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" Do you understand me ?" I nodded . " Do you trust me ?" I nodded " Will you obey me ?" I nodded again . On the land of the RainStone territory , There was nothing one could do to refuse The Royals . There were the only source of food and shelter for the villagers , they were their only gods . No on shall go against them .
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Chapter 1

I was taken away from home. Far away, from home and my family. It all burned down to ashes in no time. I have no clue where we were being taken too. Only that they said it will all be good again.

Marilyn was what my parents called me. I was the only child, however, I always felt like it never suited me. It wasn't what I liked to be called. I had inherited my mother's darken hair. Her cold grey eyes, and her icy white skin. Which I never accepted as mine. I did not like being her. I did not like her at all. She never loved me as a child.

While my father never cared for both of us.

They said we would never be back again. They said they were taking me away forever, while the others cried as they were torn away from their homes. I only whispered goodbye .

We were given no time to move, just dragged from our homes into the carriages and drown away. While others drowned in the tears of sorrow watching their child part from them, My parents only watched me go.

" Move on " I jerk ahead as the carriage stopped with a force, Those men unloading the rice and corn taken from our fields. I was grabbed by my arm and pulled to the ending until someone grabbed my waist hoisted me up and landed me on my feet on the black soil.

I see the girls cry. Resist. Yell. However, I had no power or the need left to cry for my freedom. This freedom given by God was enough. "Move !" yelled the giant man behind me. They took our hands, freed them of the binds, and gestured us to the huge cottage ahead of us.

" You shall be further seen by Madam," He said and walked out. We were left in a dark room by the men who pulled us in here. I could hear girls whispering, muffled cries comforted by siblings. Talks about new hope. It was the day after when I heard the sound of heels walking towards the door where we sat in silence.

It slammed open making us startled. " Well, Are these the only ones ?" That woman. Her dress was made of silk. Something we peasant's called the cloth of royal. Her neck wrapped with jewels, hands covered with gloves. Hair perfectly put up and endowed with flowers and feathers.

" Yes, Madam. " Spoke a young voice from behind her. " Well, what are you waiting for. Get the boys out for their jobs and show me the girls " She spoke and I saw the grin on her face. There was no doubt that we were brought here for labor. But What kind was the question?

It was an hour later than we were being separated by gender. The boys were taken out of the house doors while we were instructed up the stairs. Guided towards a black house of the old house. Inside sat the same women over a couch, having a cigar in her mouth and glass with brown liquid in her other hand.

" Line up in front of me girls. I need to see all your beautiful faces " She commanded. So we did. One by one. Lined up in front of her. I was the fifth girl from last. When she went to the very first girl. Her eyes moved from toes to head. Her finger touching that girl's hand and cheek. As she moved to another, the cried of some increased.

"Oh don't worry little soul. You won't be harmed. In fact, you will be pleasured . ". Her hand grabbing one's hand and looking at it, " Who gave you this ?" She asked. My eyes move to that girl's hand to see the black ink. " Did you fancy a man back home ?" She asked. The girl nodded. " How romantic " She chuckled pulling the girl away from where she stood.

" Too unfortunate my dear. I do not like inked women" That was when we came in realization.

We were to be sold to men for pleasure.