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This Love Brings Trouble

This Love Brings Trouble



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A car accident took away her memory of the last seven years. When she woke up, she saw the man who she fell for at the first sight. And it turned out that he was her ex-husband. Before she registered the shocking news, he took their son to her ward.
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Chapter 1

Natalie's POV:

God, the beeping is so annoying, and the smell of disinfectant... Why's everything white here? Am I in the hospital?

Oh, right! I remembered why I am here now.

At the basketball game yesterday, I noticed a cute guy. Although my friends said that compared with my suitors, they saw nothing special from him, my heart just flipped when I saw his smile. He is tall and attractive like the other guys I know. Anyway for me, he was one of a kind and I believed he was the one for me. I made up my mind and asked Lia to find out his things. However, when I just knew the guy's name, my Dad called and told me a piece of bad news. I had a fiancé who I barely knew. My father said that it was totally up to me, but I had to meet him tomorrow at least. So, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol. And when I was staggering across the street, then BANG! I ended up with a car accident.

I should stay away from alcohol since now. Look what it made me suffer!

Wait?! Why's there a guy sleeping beside my bed? Do I know him?

I think I met him before... Right! The basketball game! I asked Lia to find out this guy's things for me.

What's his name? Yeah! Kenneth Dennis!

But he seems a little different from the first time I saw him. Is it because he didn't shave? Or because he is in a suit now? God! He's so attractive even when he's sleeping, but I prefer the way when he's up. I will do anything I can to watch his smile again, to see those cute little dimples. And I really miss his Adam's apple. It's so sexy when he's drinking water...

Oh no! He wakes up! Should I say hello first?

"Hey... I..." My voice is hoarse. Embarrassing...

"Doctor! Doctor! She's up! She wakes up!"

Well... I guess it's okay to talk to the doctor first. He seems so excited. But ... how did he know me and why did he stay beside me when I was in a coma? That doesn't make any sense...

"Don't worry, Mr. Dennis. Ms. Ellison is out of danger now. I will tell the nurse to change her dressing later."

"Okay! Thank you, doctor."

"You are welcome!"

No way! Here are only two of us again. It's awkward. Should I greet him now and say "thank you"?

"Hey... Mr. Dennis, I..."

"I know what you want to ask about. Don't worry about the visitation rights. Since you've been in a coma for a month, I will take the child here when I'm free. And after you are discharged from the hospital, you can visit him as long as you want. As for..."

"I'm sorry, sir! What are you talking about? Who is the child and why do I want to see him? You just confused me. And could you explain the visitation rights? What's that?" Why did he speak like a robot? He looked like a gentleman when he was talking to the doctor. I hope that I see it wrong, but he becomes a little aloof after the doctor left. Does he hate me or something?

"Visitation rights are limitations on child custody. When a couple divorces and sole custody is granted by the court to one of the parents, the non—custodial parent maintains the right to see and visit the child. Do I make myself understood?" He is more like a robot now. How can he do this? No emotion and no rise and fall in his voice.

"I guess I need a little time to process your words. You mean I got the visitation rights when I divorced, right?"


"Then who's my ex—husband?"


You are my ex—husband? When did I marry you?! This is not my other dream, right?

"Well... Sir, I got to tell you it's not funny at all when you try to make jokes but wear such a solemn look. I don't know who told you that I have a crush on you. You might not like me, but you don't have to repel me in this way."

"Jokes? What tricks are you playing, Natalie Ellison?"

"No tricks! Listen carefully, man! I just met you once at the basketball game. If you don't like me, you can just tell me."

"The basketball game? I don't play basketball after university."

"Could you stop it? It's not funny! You are just 21. How could you graduate after a month?"

"I'm 28."


"And I'm not joking. We got a divorce, believe it or not."

"Then when did I marry you?"

"When you were 23."

"Then how old am I now?"


What?! Did I have a time travel in the car accident and come to seven years later?

"Ms. Ellison? Are you alright? I'm here to change your dressing. Mr. Dennis, would you mind?"

"Fine. Where is the doctor?"

"In the office."


"Doctor, what's wrong with her?"

"I guess it's selective amnesia. That's why she only remembers the things that happened when she was twenty. In other words, she loses the memory of seven years. It requires some additional medical examinations to find out the cause, which will take some time. But you can rest assured. She's fine."

Phew! It's not time travel but just selective amnesia... Wait! So it means that what Kenneth just said is all true! I married Kenneth Dennis, the man I fall in love with at the first sight. It's like I have the winning lottery ticket! I'm Mrs. Dennis!

"Why's the dopey grin?"


Oh, no! This man is my ex—husband now. The ticket expires!

"Hmmm... Nothing! Nothing! Anything else?"

"No. If I have time tomorrow, I will bring the boy here."

Yeah! Right! I have a baby with him! Then it means that we have...

"You blushed."

What the hell was I thinking just now? My face's hot. I must look silly!

"Ahem! Okay... Well... Can I ... can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Why did we divorce?"