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The Cursed Prince's Elixir

The Cursed Prince's Elixir

Author: Jedidah Sage


General Romance

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My life was pretty much simple before all this, Well maybe not that simple but simple anyway... I wasn't your typical Princess of the castle instead I was more or less like the fairytale Cinderella only that I never did really have a Prince charming up until now.. To cut it all short, I am suddenly entangled in a Royal mess.. They say I am the Sheba— the cure to the Prince's curse not to feel— His elixir. And this is too much for me to bear, especially now that I might be falling in love with this prince that is Cursed to an heart of ice!
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Chapter 1


  The morning sun shone directly into my eyes as I blinked it open. I looked around remebering that my stepmum didnt allow me to sleep at home

  yesterday night because I didn't finish selling the knitted scarfs she asked me to make.

  I had to sleep in one of the open stalls that was in front of our house. I slapped a palm on my thigh as an housefly tried to feed on me, I stood up grabbed the sack of scarfs and made my way into the house.

  My name is Sarafina Belaird. My mum died when I was three. I didn't really know her cause I was very little, so I couldn't grieve her. Dad remarried when I clocked six. Kayla was a good woman or so I thought.

  She was very nice to me when she was courting Dad, she bought me things,she even made scarfs for me. She taught how to make them too.

  She had three daugters. Raina, Zella and Cirona. Raina and Cirona were twins,they were my agemates. While Zell was the youngest. The twins never liked me but Zella was my best friend even though she was three years younger than me.

  She was the only one that understood me.

  Kayla changed when she finally married my Dad, she became very cruel towards me. She made me do all the house chores leaving her daughters out of it.

  Anytime Zella tried to help,she would beat me up and warn me never to indulge her daughter in filthy task.

  Dad was rarely at home,he was one of the King official envoys. So he was always travelling to different cities on behalf of Zedora.

  Anyways,enough about me.



  * *

  As I got to the door, I tapped it but there was no answer. I tapped it again.

  "Who is that!" Kayla asked from inside.

  "I'm the one ma" I replied.

  She flung the door open.

  "you! Have you finished selling the scarfs?"

  "No ma, but I will take it to my spot as soon as I take my bath"

  She eyed me warily and dropped another set of scarfs on me. "sell that one too and don't come back until everything is finished"

  "But Mother, Fina can't go to the Market today,the prince has arrived from his journey and is going to be outside and she might get killed" Zella said from behind Kayla.

  Truly, the prince had just arrived from the civilized province where he went to study more. Though I had never been outside Zedora before but I had heard stories of the people of the civilized province.

  People say they think like gods and have answers and solution to every problem.

  I wish to go there one day.

  I don't think it is a dream that can ever come true.

  "Why don't you shut up and mind your business" Raina snapped.

  "Stupid girl,was I talking to you" her mother said.

  Cirona looked at me and snorted.

  "It would be better if you get killed, but you are still useful for us"

  I sighed while Zella pulled me inside.

  "Come on Fina,let's go inside"

  Kayla hissed and walked away.

  I sighed again.

  This was my life.


  * *


  "You know I still don't know why there is a special day for you to roam around the streets of Zedora,not like you can feel the sun or something" Jafar my cousin said to me as I prepared to leave.

  I don't know why Dad entertained his stupid family in the palace, even a blind person will see that he and his father was coveting the throne.

  But Father still believed there is always good in people, even after

  Jafar's Father, Maximus tried to kill him in his sleep.

  I scoffed.

  That I am cursed does not mean I can't feel the sun, but I wasn't about to explain that to the moron standing before me.

  "What should I feel when you say those things?"

  He glared at me and stormed out.

  Stupid cousin.

  I grabbed my royal scarf which I use to cover my face, so that only my eyes will be seen and my way to the carriage waiting for me outside.