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His Sweet Cutie Pie

His Sweet Cutie Pie




Five years ago, Gu Ningxi was kicked out of the house by her husband Bo Xiaoting, and no one knew she was pregnant. Five years later, she has become a high-ranking president, swearing to be incompatible with the Bo family, but her precious son sneaked out to find his father! She didn't want her son to recognize Bo Xiaoting, let alone have anything to do with him! "Bo Xiaoting, return my son to me!" She rushed to the door of Bo's house angrily, only to see Bo Xiaoting walking out slowly with her son in his arms. "Gu Ningxi, he is also my son. If you want him, come here yourself!" She stepped through the door of Bo's house, which she swore never to enter again, and the icy relationship between her and Bo Xiaoting seemed to change...
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    At night, the city was enveloped in thick clouds and torrential rain.

    Standing in the pouring rain, Gu Ningxi turned to face the guy in front of her.

    The man was standing on the balcony with a long, straight build. His eyes were as ominous as the stars at night.

    His eyes flickered with various unexplainable emotions as he stared at the scruffy Gu Ningxi.

    He eventually pulled a credit card and a ticket out of his pocket and threw them at her. His voice lacked any warmth since it was so icy. "Leave the Bo household and never return!"

    Gu Ningxi shuddered as he turned to look at his back.

    She was well aware of Bo Xiaoting's animosity for her.

    She was severely soaked. A cold quickly surfaced, as though something had emptied out her heart.

    She numbly collected what was left after an unspecified amount of time and turned to go.

    The bedroom's drapes on the second level were opened.

    Bo Xiaoting saw the thin figure as it slowly moved away in the misty rain. He eventually struck the glass as his fists were clinched and hanging by his side.

    Su Qingran stood at the bedroom door and gestured for entry while holding a glass of hot water in her hand.

    But she didn't expect to see such a scene.

    There was a trace of hatred in her eyes!

    The most enviable thing was that Bo Xiaoting even gave her money and sent her abroad?

    And at this moment, he even secretly looked at her walking away in the study room?

    Gu Ningxi, a b*tch as humble as an ant, how could she deserve that?

    A vicious look appeared in Su Qingran's eyes...

    Half an hour later, on the dark and empty road, Gu Ningxi dragged her luggage and walked forward in a daze.

    A motorcycle suddenly came from a distance and snatched away the only luggage she had left.

    She was dragged to the ground and rolled a few times.

    The sharp pain hit her, and her sight went black. She was shrouded in darkness and had no consciousness at all!


    Five years later, in Dorcas.

    In the general manager's office of the headquarter of GN Technology.

    In front of the top African mahogany desk, a beautiful figure was concentrating on reading the documents in her hands.

    Her eyes were beautiful, and she was scanning through the documents efficiently.

    There was a faint fragrance of sandalwood lingering around her, and there was a cup of coffee beside her.

    She wore a limited edition suit that had just appeared in Paris fashion week, which outlined her graceful and exquisite figure. Her long hair was bun-up, looking mature and refreshing, and her face with makeup was beautiful.

    She looked noble and cold.

    One could only watch her from a distance but couldn't get any closer to her!

    At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door.

    Lin Xiu, her assistant, rushed in a hurry. He came in from the outside and said in an anxious tone, "Oh no, Miss Gu, Jingnian has run away from home again!"

    Gu Ningxi frowned and looked at him, and her tone was a little unhappy. "Why are you panicking? It's not the first time he has run away from home. He will come back when it's the time!"


    Lin Xiu stomped his feet anxiously. "It's different this time. He went abroad and brought Chen Suk along!"

    "What did you say?"

    Gu Ningxi's face turned cold. She put down the document in her hand and asked, "Where did he go?"

    "He went to the Xyprus, North City."

    Lin Xiu replied quickly and handed over his phone to Gu Ningxi.

    On it, there were two red dots, which were exactly the coordinates of where Gu Jingnian was!

    "What is he trying to do?"

    Gu Ningxi's expression was a little ugly. She immediately took out her mobile phone and called Gu Jingnian.

    Soon, a notification came over the phone. "Sorry, the number you dialled has been turned off..."


    Her eyes darkened, and her expression was a little weird.

    Why did he have to go to North City?

    What was this kid trying to do?