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Jade has always been a sensible girl, quiet and reserved, always practical. She went to college for finance and worked for her father in his shipping company. However, with his recent death and the sale of his company, everything gets turned upside down when she is introduced to the sexy and elusive Oleksandr Bondar. Oleksandr, known to friends as “Alexi” isn’t your typical billionaire tycoon. Yes, he is the sole owner of one of the most impressive shipping enterprises the world has ever seen, but what makes Alexi so mysterious is he’s a 272-year-old vampire. Alexi is known as being a man of all business and since creating his shipping empire, he has reserved little to no time for women, parties, or relationships. However, things quickly change for both Alexi and Jade’s, when Alexi realizes that Jade, the daughter of Miguel Colón, the man whose company he just acquired, is actually his mate, his human mate. However due to internal chaos within the supernatural’s, Alexi is forced to negate the existence of Jade being his true and fated mate in order to keep her alive. Will Alexi be able to maintain his business composure, resist the mate bond, and keep the supernatural secret from the one he loves, or will Jade be cast into jeopardy when she reveals her undying love for Alexi. Will Alexi be able to refrain, or will he reciprocate her love and finally accept Jade as his one and only fated mate?
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Chapter 1




The morning was hazy and gloomy, hot, and humid as a light rain drizzled lightly along the windowpane. I stared out the window, watching the boats resting in the harbor, allowing my mind to wander and attempt to seize any motivation. I had been averse to getting out of bed this morning, and nothing has done much to change my mood as I sat, staring out into the abyss. I twiddled the pen through my finger’s, knowing today was the last day I would be sitting in this chair, watching the ships of this harbor. My life had been forever changed only a month earlier, with the sudden death of my father.

Reluctantly, I had decided after my father's funeral that I alone would not be able to run this simple, yet prestigious shipping company my father had garnered over the duration of his life. I was only 25, having been out of college only three years, and although I was excellent with numbers, the shipping industry was nothing I was an expert in. The man I had looked up to for my entire life was gone, and with him, the expert knowledge to run this business.

So, I did the only thing I could do, I sold it, and our final closing was Monday. I was finalizing the last reports for the new owner, a person I had not met. My realtor assured me that the purchaser was going to continue company operations and was simply merging my father’s company with a parent company. That was as much as I was privy to until our meeting on Monday, where I would give the new owner all the ins and outs before I departed.

I sat at my desk completely unaware of what the next chapter of my life would be. Perhaps I would travel for a bit before I settled back down? I would have the money, the sale of my father’s company was quite exorbitant, so much so, I didn’t technically ever have to work again if I budgeted my funds correctly. I was my father’s only child and only heir, I had no other family, and no ties to keep me here. My father and I had been a pair, business partners and each other’s everything. I had never even had a serious boyfriend. Of course, I had been on dates, I was a pretty enough girl, but I was socially awkward and typically shy. I didn’t make friends easily and I hated the turmoil of dating. My name was Jade Colón and I lived in the port city of Miami Florida, where life was always a party and hurricanes were frequent.

I heard a soft knock at the door which broke my daydreaming and caused me to spin around in my old wooden chair. I glanced ahead as I recognized my crazy college friend leaning boldly against my doorjamb.

“About time you realized I was here.” She smirked. I sighed I knew she meant well but I had so much work to get done before my day was done. Really, the last thing I wanted to do was socialize.

“Jade, you have been locked away in this office all week It's time for some human interactions don't you think.” She scolded me gently. I scoffed as I spun back around facing my desk and laptop, rolling my eyes.

“Some people have work to do.” I retorted. Scarlet smiled at me, oblivious to the concept that I wanted her to go away. I heard a reciprocal scoff come from the doorway followed by clacking of heels along my wooden floor. Scarlett, in typical fashion trotted over and plopped her shapely ass onto my old antique mahogany desk.

“Girl, really it is time for you to come back to the land of the living things. We are all sorry about your dad, but you cannot become a shut in.” I stared at my screensaver and dropped the pen I had been toying with onto the desktop. I was not really acting any differently, I wasn’t fond of going out and partying frankly. I would rather find a good book and hang out with my cat or walk the beach alone.

“Scarlett not much has changed for me, other than he is no longer with me. I have always been this way.”

“But it’s Friday night and that new club is opening, and you must come with me. You can’t be a shut-in tonight.” She whined at me, scooting herself more onto my desk, shaking her lovely red hair at me with a fake pout.

“I would rather not.” I snubbed, matching my friend’s soft hazel eyes with my rich mocha ones.

“Sis, you need to come out. I don’t want to go alone and besides, you need to unwind, and a drink would be the perfect medicine. You need to come back to the land of the living.” I could tell already that there was no way Scarlett was going to let this go and would whine and plead until I gave in. We were the same age and we had gone to college together. Both of us had pursued degrees in finance, only I had completed my masters, while I was pretty sure Scarlett had simply gone into finance to find a rich husband. Reluctantly, I dropped my head into my hands on the desk.

“There is no way your gonna go away unless I agree to go with you tonight is there.” I stated it as fact, not a question in any sense. I sat up again and pushed a handful of papers I had been supposed to work on into the top corner of my desk.

“Nope.” The redhead smiled triumphantly shaking her head. I sighed dramatically and slumped my shoulders.

“Okay fine, but I do have to get some of these things done today, so you need to go away.” I surrendered. The redhead shimmied her bootie on my desk playfully and leaped to her feet.

“Okay, fair enough.” She said as she gathered her purse, securing the strap over her shoulder. However, she paused and glanced back at me as I re-opened the screen on my laptop.

“What are you doing anyways”. Scarlet asked with genuine curiosity. Although she had used college as a tool for parties and boys, she was incredibly intelligent and was a master of real estate.

“I am finalizing some reports, and getting all of our affairs into a pretty new little package before the new owner takes possession of the company on Monday.” I said, exhaling deeply, despite the necessity of the sale, it was still difficult.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that was Monday already. I am surprised you just didn’t run it yourself. You know how. You’re the smartest person I know… and I know a lot of people.” She smirked playfully.

“As much as I would love to, and after much logical thought, i just don't have the knowledge to run it. I’m good at numbers, I’m not a sailor.” There was a deep sorrow in my heart, I was going to miss this place, and all the people that worked for us, but it was for the best.

“That’s so sad.” She muttered allowed. I shook my head, feeling the same way.

Scarlet frowned as she pulled her thick, long red ponytail across her shoulder. “Yeah, it’s super sad. What are you gonna do when it sells?” she added, watching my expression carefully. “I haven't even gotten that far in my own head yet.” I answered honestly.

“Well girl, this just all sucks, but me and the others are all here for you. But tonight, let’s just toss away our cares and get sloshed. You can sober up tomorrow and be ready for your new excursions Monday.” I took a deep breath and nodded.

“Alright, fine. Now get out of here so I can finish all this up.” I snipped at my friend and returned my attention to my laptop.

“I’ll pick you up at 8pm sharp, and dress hot bitch, love you.” She sassed as she turned around haughtily, and I heard her distinct clipping of her heels departing. I wasn't in the mood for this, but I guess I really didn't have much of a choice. Scarlet was going to drag me along whether I wanted to go or not, so it was best at this point just to get my work done and go.

I finished my work right at 6PM and decided to head back to my apartment. I was both physically and mentally fatigued, and the dreary weather had not helped. In fact, they were projecting a record number of hurricanes this season, but what else was new.

It was mid-August, and although my office was cool and calmy, the outside was hot, humid, and oppressive today. The early morning drizzle led the way for uncharacteristically high humidity, even for Florida standards. I decided to take an uber home, and the steady ocean breeze blew my long Walnut Brown hair all around my face while I waited. I didn’t live all that far from the office, but my prize BMW Z4 was in the shop for maintenance, and I wasn’t planning on getting it back until Monday, after the meeting. When I finally arrived at my apartment however, it was nearing 7pm, as I had offered the Uber ride to buy him Panda Express if he made a slight detour for me. I lived for sweetfire chicken, a hearty mix of veggies and lo mein! For a woman of Hispanic descent, I ate more Asian food than nearly anyone I knew of. I could even cook it, and well if I said so myself. I even had a Siamese cat named Ni Hão, which means hello in Chinese!

I settled into an ivory papasan chair, my food, and chopsticks in hand as I settled in to eat. My cat, of course, came to investigate and steal as much as the lo mein I was willing to part with. I was still wearing my soft gray slacks and silk white tank style top from work, although I had kicked off my ivory platform wedge sandals into the corner by the entrance. I ate slowly, enjoying the reunion after a long day’s work with my cat. He was the only reason I was reluctant to travel too much, I didn’t want to leave him, and I refused to put him into a kennel.

I heard a knock at my door and paused as my cat jumped down and ambled away lazily. I lifted my phone, glancing at my phone. It was nearing quarter after 7. I set my phone down and heard the knock once again.

“Shit.” I grumbled, knowing it had to be Scarlett. I, like the fat blue point Siamese abled out of the round cushion, sat my now empty to-go container onto the counter as I wandered to the door. I opened the door and took a step to the side as my hotheaded friend stormed into my apartment. She was wearing a royal blue one shoulder ruched cut out body-con dress. Scarlett was dressed to kill, her long, thick ginger hair blown out with rich voluptuous curls screaming sex and trouble. I had seen this look before.

“Took long enough.” She spat at me. I simply closed the door, walked back over to the kitchen counter, and tossed the food container into the garbage. “And God forbid you could be ready to go. Luckily, I knew you were going to try to get out of this evening, so I brought everything you need.” Her smile was triumphant, and I felt my soul crushing just a little more as she pulled out the most obnoxious body con, black cutout dress I had ever seen. The dress cutouts were scored down the front of the dress like a triple figure eight connected with pieces of chain.

“Holy hell Scarlett!” I gasped; my eyebrows raised in alarm that my friend would put me into that.

“I know, right! Fabulous!” completely undeterred by my shocked objection as she reached into the shopping bag she had brought and pulled an equally obnoxious pair of strappy five-inch stiletto heels.

“I can’t wear those; I will kill myself.” I rejected, yet Scarlett simply smiled and pursed her lips at me.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you wear heels every day.” Scarlett dropped the dress and the shoes back into the shopping bag and handed them over to me. “Go get dressed so we can go.” I sigh, knowing that I might as well go along because nothing I was going to say or do would change my sassy friends mind. I walk into the bathroom and quickly change as I hear Scarlett’s voice from outside the door.

“The club we are going to is highly exclusive, we need to look the part.” Although I heard her, I chose not to respond. I wriggled into the dress, then sat on the small bench I had set against the wall, slipping on the shoes.

“Are you dressed?” Scarlett asked, I could tell she was leaning up against the door.

“Yes.” I answered simply. She opened the door and paraded into the bathroom.

“Ok, now to get your hair and make-up done.” After about thirty minutes of preening and primping, Scarlett took a step back and looked at me with a pleased grin.

“Now that’s what I am talking about.” I frowned as I stood and wandered over to the mirror. I was hardly a supermodel, and I knew that I had way too many curves for cultural standards, however I wore this dress incredibly well. It hugged every curve, and the cutouts showcased my tanned flat stomach. My breasts were full and perky, so I didn’t need to wear a bra. I felt uncomfortable in the outfit, but I had to admit I looked good. I hardly recognized myself.

I had a caramel complexion with my Hispanic heritage, my father had come from Portugal, my mother had been born in Cuba. I had long glistening walnut brown hair that was thick and voluminous cascading midway down my back. My thick dark lashes and large walnut colored doe eyes matched my hair perfectly. I had pouty lips and high cheek bones and stood a respectable 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed only 120 pounds.

I turned to look in the mirror to see what my crazy redhead friend had done to me and I had to admit, I was shocked at the transformation. I was stunning. My jaw dropped a little as I looked over every detail, as Scarlett had left nothing to chance.

“Wow. I would not have expected that.” I muttered, still awestruck with what she had done to me. She smiled brightly and nudged me gently.

“Girl, that’s what I do. Common, let’s go.”