the jade sculpture in his hand. There was no emotion but indifference in his eyes.

"The Albert family needs a decision maker, but what does it have to do with me? I'm only an outcast!" Rylan placed the jade sculpture on the shelf. Then he turned around and looked at the old gentleman with indifference.

"Mr. Albert, you are in the direct line of descent from the Albert family!" the old gentleman said helplessly.

"I'm not competitive since I was a child. I don't care about fame and gain."

"Even so, they still believed that I would be the next patriarch of the family and drove me out."

"It was the Alberts who forced me to leave. Now that they are in trouble, they want me to come back just like that?"

"What? Am I their pet? When they need me, I should just wag my tail and run back to them?"

"No! A pet even lives better than me. I'm just a stray dog now. Listen! I have nothing to do with the Albert Family anymore. Don't come to bother me again."

After Rylan finished speaking, he took the jade sculpture after the shop owner wrapped it up. Then he turned around to leave without hesitation.

He didn't even spare a look at the Bentley, which was worth a fortune, at the door.

The old gentleman behind him wore a worried look. He opened his mouth and blurted out nothing but a sigh.

"How's everything going?" The old gentleman looked at the shopkeeper.

"It's all done, sir! I have replaced the jade sculpture with the one you brought." The shopkeeper fawned upon him.

The old gentleman nodded.

Although Rylan was unwilling to come back, it could not change the fact that he was the only legitimate heir of the Albert family.

From now on, everything in Rylan's life would change.

"Mr. Albert, the Albert family has been here for three hundred years. I can't see it die out and do nothing. Please forgive me," the old gentleman sighed to himself.

He then dialed a number and went straight to the point. "The family Mr. Albert married into will hold a company ceremony tomorrow. Go prepare a nice gift!"


The Synder family was well—known throughout City J.

Although the Synder Group was not a leading enterprise, it was quite famous in City J.

Three years ago, Rylan was driven out of the Albert family and fled to City J. Ayden Synder, the master of Synder family, married a Synder to Rylan.

No one knew what had happened between Rylan and Ayden, but the wedding was a hit in City J.

Emelia Synder was a lady from the Synder family. Although she was not in the direct line of descent, she was a member of the Synder family and Ayden Synder doted on her very much.

What was more, she was an attractive beauty. Many men from rich families tried all their might but they couldn't have a meal with Emelia.

However, such a gorgeous lady from a noble family married to Rylan, a nobody. This became a big laughing—stock in City J.

Only Ayden knew Rylan's true identity. However, a month after Rylan's wedding, Ayden passed away and took the secret with him.

Since then, no one knew Rylan's true identity. Thus, everyone only took him as a nobody who lived in his wife's place.

At first, Rylan stayed at the Synder's house out of Ayden Synder's kindness.

Out of his expectation, he fell in love with Emelia after three years.

Rylan suffered overwhelmed ridicule and disdain in the past three years. He was just a clown in everyone's eyes.

However, Rylan already yielded to the reality. He had been used to this life after all those years.

It was unbelievable that Rylan stayed calm and indifferent when he faced such an alluring offer just now.

As long as he nodded, he would gain fame, respect and hundreds of billions. However, he turned it down.

What lay under the fancy cover of a rich family was intrigue.

Rylan had seen it thorough since he was a child, so he just wanted to be an idle man.

Even so, he was still treated as a threat and driven out of the Albert family.

When they tried everything they could do to force him to leave, the Albert family had never expected that they would beg the outcast to come back and take charge.

"But I just want to be a loser now." Rylan laughed at himself.


When Rylan came back home, he was greeted with an angry middle—aged woman sitting on the sofa.

She was no other than Adeline Palmer, Rylan's mother—in—law.

After Rylan walked in, Adeline stared at him with a murderous look.

"Where have you been? It took you forever to shop for groceries. What a loser!" Adeline was furious and looked at Rylan with extreme disgust.

"Mom, the market is five kilometers away from our neighborhood. I came back on foot," Rylan lowered his head and replied.

"Don't call me Mom! I don't want a loser like you to be my son—in—law. Look at the trash you bought!

I can't figure out what was Emelia's grandfather thinking about back then. Why did he marry such a trouble to Emelia?" Adeline became angrier after she heard Rylan's explanation.

Rylan remained silent. Adeline was his mother—in—law, after all.

Since he married into the Synder family three years ago, Rylan had suffered the contempt from Adeline and the others.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a click and a tall woman walked in.

She wore a black business suit. A white shirt went with suit jacket and a black tight skirt with black socks, which gave her a strong aura.

Her legs were slender and straight. She was in a good figure.

Her long black hair accented her fair and delicate face.

Her features were charming, especially her big eyes. They were like stars in the night and nobody could not be attracted by them.

Her beauty also showed the charm of City J.

If you walked down the streets here, you would be greeted with many good—looking ones. Emelia was one of the most gorgeous in this place.

And she was also Rylan's nominal wife.

Emelia couldn't help but frown after she looked up.

"Rylan, why are you here? Shouldn't you go cook?" Emelia seemed to talk to a stranger.

"Emelia, you're finally back. Do you know how much trouble he has caused to us today?" Adeline said with hatred.

"What's up?" Emelia glanced at Rylan calmly. It was not a surprise for her.

Since Rylan married into the Synder family three years ago, he had brought lots of humiliation to them.

Emelia was already used to it.

However, Rylan was a little embarrassed. He could accept that Adeline knew he bought the cheapest stuff in the market, but he didn't want Emelia to know this.

"You know what? What he bought in the market is all the cheapest stuff nobody wants! He used the trash to cook for us!

Fortunately, it was my poker game partners in our neighborhoods who found this. I can't even imagine how they laugh at us behind our back. We might have become beggars in their eyes."

Adeline went angrier and more excited as she spoke. She wished she could slap Rylan hard across his face right now.

Hearing this, Emelia frowned. What Rylan did was truly disgraceful!

However, her frown disappeared as she looked at Adeline. "Mom, have you given him money? How could he pay the bill without money?"

"Well... He is a man. Does he need money from his mother—in—law when he shops for groceries? Can't he earn the money?" Adeline was stupefied at first when she heard this, but she still gave an arrogant reply.

"I remember that you ask him not to go to work and take care of the household duties." Emelia frowned again.

Although she didn't like Rylan either, it was indeed Adeline's fault this time.

"Come on! Even if I asked him to go out to work, what jobs can he do?" Adeline snorted. This matter had finally come to an end.


The air at dinner was depressive. Adeline was still angry about what had happened just now.

"The Synder Group will hold the anniversary celebration tomorrow. You should know how important this is. Did you get a gift?" Adeline asked.