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A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

Author: Author Starlight


General Romance

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‘A dream come true’ Aliza, a girl in her early twenties is the CEO of one of the top brands in the country. She achieved a lot in her career and is known for her professionalism and cold personality.Every staff of her office fears her. Her life is not what it seems to be.After her father died she grew up and took over her father’s company. Her mother married another man,Jim Cullen.After few years, Aliza’s mother(Elina) met with an accident and went into coma for 10 years. ‘Is she really like this what the world sees or there is more to it that no one knows?’ Aliza,who always carried cold and strict expressions all the time, had an innocent and delicately designed face ,especially her hazel eyes with long thick eyelashes was the most attractive feature of her looks. No one could tell by looking at those eyes that they cried the most. ‘Is there anyone who can melt her stone heart?‘Why does she keep herself in a shell always?’ ‘Is there anyone who will help her understand her and love her unconditionally? What will happen if the secrets are spilled?’
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Chapter 1

In front of the renowned brand ‘Mackenzie tech’ building, a black Mercedes stopped. The driver rushed to open the door of the passenger seat and bowed respectfully. A twenty five years old woman stepped out of the car in her high heels and dressed elegantly in her black dress which fitted well and covered her thighs properly. Simultaneously, a few office employees rushed in a nervous way and greeted her. Her P.A Zara informed her about the arrival of one of the top branded company’s CEO.

“Get the presentation and contract papers from my car” Aliza ordered one of her staff.

As soon, Aliza entered the building, each and every staff member greeted her. Everyone was afraid of her because of her cold expressions and strict manner.

Wearing the same cold expression, she gave her personal assistant, Zara, the briefs.

Aliza is a successful business woman and is known for her extreme punctuality and professionalism.

She entered the conference hall at exactly 9:30 am. She takes her seat and with a proper, well manned yet serious enough greet, she starts the meeting.

The renowned brand ‘Arnoult tech’ wanted to collaborate with Aliza’s company ‘Mackenzie tech’. Both the companies were on top listed brand names of the country.

After the conference,Aliza took out the contract papers in which she added few more clauses. An 65 year old man , who is the CEO of the ‘Arnoult tech’, took the contract papers and read. A while later, he frowned and objected with the clauses that Aliza added.

“We can’t give you 60% of the profit” said the CEO, named jacob Arnoult.

“If Arnoult group wants to collaborate with us then our clauses must be accepted or else we can cancel the deal” stated Mackenzie tech’s executive director, George.

“We can not give you this much of profit, you can get 51% but not 60%, it will be a loss for us” said the director of Arnoult group, Steve.

All this while, Aliza kept quiet and calculated everything precisely in her mind.

“If your company does not accept our clauses then we can end the deal at this very moment” said Aliza with a strict professional expression.

Jacob Arnoult stayed quiet for a while and thought about it. Everyone was waiting for his response.

After measuring all the pros and cons as a smart businessman, he replied

“We accept your clauses, we can sign the contract paper now and initiate our partnership from now on” , he smiled. He had a few grey hairs but still was quite handsome and fit with a little bit of ageing sign.

“Sir it will be a loss for us” whispered the director, steve.

Jacobe smirked, “do not worry”. Jacob knew Aliza was quite famous because she had done great in her career and developed her father”s company incredibly at a young age. She also received awards for her accomplishments. So Jacob thought it was not a loss to be associated with her company because if not the profit, his company will gain more fame. And he was sure that by some other means he could get back the profits.

Aliza faintlly smiled and signed their contract papers.

“Congratulations,Ms Mackenzie” said Jacob followed by the other members of their group.

“Congratulations, Mr.Arnoult and they both shook hands.


A beautiful girl standing on the terrace of her mansion. Gentle breezes were blowing, playing with her dark brown, medium length hair. A pair of mesmerizing hazel eyes was witnessing the sunset and feeling the serenity of the ambience. There were no noise pollution, only the chatter of the birds and the greenery of her huge garden that surrounds her mansion.

A drop of tear fell from the corner of her eye while she smiled bitterly.

Recalling her past, her childhood and her mother who was still in coma. It had been 12 years, when her mother Elina met with a fatal accident and slipped into a coma after that. That accident not only snatched her mother but also snatched all her happiness and colors of her life.

‘ What a game, fate played with me!’ she thought.

Suddenly her phone rang, she took it out from her pocket and responded”Hello”

“What! I am coming, make sure she is alright” she said in a very angry tone.

And quickly rushed, took her car and drove like a maniac towards her destination.