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Slave To The Mafia

Slave To The Mafia

Author: Oluna15



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A world full of violence, treachery, dishonesty and atrocity certainly don't have a place for a child, an innocent soul between evil. Aaron was a kid like others, with a single parent walking over time and striving for him, his mother was all he had, he had never known his biological father, he stick to his mother's side and cherished her, though at a very young age he was so brilliant, little did he know his little world of comfort will soon crumble. It began with the secret code of a treasure which was made known to him by his mother, and she forced him to swear never to tell. Then at five he lost her, she was murder by the same heartless man in the mask who had ripped him from his mother and made him submissive, the same man who had made him watch his mother died helplessly, the same beast who had forced him into the mafia and disappeared just like he came. Days, weeks and months past, life became harder and more terrible for him, he only live with the haunting memory of the man with a cobra tattoo on his wrist pulling the trigger. No more comfort, no more innocence, no small opening for a little light to rush through just darkness, pain, scar and void. He was made to know the rules of the jungle, he was trained to steal and serve, his heart harden with each torture, he learnt to laugh in the face of pain and accept whatever he went through as his own life burden. He was chained forcibly and made to be a slave to the Mafia. Not until he met Kendrick chuckles, the strongest of all mob boss in town, well known as the Crime Lord, he was feared for his instinct of killer, he killed with cold blood like there was no tomorrow, no mercy, only tooth for tooth or was it money for service, and blood for treason. What of the treasure code and the assassin? Will Kendrick presence change anything? Read to find out
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Chapter 1


  The jingling of the keys on the lock was what brought Aaron's attention to the door, he got up turning off the TV, he dropped his covers on the couch and put his comic aside.

  He tiptoed to the door knowing well it was his beautiful goddess of Mother who was trying to sneak in after a long late work night.

  A grin sprawl across his lips as he watched her close the door wincing at the clanging sound the keys made. She was always so cautious so that she won't wake her baby up.

  She took off her shoes, still facing the now locked door, she sigh quietly. The day at the casino was so long, but she made a hell lot of dollars. The casino is hell particularly when you're one beautiful lady with short hair and sexy shape in a mini gown, and single.

  She turned around gasping at the sight of her little boy. Always so stubborn. She thought while shaking her head and sighing as a weary smile crept up to her lips.

  She was tired of scolding him about staying up late after all he was five yet, with a high IQ. She hated leaving him home on his own, but he proves his worth and with her type of job she couldn't do any better, it was too dangerous leaving  her boy on someone else's care.

  "I see." He rubbed her chin. "My little alpha is still awake. Huh?" She ruffles his hair, obtaining a giggle from him.

  "Wouldn't you scold me, for staying up too late?" He looked up at his mother with a sheepish grin. He'd never miss an occasion to stare at her brown acorn eyes, cause each time he felt secure and loved, her love for him was tattooed in her eyes, and he could see it.

  She wrinkles her face faking a thoughtful expression. "Nah I'd let this slip, I'll like to spend time with my baby before it's too late." She wrapped her arms around him and lead him to the couch. He didn't understand her last statement and was too young to. All he wanted was her touch and embrace, nothing more.

  When she spotted his Wonder Woman comic she smiled broadly almost chuckling.

  "What? I love her, she looks like you with an armor and a more darker and longer hair." He grabbed the comic holding it protectively against his chest, with a slight frown.

  "You're so cute, my little flame hair." She pinched his rosy cheeks.

  "Mama, why do you work so much?" He asked all of a sudden while playing with her locks.

  She yawned, "Cause is my duty, I have to, we need money. I won't let my little bear go hungry." She poke his tommy obtaining a groan from him.

  "My friends says their Mamas are always at home with them, though the don't see their daddies much." He said still toying with her hair.

  She scooted closer to him so she could face him. Though he wasn't looking up just staring at the mess he was doing with her hair. "Why?" She said feeling concern about his lack of eye contact, he wasn't the type that hung their heads, he was always staring at her no matter what.

  "They're superheros, the go to do superheros stuffs like protect their family and secure them, then they come back late and exhausted, the barely spend time up, they don't have fun with their kids, but Mamas are always their to replace daddies..." He quickly added, trailing off a little. She nodded as she began understanding what he was trying to say.

  He looked up at her, eyes so big full of innocence lost in a fairy world. "I want you to spend time with me, and watch movies with me like every Mamas does, then daddy would have to work not you."

  Hurt flashed in her eyes, she tried to hid it but couldn't.

  Then she frowned "I already told you, you don't have daddy!" she got up moving briskly to the kitchen, leaving her bag behind.

  The lad followed behind his mum not in any mood of shutting his emotions down. "But, that's impossible! I want daddy, and I want you home not in the casino." He stumped his little feet.

  Stephanie on hearing her son speak like that got upset, she wiped her wet hands on her mini black gown. "What did you just say?" she glared at him.

  Aaron flinched at his mother's cold stare. She would easily get upset when he talked about his daddy, is it too much to ask?

  She went down to his height hands scooping his cheeks more harder than intended to. "You do not have a daddy, you were formed in my heart, you're the fruit of love and harmony, your daddy is love and he is here!" She poke his chest, "Don't you ever ask me to bring him physically, cause he can't be physical he was a little moment of fun, long gone and lost." She released his cheeks and swallowed hard trying to block memories from the past and control the slight shaking of her hands. She had the doctors words in conscience, she needed to be careful.

  "I'm sorry, mama, don't be so upset, I won't talk of  him again, I swear." He tried repressing tears and be strong but seeing his mother hurt makes it more harder and terrible, the tears broke free and slipped down his cheeks.

  Stephanie pulled her son closer slamming her eyelids shut, He was all she had, she needed to protect him no matter what it takes.

  She inhaled sharply and tried to relax on his shoulder the headache was killing her, only if she had enough money for a therapy and a trust worthy relation to look after her boy, maybe she would make it through the cerebral tumor.

  "It's okay baby, just go get my pills and don't asked questions, mama is tired, and maybe I'll read a story for you before bed time and since tomorrow is your birthday, I won't go to work, just you and I." She manage to put on a reassuring smile before Aaron left for the drugs.

  She rose to her feet after he had disappeared behind the door, she turn on the tap and splashed water on her face. She was so busy thinking of what she would tell him when he is big enough to hear the truth; the truth of how much of a bitch she was to fall in his mischievous father's arms, so engross was she; she didn't hear the door opening and closing till the hoarse voice of a masked man spoke up with a gun armed at her and two other guys in the sitting room looking around. She immediately recognized him.

  "Is time baby, time you start speaking up." He said while cocking his gun and taking fast steps towards her.

  "Speak what? I've told you I know nothing of grandfather's hidden tressure." She kept a straight face while speaking, it was not the first time she had a man holding a gun up to her head threatening to blow it off.

  "As bitchy as always Stephanie," His eyes traveled down her chest to her hips, seeing him distracted she ceased the opportunity to kick his side causing him to stumble grabbing his side in pain, before she could reached for her gun behind the counter, she had a short black out. Her doctor had warned her against fast movements. When she was back to herself, she was been held by the hair with the masked face way too close she could feel his warm breath on her neck as he forced her head to cock.

  "You just made me stiff babe." He whispered.

  "Let go of my mother!" The tiny voice of Aaron could be heard as he ran towards the stranger hitting him with a vessel, the man groan out loud as the object hit him weakly on the toe, then he grab the boy by the hair forcefully releasing Stephanie's.

  "Little son of bitch!" He growled while hitting him on the stomach causing him to fall with a little shrill.

  "ughhh!" Stephanie grabbed his gun like a wounded lion ready to kill to safe her cob, Aaron was her all she had and she couldn't let any son of bitch hurt him.

  The man under the mask struggled with her, trying to pull the gun from her grips.

  Aaron ran to shut the kitchen door before the other men have the time to run in. He back off from the banging door not taking his eyes off it as he was very confused and scared. The loud BANG was what cause him to whirl around quickly.

  Stephanie and the masked man both froze, the room was filled with silence, Aaron waited with his breathing hitched and his heart paused.

  The faint thud of his mother's body was what caused his little legs to be moved from where the were planted firmly on the floor.

  "No!" He crouched down by her side holding her bleeding chest as she choked, blood pouring from her mouth.

  "I-I love y-you Aaron, I'm s-so s-sorry for a-all, pl-lease forg-give me." She looked straight in his teary eyes, reaching to touch his cheek one last time.

  "Stay with me, please, tomorrow is my birthday you promised." He leaned in her touch, tears streaming down his face.

  The sudden painful grip on his hair made him to scream, totally breaking down and squirming in the man's iron grip.

  "You brought this upon yourself Stephanie, I didn't want to come to this but I have to." He raised his gun pulling the trigger as she tried to get up maybe one last time for her tressure, hope, love and son, another BANG was uttered by the gun this time announcing the last breath of Stephanie Cruz. It hit her right in the forehead knocking all live out of her.

  Aaron cease all struggling in the mans grip, too traumatize to move or breath. "Mama?" He choked, then made grabby hands towards his mother wanting her to come hug him.

  She could see him, heck! she was staring at him! maybe she wouldn't blink, or speak or move neither will her chest raise and fall but that doesn't mean she wouldn't get up when he calls her, she always wakes up when he calls her, even when she was exhausted, terribly exhausted even.

  But little did he know that one day the fairy world of every child would be put to an end like his, either by aging, or tragedy such as this. His little bubble with butterflies and love was soon going to burst and the sadden truth of the true wold would swallow him whole and make him as gloomy as all those who lives knowing that truth, he could kiss his life and caprice goodbye most of all his dear goddess of mother, she was gone forever, leaving him to face the man pushing him in the butt of his Volkswagen slamming it shut, he didn't know the man or his intentions he only saw the cobra tattoo on his left wrist. Was he abducting him or who knows, maybe he would also draw his last breath that night.

  Hello guys! I hope you loved this little intro, welcome to MY 11th book SLAVE TO THE MAFIA. Thanks for looking it up I appreciate and I promise to do my best NOT to disappoint you. Leave your vote and feedback, Thanks.