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The Lycan King

The Lycan King

Author: Blair Cahill



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'He was her saviour and she was his redemption.' Avalyn has been a slave of her fathers’ murderer for eight years before he sold her off in an auction. Nikolai didn't plan on finding his mate, but now that he did, he was going to keep her, even if he had to be her mate, her master or her lover. He'll take her as she will have him. Follow Nikolai and Avalyn on their journey from being the Alpha and Luna of The Rogue Pack to becoming the Lycan King and Queen.
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Chapter 1


  "Are you sure she is here?" Alexander asked me as we stepped out of the car.

  "Yes. My men have found her." I replied. I wouldn't be wasting my time like this if I wasn't sure.

  Alex was an old friend of mine. He was a part of my pack before he met his mate and joined the Wintercrown Pack. And now he needs to rescue his omega mate before she is auctioned off.

  Apparently, there was an attack on his pack. The attackers were unknown but they stole a lot of money and kidnapped females. Their Alpha was killed because of which his twenty-year-old son had to stand up as the new Alpha. Too many lives were lost and the pack was still unstable to go get so many females back and potentially risk getting into a war.

  So, Alex approached me. And here we were, in New York, halfway across the world from Jivan, the land I called home.

  "I want to kill them all." A growl left his throat.

  "You will not cause a fight." I spoke sharply. He isn't thinking straight. Having a mate does that to you. "We will get her and then get out. You pay for her right now, I'll have it wired back to you in a week or so. Remember—one mistake and she is gone forever."

  He grunted.

  The building was taller and grander than what I had expected it to be. It had Victorian architecture that looked like it was straight out of a fairy-tale. That's what they wanted the humans to believe though, that this was a safe haven and nothing could ever go wrong here.

  It looked like a perfect place for a luxury stay but I knew what actually goes down here.

  Auction of slaves.

  "Name." The guard at the door asked arrogantly.

  "Alpha Volkov." Mikhail answered. Recognition lit up the guard's eyes before I saw fear. His body stiffened before he quickly opened the door.

  The bidding had already started when we entered so we took our seats. The humans on the stage were between the age group of sixteen to twenty-four, of varying sizes, colour and level of training. We could pick and choose which one we wanted according to our taste.

  The rest of the ballroom was decorated in black and red colours. The lights were strategically placed so that no one could see someone's face until the person wanted to show his face. High rise chandeliers hung from the ceiling, more to give off a luxurious look than to give off light. The entire room had tables where people sat and in the front were sofas which would be used later on.

  It definitely was impressive, if not for the reason it was decorated this way.

  A snarl left Alex's mouth and I glared at him, silencing him. I have no doubt that he caught the sight of his mate—Belle, on the stage. But now wasn't a good time to lose control.

  The emcee kept doing his thing, describing the slaves and bringing them forward. I ignored him.

  My gaze swept over all the females and one dark haired beauty caught my eye. Her eyes were downcast, her back straight and body still with her hands behind her back. She was very well trained, no doubt. I had the sudden urge to have her look at me. She was undeniably beautiful, pure and innocent— she was someone who didn't belong here.

  And for some reason, I wanted to take her away from his place and shield her from the ugliness.

  "Slave number fifteen." The emcee announced and a blonde crawled forward, her large tits and ass swaying as she did. "She is a pain slut and enjoys a good whipping." The blondie licked her lips as the emcee introduced her. "Starting hundred thousand."

  "Two hundred thousand." Someone called.

  "Two hundred and fifty thousand." Someone else called.

  "Two hundred and fifty thousand once, two hundred and fifty thousand twice, two hundred and fifty thrice, sold to Beta Cameron Jeff!" The emcee announced.

  Almost every single person here wants to buy slaves they can actually break. And if the slaves like to be punished hard, it's no fun. This is the only reason not many people bid for her. An average sale easily went up to three to four hundred thousand dollars.

  "Slave number sixteen. She is in dire need of regular punishment even though she is well trained." The emcee spoke and my dark-haired slave crawled forward, her heavy breasts swinging between her arms. "Let's start with two hundred thousand."

  I could already smell the lust of many men.

  "Four hundred thousand." Someone bid.

  "Six hundred thousand." Someone else said. When I saw who it was, I knew I had to save her from his clutches.

  He was Alpha Alphonso, and yes, Alphonso liked mangoes. What a shitty name. And a shittier person. He was the Alpha of Verdura Pack and was infamous for the way he treated the slaves. And he had influenced his entire pack to brutally abuse all their slaves for the smallest of the things.

  "Six hundred thousand once, six—" the emcee was saying.

  "One million." I cut him off, shocking my own self. My urge to protect her was strong and my wolf wanted to snatch her away from this hell hole and I always listened to him. We were a team.

  "One million once, one million twice and sold to Alpha Volkov for one million dollars!" The emcee said happily. It was without a doubt going to be the highest bid of the night.

  But then again, this female was special. I just needed to find out why.

  "What are you doing?" Alexander looked sceptical. I didn't reply. I wasn't answerable to him and it wasn't like I actually had one either.

  I looked at Vladimir and he nodded at my silent command. He went to the back stage where they would be preparing her for me now. I trusted him with my life and I trusted him to look after her, from afar. The Masters didn't get their slaves right away, that happened during the after party.

  The last female was Belle and Alexander bought her, as per my order.

  He rushed backstage to get her. The after party had just begun and now it was time for us to get our slaves.

  'Go with him.' I mind-linked Mikhail.

  'Yes, Alpha.' He replied and followed him.

  "All the Masters who have purchased slaves are requested to come and take a seat at the front." The emcee said.

  I stood up and walked past the numerous tables and the numerous assholes sitting on them and took a seat at the front on the sofa.

  "Before you all are handed your slaves, you are required to test them to see if they are up to your standards." He said and then his voice turned to that of a Master when he ordered, "slaves, suck your Master's cock."

  While it was absolutely normal to test the slaves before you make your payment, I knew that I wasn't going to do that.

  "No, we will be leaving right now." Alex growled standing him, a leash that connected to Belle's collar was held tightly in his hand and the poor girl was trembling badly.

  "You can't leav-" the announcer started.

  "He is with me. Let him go, I'll be staying." I cut him off.

  He saw me and his eyes widened at my sight. He nodded quickly at Alex, who was already leaving with Belle.

  The slaves then made their entry, crawling towards their masters. My eyes immediately fell on her. She was just wearing a thong.

  My breath hitched in my throat. She was utterly beautiful, more so up close. Purity and innocence radiated off her, how she stayed that way in such a place, I had no clue. When I was handed her leash, I took it and held it tightly, she is mine now.

  She came and kneeled between my legs, her soft hands coming to rest on my thighs and my cock twitched. Everything about her called out to me. She was like an angel, I wanted to free her yet bind her to me, let her have her innocence yet fuck her until she goes limp in my arms, I wanted her to love me, I wanted the angel to love the beast. So I was going to play this angel to the beast's tunes. Her fate was sealed the second I saw her. There was no freedom from me now. My wolf was happy too.

  But what confused me was that she wasn't my mate, yet I felt that with her.

  I took a hold of her wrist before she advanced further, I could control only for so long.

  "What's your name?" I tried asking softly, yet it felt grating to my ears.

  "I have no name, Master called me pet." She said softly. She had the softest, most melodic voice I had ever heard.

  What the fuck? Pet? Seriously?

  "What was your name before you were brought here?" I said, barely controlling my anger. I didn't want to scare her. When she didn't reply, a growl tore through my mouth. She trembled at that. Fuck! I better control my temper.

  "Avalyn." She whispered so softly that I would have lost it, if it hadn't been for my wolf.

  I trail my hand through her thick black hair, in an attempt to console her but she did not move an inch. I wanted a reaction out of her, wanting to know if I affected her in the same way she did to me.

  I leaned ahead, past her lips to her ear and whispered, "Don't be scared of me, Avalyn." Goddess, my voice was thick. All because of this little kroshka in front of me.

  My hand was cupping her other cheek. She shivered at that and I grinned. Finally some normal movement!

  "Look at me." I said softly. Her head was still bowed down and her eyes trained to the ground. I saw her lips part at my demand and the chest heaved. She needed a clear structure of authority, I could tell. It was something I just knew instinctively. She needed a command. So she would get one.

  "I said look at me." I demanded in a Master voice and her eyes snapped to mine.

  I stopped breathing for a second, they were the most beautiful chocolate brown coloured eyes. I never wanted to look away from them, I wanted her attention, her eyes on me and only me!

  "I will take you away, you will be free, Ava." I said, my thumb caressing her cheek. She sighed and leaned into my palm like a kitten. She was fucking perfect.

  I was going to be her saviour and she was going to be mine!

  You will be free from this kind of life but never from me, you are mine!

  I bent and captured her full lips, she hesitated before kissing back. I kept the kiss soft and gentle, not forcing her, yet showing her who was in power, who owned her, not only body but her heart, mind and soul.

  "Do you feel it too?" I asked, tearing my mouth from hers. She had to feel the spark, the connection I felt with her.

  She gave me a small, almost imperceptible nod.

  It may not be mate pull but I didn't give a shit. It was something I was not willing to let go. This angel kneeling between my legs was perfect and she was mine now.

  "I want her back, Volkov." I heard someone snap, breaking our moment.

  Who the fuck was ordering me? How fucking dare he call me by my name?

  I shifted Ava to the side and stood up. Of course, it had to be Emilio González, the Alpha of the Montaña Pack.

  "She is mine." I growled out, making my blood hum louder.

  "You haven't bought her yet and she was mine from the start." He shouted but I heard the slight tremble in his voice. His blood wasn't as strong as mine. I was a full blooded Alpha and he was a Beta by blood.

  "I bought her. You shouldn't have sent her here if you didn't want to sell her." I growled out. I couldn't stand this fucking asshole. I knew he wanted her back just because I had bought her, it was always a competition with him.

  "Come here, pet!" He ordered my Ava. How fucking dare he! She was trembling again, confused about what to do.

  "She is mine now, González. Tread carefully." I said, standing in front of her, covering her naked form and making sure she didn't follow the piece of shit's order over mine.

  The emcee came rushing towards us, having bloodshed here would mean bad for the business. New York was a common ground for all the Packs but that did not mean I would let this go.

  "You had sold her to us, Alpha González." The emcee told him.

  "And I want her back!" Emilio snapped at him.

  "I want her!" He said furiously as his eyes shifted from the emcee to me. "You are not even an Alpha, Nikolai Volkov! You lead a pack of fucking rogues and claim yourself to be The Alpha of Rogues. You are nothing but the Alpha of Sheeps!" He hissed.

  "I am more of an Alpha than you can ever be González. Watch your words Beta, you might just start a war you may not be able to finish." I said slowly yet menacingly. I do not tolerate disrespect, nor do I suffer fools.

  He gulped but didn't say anything. When he saw an audience forming, he smiled widely.

  "I'll let you have her if she comes to you." He suddenly grinned smugly. I knew this was one of his mind games, but he did not know I had felt more for Ava than just lust, it was a connection that bound us and from what I understood, she did too. It was time to teach this fucker a long overdue lesson.

  I took her leash off.

  "You can't do that Alpha Volkov. It's not safe." The announcer said worriedly. I knew she wouldn't do anything, she was a trained one and I knew she wouldn't try anything. We had a connection, I just knew.

  I took a few steps forward and turned towards them.

  "I'll punish you raw if you take a single step pet." González growled at her. Fucking weak bastard.

  "Come to me, Avalyn." I said.