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...“I love you, you've captured my heart and whole being in a month of living and doing things with you, all I want is to place my whole Love on you, just please don't let me go!” She cried into the back of his Coat as she shuddered from the height of her sob. Her heart was broken because she had never loved anyone as much as she loved this man, though he'd been cold and very rude, but she just loved him the way he is and in fact, it may actually be the reason she fell In love with him... “I do not want your Love, Alvira, I do not want you either, so can you...?” He gestured to the arms wrapping his waist. “For Christ sake this was a Fucking contract and I have given you your pay, so why asking for more?” He added calmly. “Because the pay isn't enough Fen, I need more than that, I NEED YOUR LOVE!!, you can even take your money, just give me your Heart please...” Alvira's voice had become croaky from the sobs, she unwrapped her arms from his waist and placed one of her palm over her mouth to stop herself from crying out. All she just wanted was to be a part of his existence, to be with Fenris Vilkas; This 27 years old handsome Transylvanian Billionaire, what more would she ever look onto as long as he's there? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fenris Vilkas was more of a god than a Human in everything he did. He lived a weirdly silent and obscure life, harboring secrets that could never had been made known until Audrey came along. She dug into his deepest places, swearing to put together the delicate fragments left of his callous heart, turned out all hopes were lost, the wall was too rigid to break through. But who knew this Man actually had a supple spot? A spot that only his secret occupied.
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Chapter 1

“Fenris please!” cried Alvira Salvador who pleaded as she dropped to her knees before Fenris, her pretty fingers fiddling with the last large button of his black Trench coat. "Please I can do anything you ask me and I won't request anything more from you, just accept me for another month, I beg of you, Fenris, please." she rasped amidst her tears and trails of it slid down her eyes to wet her creamy cheeks before dropping down on her bent knees.

Fenris slowly untangled her fingers from his Coat and backed away from her. Letting out a dry chuckle, he gracefully took four steps away from Alvira, it was surprising how he'd not called his Securities to throw her out of the room yet. "Alvira, dear...” he mumbled in a deep growling voice which was affected by the pleasant Transylvanian accent and a touch of Irish. "I must admit that you were such a wonderful woman and I commend you for that, but the thing is... I do not accept more than a month and you would not be the first."

"Fenris, what is it you want? Am I not enough for you? Am I not pretty? Please tell me the flaw and I'll do my best to correct it." The poor Lady rasped again, attempting to draw close to Fenris but he held out his hand as a gesture for her to stop.

"Do not get me wrong, Alvira. You are... one most pretty, Intelligent, graceful and humble person I have met but it is what it is." He said and turned around to leave but couldn't when the Lady panicked and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I didn't really want to admit this, Fenris. But I— I... have grown to..." she swallowed, "I have grown to love you since these past few weeks, you've totally captured my heart and whole being in a month of living and doing things with you. I really want to pour all that love on you but please don't just let me go." She cried into the back of his Coat as she shuddered from the height of her sob. Her heart was broken because she had never loved anyone as much as she loved this man, though he'd been cold and very rude but she just loved him the way he was. She wept profusely, still hugging him tight with the thought that he must have changed his mind but his response shocked her to the marrow.

"I do not want your Love, Alvira, I do not want you either. So can you..." He paused, gesturing to the arms still wrapping his waist. "For Christ sake this was a Fucking contract and I have given you your pay, so why asking for more?"

"Because the pay isn't enough, Fenris. I need more than that, I need your Love!! You can even take your money, just give me your Heart, please..." Alvira's voice had become croaky from the sobs, she unwrapped her arms slowly from his waist and placed one of her palms over her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud. All she just wanted was to be a part of his existence. To be with Fenris Vilkas, this 27 years old god-looking Transylvanian Billionaire, what more would she ever look onto as long as he was there? She loved the way he carried himself, the mixed Transylvanian and Irish accent whenever he spoke, His cold and icy behavior and oh... his ever killing looks: tall and long legged, quite slender with broad muscled Chests and orb fleshed muscular arms that threatened to pop out of the Velvet Coat wore. His Face: Eyes so heavenly —one sapphire, the other light green— little reddish pink and thin lined Lips, sharp chiseled Jaws with strong pointed Chin. Looking at him could only leave any gender hypnotized.

The room was now becoming silent while the Transylvanian god stood still on his spot and rubbed his lower Lip with the pinky Finger of his left Hand, Alvira just knelt timidly behind him as she awaited his charming or painful response even if she gave herself a little hope of acceptance, if not for anything else but for her perfection in Intimate matters.

"Just scurry off, Alvira." was Fenris' last and shocking reply before walking gracefully out of the well furnished Hotel room which was booked for the last night of their signed contract.


Aside his beauty and wealth, another attraction of fame and Legions of Admirers was the fact that Fenris was the very first owner and founder of the trending Automobile Industry in Europe which gave him an estimated Net worth of eleven billion dollar, he also had several estates, Companies... name them, he had it all!

Now Standing beside his Window with his Fingers smoothing gently on the Shutters, a light knock on his study Door jolted him out of his deep thoughts and his attention was turned to Connor his Manager who peeked in through the slightly opened Door. "Fenris, do you have time to talk?"Connor asked.

Fenris nodded and Connor pushed the Door open before walking in with an Office File, he locked the Door behind him and proceeded to have a Seat.

"You just threw Alvira off, that was harsh." he mumbled, drumming his Fingers on Fenris' Desk.

The latter raised a brow and Connor huffed.

"Seriously? Man you really had that Lady, she loves you and gave her whole self to you and you just threw her away like that."

"Forget it, Connor, I do not believe in love and aside that... they only want me for what i can offer, nothing else." Fenris snapped and walked to his Seat as Connor rolled his eyes.

"And here I was thinking you'd keep this one, if not for anything thing else but her beauty, popularity and passion for your industry, you knew that Lady could really have helped with the challenge this Industry is facing at the moment."

"I do not need the damned help of anyone to my industry, I can do everything on my own." Fenris cut in rudely as he rubbed his palms together. He pulled off the black gloves sheltering them. "Besides..." He added, "What am I to do with her beauty, popularity and so called passion when I have all those myself?"

"You need to swallow your pride, Man." Connor said with a sigh and dropped the File on the Desk.

"Never thought of that," He slid out a set of clipped Papers from the File and after a brief moment of going through the first page... "What are these?"

"These are the pie chart illustration of the progression of all popular Automobile Industries." Connor bit his Thumbnail, "We are really going down the drain, Fenris." he added as Fenris flipped through the Papers.


"The Sabotage is much and something needs to be done urgently before we totally go down." Connor mused, still biting his Thumbnail while Fenris slammed the Papers on the Desk and got up to his Window.

"Nothing is going to happen, Dear Connor, my fame is so strong and anything under me can not shake."

"Come on, swallow that pride, Fenris. Remember that people are easily convinced and we are talking of more than twenty Industries working together for the down fall of this Industry — that's a real disaster, Man."

Fenris clenched his Jaws and slammed his Fists on the Desk. "Dammit Connor! no matter what Dolphus and his Allies are doing to bring us down, I tell you that it is never gonna work as long as I am here. it is obvious that I am not a coward."

"And that's were all the problems came from, Fenris, your pride is above limits and you need to swallow up some if not for anything else but for the Industry."

"Bull...shit, Connor. bullshit!"

"You know what? the thing is you're loss of ideas and you don't wanna look like a fool calling the Board and Shareholders for a meeting to put Heads together, you wanna place every burden on yourself which is not proper."

"Tell me what is proper, Connor. No, what is proper?"

"I'm your manager, Boss. if you'll let me, I could find a tangible solution to all this, something that will stop this shits at once!"

Fenris relaxed his weight on the table with his Hands and cocked his Head to his side, staring deeply at Connor.

"So what do you think could stop all this shits?" He asked sarcastically.

"Okay so my suggestion is... why don't the Industry do a promo?, or... hire an advertisement Agency to advertise our Automobiles in a way that will attract customers?" Connor suggested while stroking his thick Stubble.

"Hmm, I could do with a promo but hell no for advertising Agencies!"

"Oh yes... It literally escaped my memory that you're a ‘hard to please.’" Connor emphasised as he slipped back the Papers into the File. "Well, I'll arrange with the packaging sectors to add extra parts to the packs." he drummed his Fingers on the table again and got up. "I'll see you later then."

"Uhm....Connor?" Fenris called suddenly just when Connor was about turning the knob. "Organize the News agency." he ordered, waving his Fingers. "I want a new girlfriend."

> > > > > > > >

"Audrey!" Felan called out from the Kitchen.

"Yeah?" replied Audrey from the small Living room.

"Are you watching the News?" Felan stepped into the Room from the Kitchen with a red Plate of Soup noodles, shoving few strings into his little Lip with a pair of Chinese sticks.

"I'm not watching no damn News." Audrey snapped, "I'm on my project." She added.

Felan hummed, sitting on the couch, "Project indeed, or you're rather... googling your crush Boyfriend?" He snorted and tried scoffing another few strings of Noodles but the Plate was grabbed from him.

"Now let's see who has a bigger crush on Fenris Vilkas." Audrey winked as she ate to the Noodles, sitting beside Felan on the Couch and making herself comfortable.

"Do you realize you're eating my sweat prepared meal?" Felan asked, feigning annoyance.

"Yes I do and I'm struggling to care." Audrey slurred with a grin but handed Felan back his Plate when she saw the angry look on his Face.

Are they couples? definitely no!

The two are College mates —Housemates also— whom had become very close friends since they met at School. Felan who was an origin of Bucharest with an Average height, light blue dreamy Eyes, red spiky Hair and a second year in College had helped out the first year American born Audrey Glen to sort out her School papers and get admitted. Ever since then, the two had become very close friends and had to share an Apartment which Felan paid for.

"You should be truly careful with me." Felan joked and Audrey gave him beady Eyes, her light brown shifty eyes captivating the soft side of his Heart and he smiled. "Okay I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, okay?"

Audrey's Phone beeped and she ambled to the Plastic Table, picking up the Phone and scrolling through it.

"What the holy fuck?" She screamed and Felan rushed to her side. He looked into her Phone and rolled his Eyes. "It's no big deal, that's what happens monthly." he mumbled, sauntering back to the Couch.

"Gosh, I never really thought he'd ever fire Alvira Salvador, Christ is she such a beauty Queen!" Audrey sat next to Felan.

"I'm surprised too though, but still it's no new thing to me."

"He's looking for a new Girlfriend." Audrey whispered with a grin and Felan looked at her, his brows knitted.

"Wait, don't tell me that's what you're thinking." he said, pointing at her Face.


"Don't even do it Audrey, are you insane?"

"What's wrong if I become his girlfriend?"

"All's wrong Audrey, you wanna become a sex puppet? he'll use you and dump you after a month." Felan ate the last few strings of Noodles.

"Yeah I know but not if I make him fall for me."

Felan groaned, "You've lost your Brain, Audrey."

"Hey, don't give me that look, it's not a sin."

"You can never make the two eye colored god fall for you, that's for sure. I can even bet my last savings on it." Felan stressed and took up the remote control to turn on the TV.

"Or... is it because you're having a crush on him and feel bad because he's not queer?" Audrey questioned, earning a fierce glare from her friend and she winked.

“No no, I have no feelings for him.”

Audrey shrugged and turned to her Phone instead, giggling excitedly.

“What are you doing, Audrey?” He moved to snatch the Phone from her but she stretched her Hand far. “You act before you think and it makes you take rash decisions, don't do this!” He yelled, still struggling with her.

Audrey finally lets go. “Done! I've just sent a mail and... maybe I'll be called for interview soon, hm.” she beamed as Felan went through her Phone, he looked at her with a frown and she raised her brows. Felan rolled his eyes and got up to the kitchen while Audrey smiled, turning to the TV and sitting back on the Couch.

There was a news now going on, Fenris Vilkas wanted another Sex Puppet —officially Girlfriend.

An Image of the god appeared on the screen and Audrey's cheek suddenly reddened when she saw it, her eyes glowed as she gazed at him dreamingly. Indeed, He was a two eye colored god.

«Dear readers, I just want to inform you all on time that this book is my first, so i don't know how you all will take it —interesting or not— but i do hope you'll love it as time goes. I hope we end this journey as we've started it, please don't forget to drop your review of the book and also vote the Novel if you've deemed it fit. Love you all.»