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Love's Crossroad



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My name is identical to that of a contraceptive pill! In the eyes of others, I am a woman who is solely profit-driven, addicted to money as if it were her life; Through his vision, I am a lover who comes and goes at his beck and call; Jiang Beichen warned me, "Rather than controlling your body, it would be better if you control your heart." I also promised him, "I may not be able to control my body, but as for the heart, I don't have one." One day, out of the blue, I told him I loved him. He lifted me to the skies, only to personally cast me into hell, leaving me battered. I was exhausted, yet he summoned me to share his bed; I ran away, yet he ended up waiting for me at the finish line.
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Chapter 1

Yuting is a type of birth control pill.

My name is Yu Ting, twenty-seven years old, born with a face that entices men to sin, involved in some unmentionable activities. I currently serve as the secretary to the General Manager of the North Star Group.

"Good morning, Sister Yu."

"Has General Manager Jiang arrived?"

"He's already in his office."

At exactly ten o'clock, I appear punctually at the office building of the North Star Group.

By ten-zero-three, there will be one more woman in the General Manager's office.

This is the time I meet Jiang Beichen. He's my superior, also my boss.

Just as my hand is about to knock on the door, it's abruptly opened from the inside. He grabs my arm and pulls me in, throwing me onto the couch before slamming the office door shut.

"You're two minutes late."

Jiang Beichen is a devil, tearing into me, leaving me breathless.

His palm accurately slips into... I whimper from the pain, only to be aggressively silenced by his forced kiss, his tongue invading my mouth forcefully.

Driven by his provocations, I reach out and unbuckle his belt.

After all the unspeakable things have passed, the wall clock reads eleven.

"One hour, a bit too short," he remarks.

I sat up from the sofa. Jiang Beichen, all dressed in his finery, was already seated comfortably behind his desk.

"Little demon, no feeding seems to satisfy you." He glanced at me, corners of his mouth turning upwards.

"From now on, I'll have to trouble CEO Jiang to keep feeding me."

He ignored me, lighting up a cigarette.

Getting up from the sofa, I pulled down the skirt around my waist. Jiang Beichen has this quirk, he likes to rip and tear just like how people must have their wallets and keys when they go out, I must always carry spare stockings in my bag.

"I've already sorted that out for you." I took out a contract from my bag and placed it on his desk. Leaning over it, the deep V of my blouse was in full display before him.

"You're reliable when it comes to getting things done."

He didn't even glance at the contract. He trusts me in this aspect, just like how I trust him to never lose control every time.

"So, what about the matter CEO Jiang promised me?" I swerved my hips across to his front, swaying deliberately in front of his eyes before I sat on his lap.

"You will receive a payment by twelve."

Five hundred thousand. Regardless of the method, as long as I sorted out last night's client and returned the signed contract, Jiang Beichen would give me five hundred thousand.

"Thank you, CEO Jiang."

He was pleased with my attitude and gave my buttocks a pat of approval... I slid off his strong thighs, kneeling in front of him.

Before long, satisfactory sounds echoed from his mouth.

Greed could kill a man as hunger could kill a bird. I could, for the sake of money, drive Jiang Beichen to death.

As the speed quickened, so did Little Jiang's confidence. He had successfully made way to my throat, nearly causing me to gag.

Feeling a surge rushing up my throat against his bucchal intrusion, I blurted out, reaching for the trash can nearby.

"Swallow it." Jiang Beichen commanded, gripping my hair closely to whisper teasing words into my ear.

Truth to be told, I was quite frightened of Jiang Beichen. This middle-aged man, who owned half of the old president's equity, portrayed himself publicly as a refined gentleman, but his business acumen had the ability to terrify the whole industry.

Some aspects of him surprised me, they were enough to induce fear.

Watching my face closely, he intimidated me. I swallowed back what I nearly spat out, despite feeling nauseous.

To this, he responded with satisfaction, leaning back onto his chair.

"Come to my house tonight."

I picked myself up from the ground, my knees bruised, and he looked coldly at me from an angle.

"Aren't you afraid that Miss Lin will visit you tonight?" I coyly approached him, sneering inwardly.

Hearing the name 'Miss Lin', a flash of cold light passed through his pupils. Grabbing my chin, he warned, "Women are more charming when they speak less."