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Come Get Me, Devil

Come Get Me, Devil


General Romance

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Xiao Jingchen could be a billionaire, or a homeless guy. It depended on whether he would marry Gu Xingyue or not, cause that's Xiao Jingchen's grandpa's will. Having never seen Gu Xingyue before, Xiao Jingchen had to marry her for the legacy. Meanwhile, Gu Xingyue was in bad need of money to save her brother who was a drug addict. Since Xiao Jingchen could help her financially, she agreed on the contract marriage. Xiao Jingchen never wanted a marriage, and he already had a girlfriend. So he sent a dog to be the bride on their wedding to humiliate the bridegroom. However, Gu Xingyue didn't care and scolded the big shot. Being furious, Xiao Jingchen pressed her on his bed...
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Chapter 1

"Mr. Xiao, this will... is there a mistake?"

Tang Ming looked at the two lines of words in horror, and his voice trembled.

Xiao Jingchen took a deep breath and looked at the will. After pausing for a couple of seconds, he said coldly, "Find her and arrange the wedding as soon as possible!"

"Are you really going to marry her?"

"What else can I do?" Xiao Jingchen said coldly, "Since my old man has made such an arrangement, why should I disappoint him?"

"Well... fine! I'll arrange it now..."

In a dark room, a man stood in front of the French window, staring into the dark with a frown.

On the desk behind him was a will that had just been opened. There were only two lines of words on the will, and the content was so simple that it amazed everyone. 


After Tang Ming left, Xiao Jingchen's face became more gloomy. He picked up the will and looked at those sarcastic words. He smirked with a deeper and colder expression. "As you wish, Gu Xingyue. I will marry you!"

In the Blues Bar at another location.

The deafening heavy metal music hit Gu Xingyue's eardrum. She frowned and looked around anxiously. From time to time, she took out her mobile phone and kept dialing. She stopped and stared in horror when she saw a man getting beaten by several people lying on the ground not far away.

The next second, Gu Xingyue picked up a beer bottle from a nearby table and rushed over.

"Stop!" She used her body to shield the boy who had already curled up on the ground, with his arms covered in blood. She glared at those people and said, "Otherwise, I'll call the police!"

"Call the police? Hahahaha..."

Those people burst into laughter, as if this sentence was very funny.

The boy heard Gu Xingyue's voice and suddenly burst into tears. "Save me, sister!"

"Chenchen, don't be afraid. I'm here!" Gu Xingyue looked at her brother distressedly and helped him up from the ground. Looking at his bleeding forehead, she pulled him aside nervously and said, "I will send you to the hospital."

"Oh, it's his sister..." Those men stood side by side and blocked their way. "That's great. The problem can be solved with a senior here."

"She's so young and tiny. Are you sure she can handle the problem?"

"Tiny? I think..." One of the bald men lewdly stared at Gu Xingyue's chest. "It's pretty big!"

The crowd burst into laughter again.

Hearing this, Gu Chen shielded Gu Xingyue behind him and said, "Come at me if you need anything. Don't bully my sister!"

"Come at you? Mpmh..." The man grabbed Gu Chen's hair, pulled him backward abruptly and said with a cold face, "You're f*cking not worth it?"

"Let him go!" Gu Xingyue took the bottle and threatened the bald man. "Otherwise, I won't go easy on you!"

"Okay! Please don't be and come at me boldly!" The bald head pushed Gu Chen away and turned to Gu Xingyue. Staring at her with an indecent look, he pointed to his head and said, "Aim here!"

Under his threat, Gu Xingyue could not help but take a step back. The bald head grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to his side. She lost control over her body and fell over.

Seeing this, Gu Chen rushed over crazily, "F*ck you, don't touch my sister!"

The bald man grabbed Gu Chen's collar, clenched his fist, and waved towards him. Suddenly, with a "bang", the beer bottle broke and his face was instantly covered with blood, looking extremely ferocious.

Everyone was stunned at that instance. 

Even Gu Chen looked at Gu Xingyue in disbelief and he couldn't believe what he saw.

Gu Xingyue was stunned. She immediately threw away the bottle and ran away with Gu Chen.