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Mr. CEO Wants to Marry Me

Mr. CEO Wants to Marry Me

Author: kurisu



Kaitlyn found her fiancé cheating on her, the worst part is someone tricked her and had a one-night stand with a strange man. Full of resentment, she chose to leave and disappeared. However, after five years. Kaitlyn came back with her four years old genius son, Nathan. Unexpectedly, Nathan met a Cold CEO who has a lot of resemblances on his features in a piano competition. Kaitlyn saw the two, and stunned to see their similarities, a fury arose to her heart. Was he the bastard who had raped her five years ago?
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    At the mansion, a young man had just come out of the bathroom, his waist was only wrapped around a bath towel. He is very handsome as if Apollo had come to life.

    "Damn." With a low curse, the man lowered his head and looked at the reaction on his body, with a look of annoyance and embarrassment.

    He picked up his phone and called his assistant, "Get me a clean woman to come in."

    "Sir, are you saying that you want to have a girl tonight?"

    "Yes, I drink a wrong thing at the cocktail party, hurry up." His muffled voice was impatient.

    "Okay sir, we will find a girl right now."


    In front of a sign of a landscape lamp, the casually dressed girl raised her head and looked at the snake-like route map, feeling quite speechless.

    Obviously, she came to travel for a tour, and got lost.

    What's even more annoying is that her mobile phone’s battery was drained and she hasn't seen any people halfway through to ask for help.

    She walked continuously because she had no choice but to go forward and didn't know she had arrived into the luxury private residence area.

    “Finally, a mansion with a golden wall in the night appeared, and she was overjoyed that there was a place to come.

    “At last! A house! I’m so tired!”

    Although the villa looked high-end and atmospheric, she had to remove her shyness and go inside in order to ask the way back to her hotel.

    She rang the doorbell and the door open.

    She froze for a moment, feeling that the owner who opened the door was too shy.

    Stepping into the palace-like lavish and dazzling hall, Kaitlyn asked the quiet hall, "I-Is there anyone here? I just want to ask something."

    No one answered her, it was impossible that there’s no people there! The gate opened and the light was turned on, and it was obvious to her that there must be someone in this villa!

    Maybe the people were on the upstairs?

    Kaitlyn stepped up, she saw the direction of the master bedroom with the light on, she swallowed her own saliva, and she was so tense.

    She had been lost for half an hour, and without finding anyone to ask for directions, she would have to spend the night in the street.

    "Is anyone there?” She asked as she stepped into the half-open bedroom door.

    Suddenly, a powerful force slammed through her wrist, and her whole body was pulled into the room.

    The next second, the light in the bedroom went out.

    "W-wait, who are you?! What are you going to do to me?!” Kaitlyn screamed out in panic.

    "Shut up." The man's rough voice sounded coldly.

    "Why are you turning off the lights?" Kaitlyn asked in extreme panic. Did she encounter a perverted murderer? And want to kill her?

    "I don't want to see you." The man's tone was cold and disgusted.

    The man apparently treated her as the comfort woman who had been sent to the door by his assistant.

    Kaitlyn was terrified and confused, her body was picked up by the man, and she threw her on the bed fiercely.

    She was instanly dizzy, and the man's strong body went straight down on her.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Kaitlyn pushed him desperately, "Bastard, let go of me! You fucking pervert!"

    Her screams and horror were blocked by the man's strong domineering in the next second, and her open lips and tongue were clasped by the man because this man hates noisy and disobedient women the most.

    What right did she have to refuse him? The money he paid is huge.

    The woman smell is damn sweet, like not a regular prostitute. So his original somewhat bored mood has become greedy, and he constantly wants to explore more.

    Kaitlyn's eyes widened, and her small hand struggled to push away the man who was harassing her, but she can’t.

    He held both of her hands up and kissed her. He used his tongue to open her closed teeth.

    After playing her soft tongue, he went to her cheeks and to her neck.

    Even though the light was off, he could still feel the softness of her skin. And he feels something different about the woman that was sent to him.

    As he enjoyed the skin and smell of Kaitlyn from licking her skin freely.

    Kaitlyn still trying to push him back but she couldn’t resist.

    He was annoyed because he paid this woman huge and she has no right to fight back.

    She even went to the room by herself which no one forced her, just how she accepted the payment to her.

    His stubborn tongue landed on her bouncy soft breast down to her waist.

    The hair all over her skin stood up on its own and unexpectedly, her body was getting arouse too.

    Later on, he pulled her pants together with her undies and went straightly down to her clit.

    “Ugh!” She was in mixed emotions.

    Her body started to heat uncontrollably. She even bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning but she couldn’t help it.


    "What is this? I was going to eject something. I didn’t like why I ended up in this situation but it looks like my body enjoyed it!" In her head, Kaitlyn shouts. “There’s something coming out of me!”

    “Ughhhhhhh!!!” she screamed loudly and uncontrollably where he visibly saw how she enjoyed it.

    Kaitlyn's orgasm was released where he became more aroused by it and lapped the fluids that were pouring from her before rising up.

    When he licked Kaitlyn's body again, her body was still shivering from her climax.

    He sat on her and slid his cock inside her pussy slowly.

    It was hot and wet inside that made him slid it smoothly in and out.

    Kaitlyn's eyes welled up with tears as he totally entered his cock. He kissed Kaitlyn passionately and deeply.

    He adored her smooth neck, she wanted to resist but she can't resist the tongue that kept playing on her ears and neck.

    He gently entered and exited Kaitlyn's pussy, causing Kaitlyn to feel pleasure.

    He held Kaitlyn hard as he realized he was ready to depart. He also quickens his speed till he says, "I'm Cumming!" He exclaimed, "Ooohhhhhhhh!"

    Kaitlyn appeared to shock back to reality when she realized the guy had fired his sperm within her womb.

    "Oh my gosh!  Did you just fire your sperm into my body?" Her pulse became erratic as a result of her anxiety.

    A sharp pain that reached deep into her body grabbed her, and she whimpered out in his deep kiss, tears rolling down the corners of her eyes like broken beads.