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She's A Sex Addict: Confession Of A Nymphomaniac

She's A Sex Addict: Confession Of A Nymphomaniac

Author: Shallom Chidimma



She's A Sex Addict: Confession Of A Nymphomaniac PDF Free Download


She's a sex addict. She never gets tired of having her pussy fucked. Read to find out all about Caitlin's obsession for sex. Note that this story contains so many sex scenes, if you enjoy reading steamy and erotic stories, then read this story because it is worth it.
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Chapter 1

Daylight was already dimming out when I got to Bayleaf. I checked the time and it was 5:47pm. We are at that time of the year when we have shorter days and longer nights.

In about 15 minutes, Sylvester should be done with his shift so I have to hurry.

"Please speed up. The shop is just ahead." I told the cab that I ordered.

Though the man ignored my unreasonable request, 5 minutes after I entered town, I was parked at our florist shop but to my disappointment, the flower pots I was there to pick up were still lying around unloaded.

I looked around in anger but Uncle Alex who does the loading was nowhere to be found.

There were customers in the shop so I knew that the sales girl was busy plus it wasn't her job to upload these pots. It was Uncle Alex's.

Very worried that Uncle Alex's absence was going to ruin my plans, I hurried into the store and demanded for his whereabouts only to be told that he was under the weather and had gone back home earlier than usual.

And nobody thought it was appropriate to call me?

Realizing what this situation could mean, I became agitated and my body started shivering even though nobody could see it. I brought my phone out and called Sylvester's line. He picked on the first ring to my relief.

"Are you here now?" He asked.

"I am in town but something just came up. Uncle Alex is not around so nobody loaded the pots. And you know it takes time. Can you wait for me? Sylvester, please , you have to wait." I started begging him.

"You will have to pay double because waiting means I will be turning in late at the club." He replied.

"Sure. Double. I will pay."

Relief washed over me but I was still a quivering mess down there so I hurried into the store's rest room. I locked the door and flushed the toilet then closed the lid before sitting on it.

After making sure that my butt was on the edge of the lid and there was enough room to spread my legs out, I reclined on the water tank and brought out my phone, earpiece and my 5 inches long plastic pestle. The one Asians use in pounding and grinding spices in those cook shows. I always carry one with me, just in case…

Because I needed to be fast, I went to the gallery on my phone and opened a collection of erotic porn videos that I use for masturbation, picked one and started watching it using my earpiece.

It was a five minutes clip of a very cute French couple having sex.

The woman was facing the wall with her waist shooting out as the man on his knees licked her clits from behind. It was a very difficult position to be but he was able to pull it off because his tongue was long.

As the tip of his tongue skidded over her clits, and she moaned, it was as if I could feel that tongue on me too. I quivered and started rubbing my two middle left hand fingers over my clits gently, following his rhythm. After some time, I became wet enough for my dry pestle to slide in without hurting me down there. I dug my fingers into my Vijay and scooped out my juice. I rubbed the fingers together to feel the slimy juice before spreading it slowly around my vulva. Then I rubbed my clits more until more juice spilled out and I did a second spread. Now my entrance was very ready for more weight so I quickly unwrapped my pestle and gently slid it in after arching my butt up a little bit. I made sure to let it go all the way in with just enough room to hold the tip.

At this point I just wanted a quick relief so that I could finish up and go meet Sylvester, So I used my thumb to fast forward the clip to the middle.

In the middle, the man was on his knee in-between the woman's wide spread legs with his manhood jabbing her.

Her thighs were flung over the man's thighs and he was holding her waist which was hanging in the air.

She balanced her position with her back on the bed.

In this position, she was the one doing all the work and she was moving very fast and moaning loudly.

I love this part so much. The last time I tried this position with Riley, my boyfriend, I nearly went crazy. It was as if his penis grew four inches longer because each time I moved, it went straight to my throat. This was why I liked using this clip for my impromptu masturbation. All I had to do was remember how doing it with Riley made me feel and instantly, I would be in the zone and ready to flip.

Each thrust the woman made had me jerking and groaning as I tried to stifle my whimpers. Following her pace, I started jabbing the pestle into my vagina, hitting the walls and trying to make it go as deep as Riley's dick.

The itchy warmth that always drive me to seeking sex was growing slowly but the moment the pestle located my G-spot and hit it like twice, the warmth surged, went up my spine and exploded inside my head. My body trembled as I forced myself to stay quiet.

After my body relaxed, I cleaned up and returned to the store where the sales girl was now done and almost ready to go home.

I saw her look at me disdainfully but I didn't care.

She has caught me masturbating several times in the toilet. The only way she is saying anything about it is if she is ready to lose her job.

And looks don't kill.

Now outside the store, The sun was completely gone even though it wasn't 6:30pm yet. By now Sylvester should be done with his shift and be waiting for me so I hurriedly opened up the back of the truck and started loading.

Lifting these rustic-red plastic pots isn't for fable hands like mine. I started sweating in no time. And several synonyms of curse words went up for Uncle Alex.

The shop did pretty well today because I was just halfway through and had counted 76 pots when Sylvester suddenly appeared.

"You are not yet done?" He asked, looking worried.

"What happened?"

"Nothing. Just that my pimp has been calling me. He said a client is waiting for me."

"Give me 5 minutes."

He looked around and shook his head. "Are you sure 5 minutes will be enough? There is still a lot."

"I know." I replied then quickly resumed loading the pots.

To my surprise, Sylvester joined me and within 10 minutes we were done loading.

"Thank you." I said to him as I got in my truck.

As usual, we travelled for a bit and after getting to the crossroad that leads to my home, Bayleaf, Agritopia and others depending on which path you take, we branched off to the left of us. It is a dirt road that leads to Agritopia. While the one directly on the same path with Bayleaf leads to Greenfields, which is the name of our farm.

Agritopia, is the biggest, grandest, always bubbling farm town where Sylvester works as a gigolo at night from Thursday to Sunday of every week.

I have known Sylvester all my life. We went to the same school as every kid in Bayleaf and the same college too. He was a very reserved and intelligent orphan living with his grandparents. After school, he started walking at the mall in Bayleaf while everyone was looking into college.

Then one December night, Riley, his sister Sophia and Riley's best friend Dakota, had gone to Agritopia to experience the holiday spirit and we stumbled on the new strip club inside Grand Orchard, which is my favourite treat place.

It was our first time in such a place and we were mesmerized. I remember feeling upset whenever I caught Riley staring at a stripper for too long. I was holding onto him all through the night, making it clear that he was mine.

Then we discovered Sylvester amongst the male strippers. At first I didn't believe it. It was Dakota who helped us confirm it by bringing Sylvester to our table after his performance.

We were all shocked, seeing one of the most brilliant, reserved, well mannered and respected people from our school, doing pole dancing and twerking for women as they tucked money into his jockstraps.

To be candid, stripping is a looked-down-on job but there are people whose body type can only be truly appreciated solely by this job and Sylvester is one of them.

Though his face could be beaten into cute looks, he is not pretty. He is manly and handsome in a rugged way, belying his gentle, soft spoken, sultry voice that is never in a hurry. Especially during sex.

And then, there was that nice bulge. If it could be that big, long and straight while facile, what would happen when it is called to service?

That night, his body, the bulge between his thighs and how his skin glittered from so much sweat was all I could think of. It was the first time in my life when I got attracted to some other guy.

That night, I made Riley make love to me over and over again until he nearly fainted. Yet, I wasn't satisfied. I had to feel the real thing so I visited him at the mall and made a deal with him.