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Forced to Marry the Alpha

Forced to Marry the Alpha



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She is the typical fresh out of high school girl. She lives with her single mother, and cannot afford to go to college or university. One day she comes home from work to find a hot stranger in her living room who expects her to marry him. This sexy stranger is a cocky and arrogant soon-to-be alpha and king. As she is forced to marry him she discovers two things. One:She is a descendant of a demon and she possesses unnatural demon powers Two:She actually begins to like this cocky and arrogant Alpha king
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Chapter 1

Normal people are suprised with things like new phones and money. People like me get surprised with a new husband.

"Beverly Hills! That's where I want to be! Livin' in Beverly Hills!" I sang while dancing around my messy room. Boots and Priscilla, my two cats, sat on my desk chair. Boots is a grey tabby, and Priscilla is one of those extremely fluffy white cats, she is my little cotton ball. They were my best pals, and we always listened to music at the highest sound in my room.

Before work, I always jam to my favourite music. It got me pumped for another super exciting shift at Johnny's Sports! Note the sarcasm. Someone purchasing a hockey stick is the equivalent to fighting a giant cyclopes.

I threw on some skinny jeans, shoved on my work shirt, and then grabbed my phone and wallet.

"Mom, I'm leaving!" I shouted while running down the stairs.

"Okay sweetie, have a good shift." She replied.

"I just can't wait for all of the excitement that is going to happen." I said cheerily and I saw my mom poke her head out of the kitchen and roll her eyes at me.

"It's money, Beverly." She called back. I made a face and walked out to the vehicle my mother and I shared. We didn't have enough money for a separate vehicle and if she wasn't working I could use it to go to work.


I yawned tiredly as I drove back home, sometimes I needed a break from socialization and I needed to go hibernate in my room with my cats. Call me psycho but it's true, I really thrived on that quiet time I had.

I stepped into the house to notice the lights were on and I frowned confused. Mom was in bed at around eleven and I stayed to help clean up so it was midnight, but the house looked like it was day time. Both Boots and Priscilla waited by the door for me sitting side by side and they both meowed at me.

"What's going on? You guys partying?" I asked as I heard the small pound of their feet following me into the kitchen. I dropped the keys and my wallet onto the table and I slid off my shoes while leaving them by the back door so that my mom could yell at me later for it.

"Mom?" I called out.

"In here, sweetheart." Her voice was strained, and weaved with trouble. I found that highly unusual, since her voice was normally so preppy.

As I walked into the living room, I saw two strangers standing beside my mom. One was a man, and the other a woman. The man had black hair that was beginning to turn grey at the sides. He wore an expensive looking black suit, and dark dress shoes to match. The woman, who I assumed was his wife, had a petite looking model figure, she wore a black pencil skirt, black pumps and blouse along with a black blazer.

"Ma, these friends of yours?" I inquired, while grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Beverly," she began nervously, "These people are; Mr. and Mrs. Veil," She said, while looking between me and them awkwardly. She continued, "Erm, we have something important to tell you."

"Mom, you're being awkward. Stop that." I told her and she looked at me and took a deep breath.

"Beverly, when I found out that I was pregnant with you I was very young and your father had already left. Times were rough and I could barely support myself, let alone a baby. I was desperate and someone offered me a deal I couldn't turn down. I rushed into a decision that I now regret so very much." She told me while letting out a deep, sorrowful sigh as she finished.

"What? Did you put me up for adoption, and they are now coming to collect me? Because I can leave." I said as I slowly made my way to the door and grabbed the keys from the table.

"Beverly do not sneak out that door. We can all see you." My mom warned but I just narrowed my eyes skeptically and still picked up the keys.

"I—I made a deal that once you turn eighteen, they could take you..." she trailed off while rubbing her forehead; "To be their sons' wife." She finished. Her voice was barely a whisper and she watched as my body froze as I was sliding on my shoe.

"Sorry, can you repeat that? I thought you just said I'm going be their sons' wife, but surely I'm mistaken." I said while laughing lightly and waving her off.

"Beverly, we want you to be our sons' wife." Mrs. Veil said with a charming smile.

"That's funny. Listen I'm going to head to McDonald's for some nuggets and I will see you in a week because I'm not doing that." I said while putting on my other shoe and they all just stared at me.

"Sorry, that means thanks but no thanks." I said cheerily.

"Beverly, this is not a choice. Your mother sold you to us. We were supposed to have taken you earlier, but your mother disappeared. We just recently found your new location." Mrs. Veil explained.

I wonder if I throw this chair in their general direction, maybe it will be like a smoke bomb and I can make my escape through the back door. I have money for Boots and Priscilla.

Both Boots and Priscilla meowed at me and I looked at them and raised my eyebrows and my hands slowly inched toward the chair.

"Beverly do not throw that chair." My mom said and I narrowed my eyes at her while taking my hands away from it.

"How much did they pay you?" I asked curiously.

"One million dollars," she muttered, with her head hung in shame.

"What!?" I growled while staring at her angrily.

"I'm only worth one million dollars to you? I'm easily the funniest person in this room and probably on the whole planet!" I yelled while feeling so much anger rise in my chest.

"Beverly, darling, I am so sorry!" She choked out between sobs, her eyes now red and skin blotchy.

"No. Don't you dare 'darling' me! Was it really that bad? So bad that you had to sell your one and only daughter off to people you don't even know!" I exclaimed loudly.